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How to Make a Video from Photo with Music

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The Filmora video editor is the perfect program that helps to create a video from photos with music. It is a reliable product from a prestigious software developer Wondershare. There are surplus video editor applications are available on the digital platform. Identifying the performable ones is a tough task. In this article, you will discover the hidden features of an incredible video editor tool Filmora. It is an extraordinary program that helps you to bring wonders to your video file precisely.

How to make a video from a photo with music using the Filmora Video Editor?

In this section, you can create a video from a photo with music using the incredible app Filmora Video editor. It is an exclusive editor that brings the best out of your images through its in-built functionalities.

The Filmora app helps you to unleash your imagination and creates extraordinary video content with the help of the available pictures and music files. The comfortable workspace allows you to work on this tool like a profession without any prior skills. Even a newbie can quickly create a video from photos with music using this sophisticated tool. Here, all the controls are visible and easy to reach. You can make complex edits in no time and build valuable content with your photos and music.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Make precise edits to the video by adding extraordinary features to it. All the essential controls are visible for easy access. Tap the perfect controls to make the desired edits on the video content. This app meets the expectations of both professionals and beginners. It ensures the flawless creation of videos with impressive results. This app works on every detail on the media file and guarantees quality edits at a faster rate.

In this application, you can easily import the desired media files without any compatibility issues. Despite the file size, you can quickly load the desired media content into this working space at a faster rate. This platform supports all file types flawlessly. Another interesting factor is that you can download this app from its official webpage hassle-free. You must choose the perfect version of the tool according to your system OS. It is high time to connect with this tool and create an interactive video using this awesome program.

The key features of the Filmora Video Editor application

● This app has theme-based templates to suit your needs during the video creation process.

● Insert the royalty-free soundtracks available on this platform while creating a video for your needs.

● You can add transitions and filter effects to the video content to make it attractive and impressive to the users.

● Apply recorded voice-over sounds to your videos to result in fun-filled content.

● Change the file format and display attributes of the video during the export operations.

You can download this program and discover many more features in detail. Follow up the instructions carefully and perform the operations to complete the video creation procedure successfully.

Step1 Install the Filmora and import the pictures

Go to the official website of the Filmora app and download the correct version of the tool according to your system OS. Then, install the app and launch the program. Next, you must import the image files into the working space of the Filmora app by tapping the Import Media files option. You can add any number of images to create desirable videos precisely. Drag them into the timeline to make further edits to the images.


Step2 Insert sound effects

Now, you can choose your favorite template to create a video from its Menu option, and tap the Audio to include the sound effects to it. Right-click the chosen audio file and select Apply option to insert the audio effects into the video. You can also drag the sound effects into the timeline to carry out further customization processes.


You can also personalize the content with filter effects, transitions, and special effects to make the video interactive. Tap the respective edit elements and make desired changes on the imported media file.

Step3 Export the edited file

After editing the video content as per your requirements, make a preview of the content using the Preview option. Finally, hit the Export button to save the edited file to desired storage space. You can also share the video on social platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.


There are options to store it in your local system drive for future use. The above instructions help you to create videos from photos with music. Insert the perfect transitions and make your video content impressive to attract the viewers.

Follow the above guidelines and use the Filmora Video Editor application to create the desired video content with the help of the imported images and music files.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!



Thus, this article enlightens you with the best way to create video from photos with music. It is high time to build impressive videos for special occasions to excite the audience effortlessly. The Filmora app plays a vital role in fulfilling the needs of the editors by offering them ample functionalities for desired outcomes. Choose Filmora video editor and edit the videos professionally without any special skills. The simple working interface encourages the newbie users to try desired edits flawlessly. Stay connected with this article and explore the benefits of the Filmora app in the video editing process.

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