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How to Make Fortnite Thumbnail with Motion Blur?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 21, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Motion blur has been a provocative effect used in filming and video making. The effect has made a popular mark globally for its realistic base. This is why motion blur is integrated into every other platform directed at creativity. The motion blur effect in creating thumbnails is another highlight of this effect. While many tools provide this service, finding the best one is essential.

In this article, we will work on the best methods to make a Fortnite motion blur thumbnail. With the help of these methods, you will be able to design the perfect Fortnite thumbnail for your video.

fortnite thumbnail with motion blur
In this article
  1. How to Add Motion Blur to Fortnite Thumbnail?

Part 1: How to Add Motion Blur to Fortnite Thumbnail?

There are many ways to add motion blur to Fortnite thumbnails, as stated above. In this article, we will be providing appropriate methods for users of all types. From smartphone to online and desktop solutions, this article has it all.

Way 1: Make Motion Blur Fortnite Thumbnail with Picsart (Smartphone)

For the first method, we will be discussing an appropriate way that can be used to make motion blur in Fortnite thumbnails. Picsart is a known mobile application providing unique photo editing services. This photo editor is a complete package containing some of the best tools. Integrated with artificial intelligence, this tool presents a perfect platform to perform motion blur on Fortnite thumbnails.

Steps to Perform Motion Blur on Fortnite Thumbnail with Picsart

We will proceed to observe the step-by-step guide on performing motion blur on Fortnite thumbnails with the help of Picsart:

Step1 Launch Picsart on Smartphone

Download and install Picsart on your phone and proceed to launch it. As it opens, sign in to the tool, if required, and redirect to the next screen.

create a picsart account if needed
Step2 Proceed to Effects Tab After Importing Thumbnail

You will have to import the created Fortnite thumbnail that is to be edited. After importing the thumbnail, select “Effects” from the bottom panel of the application.

choose the effects tool
Step3 Add Motion Blur and Export

On the next screen, look for the "Blur" section from the bottom and find the "Motion Blur" effect. As it is added, you can use the "Erase" button on the top to adjust the motion blur effect on the image according to the objects. Once done, tap on the "Apply" button to conclude by adding motion blur.

apply the motion blur

Way 2: Make Motion Blur Fortnite Thumbnail with Fotor (Online)

If you are not a fan of smartphone applications, you can consider opting for online methods. While these platforms do not require installing anything on your desktop, they are easy to manage. Fotor is a great online photo editor featuring exceptional services for enhancing photos. It allows you to make all appropriate edits by including effects, transitions, and other photo enhancements. You can also find its designer for improving your Fortnite thumbnails.

Steps to Add Motion Blur on Fortnite Thumbnail with Fotor

For those who want to know how to create the Fortnite thumbnail motion blur effect with Fotor. The following steps are proper directions for them to follow:

Step1 Open Fotor on the Web

You must open the Fotor Photo Editor on your web browser. Then, proceed to import the thumbnail template that you want to edit.

upload the fortnite thumbnail
Step2 Add Motion Blur on Photo

In the “Adjust” tab, look for the “Blur” option for including motion blur within the photo. You can select “Circular” or “Linear” blur, per the requirements.

select the blur type
Step3 Manage Intensity and Download

Continue to set the “Blur Intensity” and make changes by clicking “Apply.” If you wish to blur your background, consider using the “Background Blur” option in the list. Once the editing completes, click “Download” to export the Fortnite thumbnail.

adjust the blur intensity

Way 3: Make Motion Blur Fortnite Thumbnail with Photoshop (Desktop)

Adobe Photoshop stands among one of the best and most professional tools designed to enhance the quality of your photos. Although it is based on users who are professionals in editing, it gives a detailed set of options to make the most creative idea out of a photo. While adjusting the blur effect, it offers multiple settings for highlighting the image's objects and colors.

Steps to Implement Motion Blur Effect on Fortnite Thumbnail with Photoshop

You might have come to know much about Photoshop. We will now see a guide explaining how to add a Fortnite motion blur thumbnail using Photoshop:

Step1 Start Adobe Photoshop and Add Thumbnail

You must start Adobe Photoshop on your desktop after downloading and installing it. Proceed to import the thumbnail that you wish to edit. Make the initial adjustments on the photo to continue adding motion blur.

import the fortnite thumbnail
Step2 Create a Separate Object Layer

To start with the process, right-click and create a duplicate layer by selecting the respective option from the drop-down menu. Use the "Polygonal Lasso" tool to mark the object you want to exempt from the motion blur. Once done, use the "Layer Mask" button to isolate the object.

create the duplicate layer
Step3 Add Motion Blur to Object

Create another duplicate layer and proceed to the "Filter" tab. Look for "Blur Gallery" in the options and select "Motion Blur" from the following menu. You must set the "Angle," "Distance," and other appropriate settings to continue. Once done, save the Fortnite thumbnail with the added motion blur.

choose the motion blur

Last Words

Many tools can be used to add motion blur within photos and videos. As you create a thumbnail for Fortnite, you will need a proper tool to help you add motion blur. We have discussed several tools in this article for adding motion blur.

Also, these applications serve their purpose for a respective device or platform. This is why they can be considered the best way to add a Fortnite motion blur thumbnail. You can select any option to add the respective effect for perfect results.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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