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Top 8 AR Apps for Android and iOS | Help You See the World of AR

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Top 8 AR Apps for Android and Ios Help You See the World of AR

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Suppose you want to buy a pair of eyeglasses and don't know which pair would suit your look. Now you might wish to look at how your face would look on different frames. Here you can use AR and see which pair of glasses would fit you using AR. AR can be used to share and receive various kinds of tacit knowledge. Augmented Reality is often synonymously used for "Computed-mediated reality" and "Mixed- Reality."

Despite such an exceptional concept, many users raised questions about the privacy issues of this app. AR technology constantly needs to record the real environment, which involves real human beings. Recording their movement breaches their privacy which can cause legal trouble for the user. If the videos are recorded with consent, they will not harm anyone.

Part 1 What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that uses the real-world environment where virtual objects reside. This process involves an experience where the real or physical world interweaves with virtually created objects. It interweaves so perfectly that the artificial seems a part of the natural. This is an artificial experience, and it adds to the real environment. AR gained popularity in the fields of entertainment and video games.

You might think that AR (Augmented Reality) is the same as VR (Virtual Reality). They are not the same. When someone looks through a VR, everything, including the object's environment, is virtual or an illusion. When AR is used, the object is virtual, but the environment is real. Suppose you want to buy an item of furniture and you do not know whether it would match your home décor; here, you can use AR to see whether the furniture would fit your décor or not.

Part 2 The 4 Best Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone

Have you ever wondered how it would be to purchase furniture sitting in your bedroom? How would it be like to not worry about which color would fit the home décor o which position would be the best for the product? You can experience these exciting features using this Augmented Reality or AR powered apps. These four apps will give you the best iPhone ar video experience.


Amikasa is basically a home furnishing AR app. It is exclusive to iOS users only. You can use this app to view products from different brands and websites. This app will improve your shopping experience without going to different stores to get the right product for your room. You can just walk around your house and find the best-fitted product for your house using AR models of the products. Since there are no boundaries to websites and brands, it gives you more opportunity to choose your product wisely. The most interesting part about this app is that you can make your purchases without exiting from this app.


02Wanna Kicks

Wanna Kicks is a fashion-based AR app. To be precise, this app focuses on footwear. This app is also exclusive to iOS users only. You can look into different brands and websites and choose the best footwear for yourself. You can virtually look at how a pair of shoes would look on you when you wear them. You do not browse around to find the most suitable footwear and do it sitting on your bed. These interesting features of this app have gained people's attention from various countries. This app can push your apple ar video experience to a different level.

wanna kicks


Augment is a home furnishing goods-based AR app. The app needs to be purchased at $10/month for corporate uses. This app mainly targets e-commerce store owners to make their selling process smooth by creating AR pictures of their products. The seller creates 3D images or models of products that the customers can use to find the best fit for their house. The images created by this app are uploaded for common people’s Augmented Reality experience through mobile apps, websites, or some other source. It comes to great use when the products are sold in the field like event sales, pop-up shops, e-commerce markets, etc.



Roar is another AR technology-based app that needs to be purchased at $49 by the creators or hosts. This app aims at business owners. Business owners can use this app in many ways possible, like creating an online store using AR technology using which the consumers can scan the product packages from their homes, using AR technology in advertisements, and many other ways possible.

This app can be used by car sellers to show 3D models or AR images of different cars. Roar is a very popular app used by educators to make educational videos more game-like and make the process of learning fun by including animations and models for teaching.


Part 3 The 4 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Augmented Reality or AR is a very interesting technology, and anybody would want to have this feature in their phone. So here are some apps mentioned below which will help you get ar video app android experience. These four apps top the list of best AR videos for android.

01Google Lens

Google Lens is an image-recognizing application based on AR technology developed by Google, which can be used for free. This app top the list of best Augmented Reality apps. This app can be used to identify objects, texts, images, landmarks, and so much more. Instead of typing your query, you can just scan the product you want to know about.

If you want to buy a product you searched for, the app will provide you with websites selling that particular product. The object needs to be placed in front of the mobile’s camera, and the app uses its Augmented Reality technology to recognize the object and gives appropriate results. You can access Google Lenses by downloading the app or the Google Photos app itself.

google lens


Snapchat is a very popular app, especially among the youngsters. Snapchat is a free app with very minimum system requirements and thus can be accessed by anyone. It has some cool features like fun image effects and exciting texting features. This app offers quirky face filters where the Augmented Reality technology comes to use.

You can transform into anything like a cat, dog, or even another person using this app's appropriate filter. You can also send funny videos of yourself using those quirky filters through this app. This app gives you a fun and silly experience with taking pictures of yourself or taking a selfie, as popularly known.


03IKEA Place

IKEA Place is a free home décor-based Augmented Reality app. This app is a bridge between Swedish furniture retailers and shoppers. The shoppers or the consumers get the opportunity to place or put out the furniture in their house and decide whether it is suitable for the room or the house. The app considers the whole area and shows the product concerning the space of the area of the room where the product is to be kept. This "drag-and-drop" function helps the users select colors according to the place where they want to keep the product. These features make the shoppers' experience smooth and hustle-free. This app is one of the best apps for ar video app android users.



Houzz is a home furnishing goods or furniture selling app that uses Augmented Reality for advertising its goods. This app can be used to do interior planning to decide on designs, positions, or layouts of the products. You can view products of different brands and buy the products without exiting the app because of its e-commerce functionality.

This app has an interesting feature: the "View in My Room," an Augmented Reality powered feature. You can decide the product's position by virtually placing it in your room. You might not get the most accurate result, but you can get a slight idea of the product and how it would look in your house.

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Ending Thoughts

I hope now you know what Augmented Reality is and in which fields it is used.

It has gained popularity in the marketing industry because it gives a multi-dimensional opportunity to buy and sell products.

Most importantly, you know how Augmented Reality is different from Virtual Reality.

This article also highlights the best apple ar video apps and ar video apps android. The apps mentioned in this article are very easy to use. These apps can give you a smooth AR using experience and take it to a different level.

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