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Top 10 iPad Slideshow Apps to Create a Slideshow

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
Top 10 iPad Slideshow Apps to Create a Slideshow

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Creating slideshow presentations on iPads can be a real excitement and fun with the correct slideshow creator program. Keep reading to learn about the most feasible software choices!

Part 1 Common Solutions of Making Slideshow for iPad

Slideshows are an expressive and immersive media of delivering important information in a captivating manner. After all, who does not appreciate a catchy presentation of otherwise customary facts and figures? While there are tons of alternatives and utilities to create and share slideshow presentations on almost any platform, let us pay a special attention towards designing amazing slideshows on an iPad in the following section:

User’s Guide to Create Slideshow Presentations on an iPad

Step 1: Launch the Photos Application

Start with navigating to your iPad’s app gallery and tap on the ‘Photos’ icon frame to launch the application in your device.

Step 2: Creating Automatic Slideshows from Local Images

Random Selection

In the app’s opening screen, navigate to and hit the left sidebar to access the different commands and media locations of the app. From the list that appears, click on the ‘Library’ tab. Once within the application’s image library, you can browse through and select the desired images according to a particular day, month and year. All the images can also be selected altogether.

Creating an iPad Slideshow on Photos App- Photos App Image Library

Using the Memory Album

If you wish to make a slideshow of the still memories of your recent vacation, or a cherished family event, you need to head to the left sidebar and click on the ‘For You’ tab. A gallery of a set of images related to a specific date will open up, and you can select the photos that are required to be included in the slideshow by tapping on their respective thumbnails.

You can even watch a slideshow at this very stage within the aforesaid ‘Memories’ image gallery. You just need to hit the ‘Play’ button at the bottom right corner of a specific memory thumbnail.

Creating an iPad Slideshow on Photos App- Photos App Memory Album

Slideshow presentations can additionally be created from other albums like, People & Places, in a similar manner. You can further watch slideshows within a variety of media types, like, selfies, panoramas, videos and portraits. All you need to do is, head to the left sidebar and click on ‘Media Types’ within the list of available image categories.

Creating an iPad Slideshow on Photos App- Selecting Different Memory Albums

Next, you can pick any of the subcategories, followed by tapping on the ‘Ellipsis’ icon at the top right corner of the app screen. Choose the ‘Slideshow’ option from the dropdown menu that follows and the automatically created slideshow presentation will start playing.

Creating an iPad Slideshow on Photos App- Playing a Memory Slideshow

Select Some Images of Your Own

Before proceeding to choose your own list of images, it is a smart step to save them in an album. In the left sidebar, navigate to and hit the ‘All Albums’ tab. Now head to and tap the ‘+’ icon at the top ribbon on the app screen, followed by choosing the ‘New Album’ option from the menu that drops down.

Creating an iPad Slideshow on Photos App- Creating a New Image Album

Assign a name to the created album and proceed to select images while browsing through the app gallery. Tap an image to add it to the album and click on ‘Done’ when you have made your selections. To run your automatic slideshow, navigate to the newly created album in the left sidebar and open it.

Creating an iPad Slideshow on Photos App- Adding Images to the Created

Now hit the ‘Ellipses’ icon at the top; right corner of the app screen and select the ‘Slideshow’ option from the list that appears next.

Creating an iPad Slideshow on Photos App- Playing the Created Slideshow

Step 3: Editing the Presentation

To add customizations to a running slideshow, you will need to pause it and tap the ‘Options’ button at the bottom right corner of the app screen. In the dropdown that follows, you can change the theme and background music of the slideshow by selecting respectively, the ‘Theme’ and ‘Music’ options. You can also set a transition effect and adjust the play duration of the presentation.


Creating an iPad Slideshow on Photos App- Adding Slideshow Theme and Music

To increase the duration of your slideshow, drag the slider to the left or move the same to the left to decrease the play duration. You can enable the ‘Repeat’ option to watch the slideshow in a loop.

Creating an iPad Slideshow on Photos App- Adjusting Play Duration and
        Slideshow Looping

Step 4: Time to Play!

When you are done with making all the effort, click on the ‘Start Slideshow’ button to run the presentation in your iPad.

Creating an iPad Slideshow on Photos App- Playing the Slideshow

Part 2 Best 10 iPad Slideshow Apps to Create a Slideshow

iPad compatible software programs to design professional quality slideshows are among the commonest requirements of the graphic design fraternity in today’s times. Having learnt about the fundamental solutions to create awesome slideshow presentations on iPad, let us move ahead to talk about the most preferred and top rated software applications for making an iPad slide show in the following section:


Standing ahead in the list is the aforesaid slideshow creator application that lets you create intuitive, professionally sound iPad slideshow presentations with utmost ease. Working with the program, you can experiment with creating graphic masterpieces by sticking together images, videos, GIFs and audio elements. The software’s high end and easy to use editing features make the latter a convenient slideshow creator alternative even for the newbies of the design world.

The software facilitates an easy and quick clutching of images and video clips and create amazing slideshows with an appreciable output resolution. You can add up to 9 media files and customize the same with a range of filters, effects and features. The music compilation is however, limited and the software leaves a customizable watermark on the slides. The program is available for a free usage in its basic version and greets you with a welcoming interface.

PicPlayPost Slideshow Creator Program


If you are explicitly concerned about creating image centered slideshow presentations on your iPad, SlideLab can certainly be your go to application. It is hardly a matter of a few minutes with a counted number of clicks for the software program to deliver top quality photo slideshows. No doubt, the aforesaid graphic designer program is an absolute favorite of creative experts around the world.

Talking of the feature rich editor library of the program, you can play with graphic skills to your heart’s content and edit the slideshow media in cohesion with your diverse creation needs. You can customize the images and add background music to the slides, both from your iPad and the SlideLab audio library.

The program further allows you to retain the original aspect ratio of the images and video clips, along with the flexibility to directly share your creation across a variety of media sharing platforms, such as, Instagram, Vine, etc. There are thousands of filters and transitions in the editor library, which you can select from to imbibe your presentations with.

However, if you prefer an Instagram or Facebook export of your slideshow with SlideLab, you will be devoid of importing audio files from your iTunes storage account.

SlideLab Slideshow Creator Program

03Photo Slideshow Director

Moving ahead with the list, you have the aforesaid slideshow iPad program, which is conveniently regarded as the most affordable graphic editor package for creating photo slideshow presentations in almost all iOS devices by users across the globe. Not only can you play with a diversity of editing features and effects, but also save and share your presentations as HD movies across all popular media sharing platforms with the software.

The program further assists you in the slideshow creation process through its interactive interface that guides you at every step via intuitive, on screen design instructions. Another appeals of the software include, a full HD display, HD format file export and the flexibility to create and share music videos. The user reviews of the app however, talk of frequent software glitches and variations in the operational speed in relation to the iPad memory space.

Photo Slideshow Director Slideshow Creator Program


PicFlow is known to exhibit a mix of slideshow features that you may normally get in a series of creator alternatives, but there are a few additional characteristics as well, which make the aforesaid program stand ahead of other graphic creator applications in the line. Working with the software, you are permitted to fix the screen time of your presentation media, while complimenting the same with a subtle audio track of your choice.

The program further allows you to import audio from your iPod, while promoting the easiest image editing process through positional photo dragging, swipe and pinch tools for image cropping, recording the image screen play, a decent transition library with more than 18 unique transition styles, local device export to the ‘Camera Roll’ folder.

The application a quick slideshow sharing mechanism to upload your artwork on popular social media platforms, like, Instagram and Facebook. The software however, encompasses a restricted number of creation features and editing utilities in its no cost version, and can generate slideshows with a video codec of only 30 frames per second.

PicFlow Slideshow Creator Program


This one is undeniably the best slideshow creator alternative you can ever get to make professionally sound iPad photo slideshow presentations. The app has an extensive global fan base on account of the trendy graphic editing features that it seeks to offer. Within the domain of image presentations, you can play with tons of customization choices to transform your otherwise customary slideshows into graphic masterpieces.

Using the application, you can work to add a different background audio to every image, experiment with including a variety of audio-visual effects, titles and transitions, apply movie centered themes and play the slides in line with the perfect music tune.

The program however, has a limited scope of flexibility within its utilities that are mostly rigid in terms of parametric changes, is an iOS and Mac exclusive software and requires a comprehensive understanding of the workflow to begin with the slideshow creation process.

iMovie Slideshow Creator Program

06PIXGRAM- Music Photo Slideshow

PIXGRAM is affordably the most loved slideshow maker program by amateurs in the graphic design realm. You can safely rely on the software to create good quality image and video presentations, even without any creative design experience at all. The application permits you to add your most cherished images and music to the presentation slides and customize them with video filters, audio-visual effects and transitions.

You are further granted the liberty to save your creation locally to the iPad in probably any file size and export them across various social media handles, like, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The software interface is specifically designed in line with the creation abilities of novel users.

While the application lacks advanced features to address the needs of experienced creators, you are additionally left with selecting from the local music tracks on your device, since the program does not support a premade audio library.

PIXGRAM- Music Photo Slideshow- Slideshow Creator Program

07Movavi Clips

Moving ahead with the list, the aforesaid slideshow maker program is an affordable pick to create high end, image centered, iPad photos slideshow presentations. The design process is simple enough, with you just having to work on importing media files from your device, include suitable transition effects to ensure a smooth presentation flow and pick cohesive background music.

You can further choose to overlay the added music in the software’s audio mixer and make volume adjustments. The app is also supportive of direct media share on platforms like, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram stories, etc. The program however, leaves a watermark in its free version, which can be resolved by upgrading to the premium one.

While experienced users may find a miss out of some utilities, the app is otherwise, easy to use, has no cost updates, latest sticker packs, high end technical utilities and does not support ads.

Movavi Clips Slideshow Creator Program

08Animoto Slideshow Creator

If you want to transform the cherished images of your most celebrated events into a quick and classic slideshow movie, you can choose to work with this program. Working with the app, you are allowed to access a vast and licensed library of background audio and over 100 distinguished slideshow themes and styles. There is additionally, a decent range of text customization effects, which you can use to spark up your presentations with elusive and catchy titles, captions, etc.

The software further, houses a diversity of advanced editing features that are greatly preferred by experienced graphic editors; and facilitates a high quality slideshow output, that can be downloaded in HD format. The program is however, not available free of cost and has an expensive purchase license.

Animoto Slideshow Creator Official Download Link:

Animoto Slideshow Creator Slideshow Creator Program


Creating a slideshow on iPad was never so easy as with the EverChanging slideshow builder program. To begin with, the software comes with the most responsive and clean working interface, allowing users to continently navigate through and access the various software features, elements and utilities.

Talking of the creation process, the application lets you quickly deign awesome presentation with good quality image effects, elaborative themes and subtle background music. You can also adjust the screen time of individual slides and include animated transitions to seamlessly fade images in and out for a smooth presentation flow. While the design time is hardly a few minutes, but the editing features though classy, are limited in number.

EverChanging Slideshow Creator Program

10Slide Maker

Last in the list, comes the Slide Maker application, which you can rely on to create professional and personal slideshow presentations in premium quality. The software houses an inbuilt image editor program that you can use exclusively for adding life to your ordinary photos before making them a part of your slideshow. You can try hands at rotating, cropping, and zooming the photos, along with customizing them with expressive filters.

Drop your background music concerns if you have any, because the aforesaid program is a storehouse of royalty free audio tracks that suit almost any and every presentation theme. If that’s not enough, you are free to select a track from the ones on your device or an online storage account. The software additionally works to fine tune the aspect ratio and output quality of the slideshow for a convenient export to social media handles.

The app’s free version is however, restricted to a selection of 10 media files for each presentation, but you can always upgrade to the paid subscription of the program to overcome the same. Also, the working interface of the software may be a bit tricky to understand and use.

Slide Maker Slideshow Creator Program

Part 3 Hot FAQs About Creating Slideshow

Aiming to create slideshow on iPad is both, fun and exciting, along with catering to the diverse range of information delivery concerns. However, this creative aspect of the graphic design domain is often stacked with a variety of development queries. Focusing on the same, let us try hands at sorting some of the commonest ones in the following section:

01What should you keep in mind before starting the creation?

Before you actually start working on designing the presentation, take time to set a clear objective of your presentation. Decide on the significant elements of the slideshow in line with the main theme, while ensuring that they appear in a sequential flow, lest your slideshow will look like a bundle of stuffed elements.

02What is the right proportion of text based contents?

Including text annotations in your presentation is an elusive way of drawing the viewers’ attention towards precise information. However, you should take care of the aspects like, text size, font, color, orientation, etc., to make sure that the added text enhances the credibility of the slideshow and does not indicate unnecessary inclusion.

03What is the feasible number of slides?

The slide count of your presentation largely depends on the type of information you are aiming to deliver. Make sure that all the included slides have a relevant content and you are not missing out on any specific element of the presentation objective.

04What are the constraints of image selection?

Pay considerable attention to the resolution and quality of the images when adding the same to your presentation, Avoid working with blurry and vague stills, along with keeping the professional aspect of your slideshow in mind, lest you end up putting a hoard of uncanny clips.

05What are the prerequisites of adding audio and video elements?

If you need to supplement the presentation with audio tracks and video footage, take the first step to save them locally or on a USB device to escape the glitches of long buffering and playback issues. Secondly, quality is the thing that matters the most and you should be sure of a high resolution audio-visual inclusion to avoid viewer distraction.

Creating High End Slideshow Presentations in Wondershare Filmora

When aiming to create a slideshow presentation in your iPad, the in-built ‘Photos’ app within the device is a feasible option. However, if you are keen on picking an alternative, choosing the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor graphic editor package would not be a regret. Speaking in the light of slideshow creation processes and utilities, the software has a lot of appeals to attract its users.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Slideshow Centered Features of Wondershare Filmora

Working with the aforesaid graphic and audio editor software, you are rescued from the notch of sticking to a particular file format to import and use your media. The program works well with all popular image, video and music file formats to ensure a convenient media import and usage.

You are allowed to pan, zoom and crop the slideshow portions, both, manually and automatically for an enhanced and clear presentation view.

The program’s inbuilt library lets you explore and play with an enormous range of effects, transitions, audio-visual elements and filters, preset background themes and music templates to spark up your slideshow presentations.

You can also work with recording your own voiceover and device screen, while customizing the same with a plethora of cohesive editing features and effects.

Ending Thoughts

The process to create slide show on iPad is quite an easy and interesting task when working with the device’s inbuilt ‘Photos’ application.

Surfing through the software market, you can pick from a diversity of slideshow creator programs that have extensive compatibility with iPad.

If you are pondering over the best choice from the available software solutions, the Wondershare Filmora slideshow creator program is an affordable selection.

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