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How To Split Videos in Premier Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

You might regularly split and cut clips while doing video editing to find the perfect tempo for your video or removes portions of recordings you might not want. When you first begin using Adobe Premiere for video editing, it is highly possible that you will feel overwhelmed by the number of options at your disposal and question how to divide your footage quickly.

Premiere Pro is the most popular video editing program for movies, television, and online. You may edit the footage into polished films and videos with the aid of creative tools and interaction with other apps and services.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How to split a clip in premiere pro?
    1. 1. The Razor tool
    2. 2. Current-Time Indicator
    3. 3. Source Panel
  2. Part 2. How to split audio from video in premiere pro?
    1. 1. The Razor tool
    2. 2. Current-Time Indicator
  3. Part 3. How to split video and audio in alternative to premiere pro?

Part 1. How to split a clip in premiere pro?

1. The Razor tool

The Razor tool in Premiere is the simplest way to split or cut clips. This enables you to separate clips from the project timeline during your chosen clip. This technique is useful for making the first rough cut of your clips, with the sole drawback being that it can be less exact.

You can use the following steps to split a clip using the Razor tool:

Step1By pressing Cmd+I or Ctrl+I or by choosing File > Import, you can import it into Premiere Pro.

Step2Drag the clip onto the timeline if there is an existing sequence. If not, use the right-click menu to choose New Sequence From Clip. The video will now appear as a single block.

new sequence from clip

Step3Choose the Razor tool from the panel next to the timeline to split the clip.

Step4To split a video clip, click on the section you want to split.

Step5Now that you have two segments from the same video file, you can edit them separately.

2. Current-Time Indicator

A blue triangular indication called the Current Time Indicator (CTI) lets you know where you are in the timeline. CTIs are employed in a variety of panels.

You can follow these steps to split the clip using Current-Time Indicator:

Step1Select the section of the clip you want to split by moving the Current-Time Indicator there.

Step2Ensure that the video layer you want to split is highlighted on the timeline's left side.

Step3Use the keyboard shortcuts Cmd+K or Ctrl+K to split the clip.

3. Source Panel

Individual clips are played back on the Source Monitor. You prepare clips for a sequence in the Source Monitor. You designate the clip's source tracks, In points, and Out points. In a Timeline panel, you may add clips to a sequence and place clip markers.

How to split video clips with source panel in premiere pro:

For the clip, you want to split to appear in the Source panel, choose it from the Project panel. Then take these actions.

Step1First, locate the arrow-shaped marker at the start of the clip's time bar in the Source Panel to navigate and indicate the In and Out points.

Step2Wherever you want the In and Out indicators to appear, press the I or O key. I stand for inside, and O for outside.

Step3Select Insert from the Source panel's tools once your marks are in place.

Part 2. How to split audio from video in premiere pro?

1. The Razor tool

You can use the following steps to split an audio clip using the Razor tool:

Step1You can import it into Premiere Pro by selecting File > Import, or pressing Ctrl+I or Cmd+I.

Step2If there is an existing sequence, drag the clip onto it. If not, select New Sequence From Clip from the right-click menu. Now the video will play in a block format.

Step3Choose the moment at which you want to separate. To trim the movie, choose the "Razor" tool from the Tools area. Utilizing this tool, navigate to the timeline for the video or audio, left click on the video, and it will divide the file into two pieces.

Step4You can edit each part separately now that you have two from the same audio file.

2. Current-Time Indicator

You can follow these steps to split the audio clip using Current-Time Indicator:

Step1By dragging the Current-Time Indicator there, you can choose the part of the audio clip you want to separate.

Step2On the timeline's left side, make sure the audio layer you want to split is highlighted.

Step3Use the keyboard commands Cmd+K or Ctrl+K to divide the audio clip.

Note: The methods to split a video/audio are the same. Splitting a video clip using this method will automatically be split if the audio has been highlighted.

Part 3. How to split video and audio in alternative to premiere pro?

As a professional video editing software, Premiere Pro offers a wide range of professional editing features. But, for a beginner, it might seem time-consuming to master the software. Because it requires a high-speed PC due to the video resolution and requirements. So, we suggest Wondershare Filmora because it is considerably easier to use. Products on Filmora are available for various users, from novice to expert. A timeline, preview window, and effects library are common features. These may be accessed and managed using a drag-and-drop interface.

You can follow these steps to split audio and video without any hassle:

Step1To add video files to the Timeline for trimming, first click "Import" on the main windows and choose the video files you want from your computer. You can also just drag and drop movies into the Media Library.


Step2To eliminate an undesirable segment, move the playhead over it and select the scissor icon.

Step3"Detach Audio" from the context menu when you are ready to extract the audio track from a video file. You'll see that an audio file immediately appears on the audio track.

detach audio

Step4Click "Export" after you're done trimming, then choose where you want to save the edited video.

save the edited video


Since we run out of time because of our busy schedules, you might find it inconvenient to use two different software programs when it can be done using Filmora. Due to the highly advanced and user-friendly tools introduced in Filmora, it is one of the best and most highly recommended video editing software.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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