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What is Motion Blur in the Game? Do You Really Need It?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 21, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Video games, as a whole, have developed exceptionally in the market over the past two decades. With new technology taking charge, different effects and enhancements have risen and introduced contemporary gaming designs. Amidst this transition, the development of games with the motion blur effect is also present. But does a gamer need a motion blur effect in their games?

Although motion blur is present in many game settings, it has not been acknowledged in the gaming community. However, there are still doubts about this effect. In this article, we will discuss motion blur gaming in detail. We will also decide whether gamers require a motion blur effect in their games. Read this article to know if motion blur is beneficial or problematic for gamers.

motion blur in games
In this article
  1. What is Motion Blur?
  2. What is Motion Blur in Games? Why Do Games Have It?
  3. Should Motion Blur in Game Be On or Off?
  4. Bonus Tips – How to Add Motion Blur to Your Gaming Video

Part 1: What is Motion Blur?

The motion blur effect has been a part of many movies and videos. It has been used as a source to display objects moving at high speed. This effect is bridged in situations where the objects moving in speed are directed in a single direction. However, this effect is not adjusting the object in a frame but creates an apparent blur.

If you tend to pause that video or movie during the motion blur effect, you will find the picture blurred in a specific direction. This is because the camera records the blur as the motion information, providing a realistic effect. Many filmmakers and videographers utilize this feature and tend to develop a sense of fast-moving objects. This advancement has turned out to be quite successful.

what is motion blur

With the help of the information recorded through motion blur, the high-speed objects moving within the frame are coherent within the 24 frames, which is the standard frame rate per second. However, motion blur has also been tested at 29.97 and 30fps, which does show diversity in its functionality.

An Overview of Stop-Motion Animation Effect

If you tend to display the cohesive effect of the object within the image, you will have to cut short the particular clip. It should be done in 24 frames to achieve a frame-by-frame display of the object with changing direction. This removes the dynamic blur within the video. However, it displays another effect generally referred to as stop-motion animation.

Talking about this principle, stop-motion animation is quite common in old animated films. The movement was displayed by taking snapshots of every frame with the object displaced within each frame. Combining these snapshots, a complete stop-motion effect was created, making footage. The animation is captured one frame at a time, with a sequenced display. However, no blurring is present within the animation, making both discussed effects different.

stop-motion animation effect

Part 2: What is Motion Blur in Games? Why Do Games Have It?

Once you understand the concept of motion blur, it is time to figure out what motion blur is in games. This particular effect has not only been used in films but is now taking place within games for a realistic effect. Unfortunately, the use of stop-motion animation within the games is not effective. Although it has a standard frame rate of 24fps, the screen always lags.

Since the recorded action is manually adjusted within the frames, the motion is inaccurate, indicating the need for a motion blur effect in games. Talking about motion blur in games, this particular effect was not observed for a long time. The use of motion blur increases the quality of the game, but it also enhances the size of the game, which requires better equipment.

The games did not include the effect for quite a long time. Every frame was clear since the stop-motion animation runs under this principle. The clarity in frames, if operated at 24fps, the standard rate for stop-motion animation, will show screen lags. This is why the games were operated at least 30fps to be almost smooth.

When these screens were to display high-speed movement, the game had 30fps displayed lag on screen. Rapid changes in cameras led to the need for games to include motion blur gaming. This was based on smoothening the fast-moving effect covered in 30fps or less. Motion blur has improved the overall video output effects of the game. Due to motion blur, you can observe better transitions with a smooth flow at a lower fps rate.

what is motion blur in games

Part 3: Should Motion Blur in Game Be On or Off?

The question that arises, in this case, is whether you should keep the motion blur on or off. To answer this question, you will have to observe why gamers dislike motion blur in games. As this effect is most prominent in conditions where the screen's frame rate is 30fps or lesser, it becomes redundant if the screen's frame rate is less than it.

Although you have heard that motion blur makes a screen smooth, this goes the other way in such situations. The display gets sticky for screens with lower frame rates, making the user dizzy. A good gaming engine provides the function of automatically adjusting the motion blur effect against the screen's frame rate. However, if the user is not playing such quality games, they will face this issue.

It is better to turn off the motion blur effect for games without this adjustment or conditions where the output video remains sticky. For smoother results, the motion blur effect is preferred. It clarifies that the problem generally ranges from player to player. This clearly explains that motion blur is not the culprit in this situation.

condition of using motion blur

Part 4: Is Motion Blur Good for FPS? Does it Increase FPS?

Motion blur, as explained above, is pleasing if it makes your results smoother. Generally, this is the reason why motion blur gaming was considered. Thus, motion blur is good for FPS; however, it does not increase the frame rates of your computer’s screen. The explanation above shows that motion blur has nothing to do with increasing the frame rates. It blurs the object's trail by sustaining the video within the same frame rates.

The brain corrects the pictures the eye observes since it is being observed in natural circumstances. The use of motion blur improves the experience. Along with that, the results are always considered realistic under dynamic blur. In conclusion, motion blur is considered much more effective in video games.

Bonus Tips – How to Add Motion Blur to Your Gaming Video

What if you have a game recording on your computer that does not contain motion blur? If you have been recording clips of your old favorite game and intend to put them on social media, you might consider adding motion blur. To enhance motion blur gaming, you can consider using Wondershare Filmora, one of the most influential cross-platform video creation platforms.

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Filmora enhances the quality and swiftness of a video with the aid of many functions. From control of the effects to transitions, using these features in video editing gives the option of perfecting the results. Furthermore, Filmora provides these all under a simple interface, which makes it intuitive for users to work on.

Other Prominent Features of Wondershare Filmora

To know more about Wondershare Filmora and its prominent features, let’s look into the details provided below:

  • You can utilize the speed ramping option to control your video's speed. To use better effects, this option gives you reasonable control over the keyframes.
  • To make your videos look professional, you can consume the motion tracking feature offered by the video editor.
  • Filmora gives a complete and comprehensive list of effects and transitions to enhance the quality of your video.

Steps to Add Motion Blur to Gaming Video with Filmora

With an overview of this perfect video editing platform, we will now observe the instructions for adding motion blur within a gaming video with the tool:

Step1 Launch Filmora and Open Project

Download and install the latest Wondershare Filmora on your computer and launch the tool. Select the "New Project" on the window to proceed to a new window.

make a new filmora project
Step2 Import Gaming Video

As it opens, select the "Import" icon on the screen to add the gaming video that is to be edited. As you import it, drag the video to the timeline for editing.

tap on the import button
Step3 Add Motion Blur to Gaming Video

Next, you must drag the play head to the point where you wish to add the motion blur effect on the gaming video. As you reach the point, click the “Scissors” icon to split the video. Once it is done, navigate to the "Effects" tab and select "Video Effects" from the left panel. Then, tap on the search bar and continue to search for "Blur." You must drag the first result of this search to the point where you wish to add the motion blur.

search for the blur effect
Step4 Smooth Video with Transition and Export

To smoothen the results, you must look for a transition. Proceed to the "Transitions" tab and look for "Dissolve" from the search bar. With the Dissolve transition in line, drag it onto the timeline in the same position where the motion blur is added. Once done, click the "Export" button and follow the on-screen instructions to export your edited gaming video.

export your motion-blurred video

Last Words

This article has presented a comprehensive overview of motion blur gaming and why it is necessary for games. While you figure out why motion blur is required, you must also observe whether it is needed. If you have a gaming video that needs to be added with motion blur, you can consider using Wondershare Filmora, a great video editor based on exceptional features.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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