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Free Titles For Final Cut Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Jul 22, 24

Final Cut Pro is one of the best ways to edit videos, especially for Mac users. One of the main reasons many video editors choose Final Cut Pro is that it works very well with third-party templates and plugins to allow the user to come up with highly unique productions.

In this article, we will look at some of the best free titles for Final Cut Pro. These are the title templates that you can use to create unique titles in your Final Cut Pro project.

In this article
    1. Trendy Final Cut Pro Title
    2. Kinetic Title Templates
    3. Abstract Fast Glitch Titles
    4. Free Gradient Shape Title Template
    5. Hand Drawn Brush Titles Pack
    6. Free Fullscreen Glitch Title Template
    7. Call-Out Titles and Elements
    8. Social Titles
    9. Motion Typography Template
    10. Quotes and Motivation Title Templates
  1. How to Edit Titles in FCXP
  2. Alternative Way to Edit Titles

Free Titles for Final Cut Pro

The following are some of the best title templates for Final Cut Pro;

Trendy Final Cut Pro Title

This is a template pack that comes with multiple designs to make the most stylish or bold titles for your video project. Most of the templates that you will find in this bundle are suitable for promo videos, social media videos, and YouTube videos. All the templates in the bundle are available in 4K resolution.

trendy fcpx title

Kinetic Title Templates

This is the most ideal template package to choose for technology or futuristic video productions. But thanks to its numerous customizations, you can use it for other genres as well. All templates are compatible with both Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro.

kinetic title templates

Abstract Fast Glitch Titles

This is one of the best templates if you want to create quick intros for your YouTube videos. There are 10 different title templates in the bundle and each one can be customized in various ways, including adding text animations.

abstract fast glitch title

Free Gradient Shape Title Template

As the name suggests, this is a bundle of templates that feature a gradient shape in very colorful backgrounds. Because of the spectacular colors, this is an ideal title design template for slideshows and event promo videos.

free gradient shape title

Hand Drawn Brush Titles Pack

This is the title template pack to choose from if you want your videos to stand out. It comes with unique brush-style titles that you can customize to fit into your video and they can make your video appear more playful and creative. There are more than 40 templates in this pack.

hand drawn brush title

Free Fullscreen Glitch Title Template

This template contains a very bold title design that also comes with the glitching animation. It is one of the most popular titles for social media promos because when done right, the glitching animation can be very attention-grabbing. It is fully customizable.

free full screen glitch title

Call-Out Titles and Elements

If you would like a title that will do more than just announce the video’s title and subject. The Call-Out Titles and Elements pack is one of the best. Since it allows you to add the title as well as additional elements like call-outs, it is the most ideal title template for promotional videos. This pack is made up of 78 different callout elements and titles to choose from.

call out titles elements

Social Titles

This is a collection of Final Cut Pro templates that also comes with text animations. The main appeal of the templates in this pack is that the styling is minimal, but creative typography still makes the title ideal for Instagram and certain YouTube genres.

social titles fcpx

Motion Typography Template

This is a collection of templates that are suited to corporate and business-style videos. With more than 30 templates to choose from and unlimited customizations, you can create the ideal title for any presentation or promo video. They are suitable for both Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion.

motion typography template

Quotes and Motivation Title Templates

This is a collection of templates that you can use to add quotes to any section of the video. Each of these templates also comes with text animations to make the quotes stand out even more. You can also customize all other aspects of the title including the size of the title.

quotes and motivation title

How to Edit Titles in FCXP

Now that you have the perfect title for your video project, you may be wondering how you can add it to the video. Here’s how to add and edit titles to a video in Final Cut Pro;

Step1 Once you have added the title clip to the timeline, select it and then move the playhead over the title.

Step2 Double click on the title and it will appear in the viewer. You can then double-click the text object in the viewer or select the text in the “Text Inspector.

Step3 Use the Command-Return keyboard shortcut to edit any existing text.

edit title in fcpx

Alternative Way to Edit Titles

You can also very easily edit the title on any video using Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is one of the best video editing tools for both Windows and macOS that you can use to add and edit titles. It is very easy to use and provides a lot of customizations that are useful for the different genres of videos that you can create.

Here’s how to use Filmora to add and edit titles to your video;

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download and install Wondershare Filmora onto your computer. Open the program and then click on the “Import” button to start. You can also just drag and drop the video to the main window to open it.

Step2 Once the video is open in Filmora, you will need to drag it to the timeline panel before you can start to edit it.

drag video to timeline panel

Step3 Click on the “Titles” tab at the top to open the text and title presets that you will need to add text to the document. Filmora offers more than 200 text effects to choose from. Just double-click on one of the presents to select it and then the preview window to see it in real-time.

click on title tab

Step4 If you like the preset that you have selected, place the cursor on the position in the timeline where you would like to add the text and then drag and drop the title track above the video in the timeline.

drag and drop title track

Step5 If you would like to change the duration of the text simply drag the edge of the timeline until you get the length that you desire. Filmora also allows you to edit and customize the text. To do that, double-click on the “Title” time frame to get some customization options.

edit and customize text

Step6 Once you are happy with all the changes you have made, click on “Export” and choose an output format to save and export your video.


Titles are a vital part of any video as they can be used to provide a preview of the content the audience can expect. Now you have a huge selection of pre-made video templates to make your video unique and you can easily edit them in Final Cut Pro or Filmora.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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