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Full Guide to Discord Boost in 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 30, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Full Guide To Discord Boost in 2024

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Thanks to increased uptake by the coronavirus epidemic, Discord has become more prevalent than ever in recent years. However, while many individuals have become more familiar with Discord, not everyone is aware of all its features. Discord server boost can help you unlock Discord's full potential by adding new features to the server you run.

A server boost might provide various benefits. These increases, however, are not free, which is why it's necessary to debate if they're worthwhile.

Finally, we will investigate all the possible Discord server boost levels, benefits, and expenses. Keep in mind that while this article will cover everything there is to know about server enhancements, it is ultimately up to you to decide whether they are worthwhile. Let's get into it!

Part 1 What is a Discord Server Boost and is It Worth It?

Discord Nitro Boost is a monthly membership costing $10 and linked to a user's account. The advantages are likewise limited to a single user.

Server boosts are one of Discord's main revenue streams, and they function similarly to Nitro. There are, nevertheless, significant distinctions. Server boosts are benefits tied to a particular server and used by any member.

A server must acquire two boosts to unlock level 1 boosts, seven boosts to reach level 2 perks and fourteen boosts for level 3.

With all of this in mind, can you say, Discord server boosts are worthwhile? They most certainly are. The added features can improve everyone's server experience and are inexpensive, significantly if boosting as a group.

Whether or not server boosting is worthwhile is mainly subjective. If you're not an active server member and only use Discord to play games with a small group of pals, you might want to save your money. if you're a member of a clan or online community dedicated to a server, boosting can be a terrific way to contribute to 'the greater good.' Aside from the cosmetic bonuses that come with each level, the better audio quality, streaming quality, and upload limit are valuable features.

If you plan to buy two or more server boosts, we offer Discord Nitro, which includes two server enhancements for the same price as buying them separately, plus a 30% discount on any additional server boosts purchased.

Part 2 How Much is a Boost Discord?

Any member of the Discord Server can provide a boost for $4.99 per month. If you're a Discord Nitro subscriber, all Discord Server Boost purchases are discounted by 30%.

Discord just implemented reduced upgrade thresholds for Discord Server Levels. Previously, Level 2 required 15 server boosts, while Level 3 required 30 server boosts. However, Level 2 requires only seven server boosts with a recent upgrade, and Level 3 requires 14 boosts.

Level 2 would cost $34.93, and Level 3 would cost $69.86. Nitro subscribers will pay $24.45 for Level 2 and $48.90 for Level 3.

Part 3 How to Boost a Discord Server - Full Tutorial

If you're ready to give your Discord server a boost, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Discord server

Log into your Discord server

Step 2: Choose the server you want to boost.

First, choose the server you wish to boost. Go to the Server Settings drop-down menu and select the Server Boost option once you're on that server.

Choose the server you want to boost

Step 3: Verify Benefits and Boost

A new screen will appear after you select the Boost button. This shows the current perks and the number of Server Boosts applied to this server.

If everything appears to be in order, click the Boost This Server button to confirm it.

Remember that you can also "Gift Nitro" to someone else from this screen. You can give more if you're feeling generous.

Verify and boost

Step 4: Confirmation Page

Discord wants to make sure you understand what you're signing up for, so you'll be asked to reconfirm.

They'll ask you again when you hit the confirmation button. If you have second thoughts, this is your time to back out.

Note: Discord is aware that you're serious about enhancing a server's performance. They want to make sure you're boosting the correct one. If everything looks good, push the Boost button one more time.

However, you should be aware that if you boost this Server, you will be unable to transfer this Boost to another server for seven days.

Confirmation page

Step 5: Choose a Boost Number

Do you require several boosts?

This action can be after the confirmation screen.

Choose how many boosts you want for this Server in Discord. But don't be concerned! Before you pay for anything, you can see the subtotal.

Select the plus or minus symbol in the window to modify the number of server boosts.

Step 5: Payment Information

You're almost there, but there are a few things you need to take care of first, especially your billing information.

Payment Information

So, there are no surprises. Discord shows you a detailed overview of your current cost and the Boost purchase. But it's a condensed version. If you require additional information, click the Details option.

This convenient window also allows you to validate your credit card information to complete the transaction. The data is pre-filled for Discord users.

You'll also receive the legal documentation for the Discord Terms of Service agreement. Read it carefully before clicking the "I agree" button.

To complete your Boost, click the Purchase button once you've reviewed everything on the checkout page.

If everything works well, you'll get a screen congratulating you on your new Server Boost.

Boost Success

Part 4 Discord Boost Q&A

What Does It Mean to Boost Discord Server?

Boosting a Discord server enhances audio and screen sharing quality, expands the file upload limit, and offers more emoji slots, among other things. Server banners, custom role icons, private forums, and custom invite links are available at higher levels.

How Long Does a Discord Server Boost Last?

On Discord, a server boost lasts for one month. Discord server boosts briefly increase the number of features available on the server. The server loses the associated prizes when the Boost expires. If you wish to keep all the elements with the boost plan, you and other users must boost the server monthly.

Is There a Way to Make a Discord Server Boost Permanent?

On Discord, there is no method to make a server boost permanent. Monthly subscriptions are a must for server boosts. However, you can automatically use auto-renewal to increase your favourite Discord servers. It will immediately charge your credit card or use any available free server boosters.

How Do I Modify My Current Server Boosts?

Following the User Settings Guide below, you'll be able to move the Server Boost to a new server!

Note: You must wait seven days before boosting your first server before boosting another!

Step-by-Step Instructions Summary

Navigate to the User Settings > Server Boost tab!

Press the three-dot icon to select the Boost you'd like to transfer, then select Transfer Boost!

Choose the server to which you want to transfer the boost. 4. Double-check and confirm your transfer!

Your transfer has finished.

Can I Cancel My Server Boost?

You can cancel your Server Boosts any time if you change your mind about them and decide you're no longer a cereal fan!

Summary of the Step-by-Step Guide

Navigate to the User Settings > Server Boost tab!

Press the three-dot icon to select the Boost you want to cancel, then select Cancel Boost Subscription!

Go over your cancellation and confirm it!

You have finished your cancellation!

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Ending Thoughts

Now that you have a complete guide on boosting server discord, you can quickly grow your server to enjoy the extra benefits.

You can also make do with the answers provided for FAQs to clarify some related issues. With the excellent Filmora program, you can easily edit videos as desired. Besides, boost your discord server and get to use Filmora to create customized GIF images.

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