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15 Awesome Outro Templates for YouTubers

A powerful YouTube outro ends the video with a bang. The article gives an overview of 15 wonderful outro templates for YouTube while discussing its importance

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 13, 21, updated Dec 05, 23

Are you a struggling YouTuber? You won't be any more as we are here at your disposal.

A YouTube intro is as much important as its outro. The ending of a YouTube video should be powerful enough that it sends chills down your spine. A YouTube outro can include a Call-to-Action, links to your brand's official website, or an intense message for all potential users and clients.

The article shall reflect upon some popular free Premiere Pro templates that would work best for YouTube outros. So, let us go! It's about time!

Part 1: Why YouTube Outro Is So Important for YouTube Channel

If you own a YouTube channel, you will understand the importance of YouTube outros and why they should be properly designed. Any lack of effort in your YouTube outros can create a strain on the number of followers and audience.

youtube outro importance

If you are not aware of the need for and importance of thoughtful YouTube outros, we have covered your basis. The section covers reasons for using great YouTube outro videos.

Professional Impact

The eye-catching outros videos impress the audience and add a professional touch. It creates trust in the brand.

Video Marketing

Video marketing accounts for 82% of the online traffic. You can use a well-crafted YouTube outro to send the message across.

Audience Retention

Once the video is finished, you can offer more videos from your channel to hook the audience to your channel for hours.


A well-designed CTA takes complete responsibility for engaging the audience. You can also display your brand goals that enhance the video's appeal.

Social Media Outreach

Adding social media handles in YouTube outro videos improves online traffic and plays a role in brand recall and visibility.

Part 2: 15 Nice Outro Templates for YouTubers

An extensive list of royalty-free marketplaces can access the Premiere Pro templates. YouTubers can use them to create stunning outros for their channel. The section shall offer 15 YouTube outro templates compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro. So, are you ready? Let us not wait any longer, and jump right in!

1. YouTube Endcards Pack

The first Premiere template free is YouTube Endcards Pack. It offers four choices to include in a YouTube outro. The white background with brand information in red and blue background with a combination of neon blue. Moreover, you can also opt for green to give a serene yet thoughtful message.

youtube endcards pack

2. YouTube End Screen

The next phenomenal Adobe Premiere template is YouTube End Screen. The template allows you to edit fonts and change the colors easily. Moreover, you can count on YouTube End Screen to improve your brand's online presence and end on a high note.

youtube end screen template

3. Focus Play End Screen

Focus Play End Screen is a comprehensive and workable Adobe Premiere Pro template free with huge usage. It comes up with a "next video prompt" and social media links to enhance its social outreach. The animated play button does wonders for your business.

focus play end screen

4. Shaped Animated End Screen

Another impeccable Premiere Pro split-screen template is known as Shaped Animated End Screen. The template creates a bold impression on the audience with double headings, two video boxes, and profile illustrations. The social media links enhance the online presence of your brand multifold.

shaped animated end screen

5. YouTube Trendy Endscreens

YouTube Trendy Endscreens is your last resort to use free Premiere Pro templates as it offers great visuals and plays with the audience's attention. There are so many designed animations that make it the best in the market for a YouTube outro video.

youtube trendy endscreens

6. Social Outro - Follow Pack

Social Outro understands the user's choice, so it comes with various choices. The Adobe Premiere template comes in multiple versions to send a clear message effortlessly. The animation is to die for as it keeps the viewers struck with the screens.

social outro follow pack

7. Sci-Fi YouTube End Screens

Sci-Fi YouTube End Screens is a useful outro template supported by Adobe Premiere Pro. It uses a mix of neon and classy lights to make a perfect ending for your video. Additionally, as a free Premiere Pro template, it showcases the next video with the channel name in the middle.

sci-fi youtube end screens

8. Glassmorphism YouTube End Screens

Another workable Premiere Pro templateis Glasmorphism YouTube End Screens. There are no plugins required. The template comes up with light colors to provide the audience with social media links, the next video, and the channel title.

glassmorphism youtube end screens

9. Overlay 2D Glitch Outro

Overlay 2D Glitch Outro has to be your next choice if you are more comfortable with the workability of Adobe Premiere templates. The template has a modern and stylish animation to showcase the channel name by the end of the YouTube video. There are no plugins required.

overlay 2d glitch outro

10. Classic Overlay Logo Outro

Supported by Adobe Premiere Pro, Class Overlay Logo Outro is your best shot to bring a neutral animation display at the end of the video. Class Overlay takes complete responsibility for featuring a stylish logo. It also plays a great role in enhancing the brand's online presence.

classic overlay logo outro

11. Glass YouTube End Screens

The Glass YouTube End Screens is a powerful YouTube outro acting as a popular Adobe Premiere Pro template free. The YouTubers incorporate this template in their outros to give a soothing touch to the video while sharing maximum information regarding the brand, from social media links to recommended videos, Glass YouTube End Screens knows-it-all.

glass youtube end screens

12. YouTube Endscreens V4

In the run for effortless Adobe Premiere Pro templates, YouTube Endscreens V4 has pretty much taken the lead. The template is a simple yet trendy template that takes marketing seriously. The social media links are promoted as the video ends and send a strong message.

youtube endscreens v4

13. YouTube End Cards

YouTube End Cardsis a promising Adobe Premiere pro template freewith different primary colors to create an eternal audience. The template places the slogan, channel name, and a subscribe button to compel the audience to be a part of the channel with minimal effort.

youtube end cards

14. Social Media Outro End Screens 4K V.4

Another intense template Adobe Premiere free is Social Media Outro End Screens 4K V.4 that ensures that the viewers remain connected to the screens even after the video is ended. Six uniquely designed end screens are animated to attract the audience. The template is favored at the end of unboxing skits, parodies, skits, and product reviews.

social media outro end screens 4k v4

15. YouTube End Scene Vol 0.1

The last one of the lot is YouTube End Scene Vol 0.1, which helps make impressive closings. The YouTubers can use this Premiere template free and add the channel name, with new and recommended videos around the channel intro. With four end scenes, the video is sure to have a blasting closing. Want to bet with us? Take a look for sure.

youtube end scene vol 0.1

Concluding Remarks

Creating a brand identity for YouTube intro and outro requires effort and diligence. It is important to use free Adobe Premiere templates to work on the perfect YouTube outro designs. Henceforth, the article offered 15 creative outro templates for YouTubers.

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