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Boost the Pace of Your Instagram Reels Videos with These Simple Tricks

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 16, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Undoubtedly, every social media video creator loves to make use of Instagram Reels for their widespread popularity. If you want to grab your audience's attention and keep them engaged with your videos, then Instagram Reels should be your destination. On this platform, you can only make short videos maxing out the 90-second time limit. But what if your video content is lengthy? Don't fret. One simple trick is to speed up the pace of your videos.

instagram reels

There are two scenarios regarding how to increase the speed of the video in Reels. You can speed up the video when recording directly on the Instagram app, or use a third-party editing tool if it is a pre-recorded video. We will illustrate below how to speed up video on Instagram Reels for both scenarios.

In this article
  1. Part I. Basic Understanding of Instagram Reels
  2. Part II. Speed Up Video on Instagram Reels
  3. Part III. Speed Up Existing Videos for Reels
  4. FAQs:

Part I. Basic Understanding of Instagram Reels

  1. What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short-duration, vertically-oriented videos that are displayed in the dedicated reels tab on the Instagram app. You can compare Instagram Reels with TikTok videos. The maximum duration of Instagram Reels can be of 90 seconds.

Instagram displays the popular Reels on Explore tab so that the Instagram Reels creators get more exposure. Since short-duration videos and apps are in trend, Instagram Reels has become the most popular section on the Instagram app.

Reels can be entertaining videos with popular songs in the background. They can be funny videos as well as gripping slow-motion videos. Brands promote their products and services through Reels. You can add stunning AR effects and change the speed of the video while recording Reels through the Instagram app.

  1. Why Should You Make Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels have been a game-changer in the social media world. From regular video creators and social media influencers to brands and businesses, Instagram Reels has become everyone's real deal. Here are the reasons why you should make Instagram Reels:

Reach - The primary reason for making Instagram Reels is to reach out to the target audiences and get more followers. If your videos become popular, your Instagram Reels can get featured in the Explore tab. Once it does happen, there will be an exponential rise in views and followers. Besides, Instagram Reels have better reach to your followers than regular Instagram posts.

Engagement - The world has moved on from photos to videos. People love to check out short videos rather than still images. So naturally, when you start making Instagram reels, your followers' engagement will increase dramatically. With more engagement, your Reels will get more exposure as people will love to share them with their friends. Of course, the content has to be top-notch so that people start to pay attention to your Reels.

social media engagement

Showcase Personality - Instagram Reels are the best way to showcase your personality on social media. Personality is the magical key that attracts followers on social media platforms. You can create different genres of videos and showcase your talent and personality to get noticed.

Brand Promotion - Brands and businesses use Instagram Reels to promote their products and services. They come up with creative Reels that audiences cannot ignore. Even social media influencers promote brands through Instagram Reels these days. It is a great way to make the target audiences aware of the products and services and build a strong brand image.

You can go through this informative article for more information about Instagram Reels.

Part II. Speed Up Video on Instagram Reels

If you prefer to film videos directly on Instagram Reels, you will find a dedicated option to change video speed on the Instagram app. When you use the option, you get to set the speed of the video even before you start recording.

However, if you are already recorded a video for Instagram Reels, you can jump to the next part to find out the best way to speed up existing videos for Reels. Here, you will illustrate how to speed up video on Instagram Reels directly on the Instagram app without needing any third-party app.

Step-by-step Guide to Speed Up Reels Video

Here are the simple steps to speed up the video in Reels on the Instagram app.

Step1 Open the Instagram app. Tap on the Camera icon at the bottom to film a video.

Step2 Swipe at the bottom to select the Reels option.

Step3 You will find the Speed option on the left panel. Tap on the Speed option.

find speed tab on instagram

Step4 If you want to speed up your video, select a speed preset above 1X. For example, if you want double the speed than usual, you will tap on the 2X preset.

Step5 Tap the Record icon at the bottom to record the Reels video.

Step6 Once you are done recording, tap on the Stop icon.

record speed up video on instagram

Step7 Tap the Preview option to check how the recorded video looks. After that, tap the Next option.

Step8 You can write a caption, add a cover, add a location, and even tag people. Finally, tap on the Share button to post the video under the Reels section.

share recorded videos to reels

Part III. Speed Up Existing Videos for Reels

When you have already recorded the video for Reels, you need to use a third-party tool to change the video speed. Depending on the device you are going to use to edit the speed of your video, you have to select an appropriate video editing application. We have handpicked the best applications to change Instagram Reels video speed for computers, smartphones as well as online users.

  1. Speed Up Video for Instagram Reels on PC

A professional video creator always prefers a computer to edit videos minutely. This is because a computer's dedicated video editor has far more editing options than a video editor app or even an online video editor. If you have filmed and transferred the video to your computer, you can change its speed easily. Wondershare Filmora is the best video editor to alter video speed precisely as you need.

Free Download
Free Download

There are various options available to change the speed of a video. You can choose from the speed presets for instant change. You can customize the speed through the Uniform Speed option. Besides, you can use Speed Ramping to vary the speed of the video differently for different sections. Most importantly, Filmora is super easy to use despite being a professional video editing software.

A Step-by-step Guide to speed up a video on Filmora

Instead of choosing from the speed presets, using the Uniform Speed option is always handy to speed up your video. This is because speed presets are limited and may not be suitable for your video. That is why Uniform Speed is effective, as you can set any desired speed up to 100X.

Here are the steps to speed up a Reels video (already recorded) using Filmora

Step1 Download Wondershare Filmora on your computer based on your operating system. Filmora is available for macOS as well as Windows. After successful installation, open Filmora and click on Create New Project button.

create new project on filmora

Step2 Go to the File menu and the Import Media option. Select Import Media Files and browse your computer to import the target video file into the Project Media folder. Now, drop that file into the timeline. Press the Speed (timer) icon that you will find at the top of the timeline.

drag clip to the timeline

Step3 Press the Uniform Speed option from the displayed menu. This will open the Uniform Speed tab.

click the uniform speed icon

Step4 Move the speed slider to the right to speed up the video. Once you have set the desired speed, press the Ok button. Finally, tap Export to save the edited file. Thereafter, you can upload the video file as Instagram Reels.

move speed slider

For more details, you can check out this video where changing video speed in Filmora is fully illustrated.

Note: We have already mentioned that you can also use the Speed Ramping option to customize speed for different sections of your video. You will customize the visualization graph to set the speed unevenly with smooth transitions for the entire video. You can watch this tutorial video to find out how to change speed with Speed Ramping option in Filmora.
  1. Speed Up Video for Reels Online

If you do not want dedicated video editing software, you can still speed up your recorded video using an online video editor. There are several online video editors available where you can speed up your video for Reels. But Clideo is the most straightforward online video editor where you can speed up videos instantly. All you need is an internet connection and a supporting web browser on your device.

A Step-by-step Guide to speed up a video on Clideo

Step1 Open the web browser on your device. Visit the official website of Clideo.

Step2 Click on the Choose File option. Select the target video from your device storage.

Step3 Once the video gets uploaded on the platform, you will see different speed presets on the right side of the screen.

Step4 You can select from the speed presets. Otherwise, you can use the slider to alter the video's speed as needed.

use the slider to alter the speed

Step5 Play the video and if everything is perfect, click on the Export button to save the video on your device storage.

  1. Speed up Video for Instagram Reels on iPhone

If you have already recorded a video on your iPhone for Reels Instagram, you can use the VN Video app (VlogNow) to alter its speed before uploading it. Previously, Instagram used to provide Hyperlapse to change video speed. But Instagram has pulled down the app from App Store. VN Video is a complete video editing app where you can instantly change the video speed. It is an extremely popular video editor with a high average rating, proving its usefulness.

A Step-by-step Guide to speed up a video on VN Video

Step1 Install the VN Video app from App Store on your iPhone. Launch the app after installation.

Step2 Tap on the Plus icon located at the bottom. Tap on New Project to get started.

Step3 Select the pre-recorded video from the device storage and tap on the Next arrow icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step4 Tap on the Speed icon at the bottom and select the regular tab at the top.

find the tab on vn video

Step5 Adjust the speed slider as per your need to change the video speed. Once done, tap on the Tick icon at the bottom.

adjust the speed

Step6 Finally, tap on the Export icon to save the video file on the device storage.

  1. Speed up Video for Instagram on Android

FilmoraGo happens to be the easiest video editing app to change the speed of your video for Instagram Reels. FilmoraGo by Wondershare is a complete video editor that is extremely popular among social media video creators. There are trending video effects and stickers available to make short videos engaging. You can speed up as well as slow down videos. Besides, you get the basic as well as some advanced video editing options for Reels.

A Step-by-step Guide to speed up a video on FilmoraGo

Step1 Install the FilmoraGo app on your Android phone from Play Store. Launch the FilmoraGo app and tap on the New Project option. Select the pre-recorded video from your device gallery.

Step2 After the video appears on FilmoraGo, tap on the Trim tab at the bottom of the screen.

Step3 Tap on the Speed option from the bottom. Adjust the speed slider and move it to the right to speed up your video.

adjust the speed on filmorago

Step4 Tap on the Export button at the top-right corner to save the video on your phone.


  1. Why are my Instagram videos slow?

Multiple reasons can explain why is my Instagram slow. First of all, the videos could be in slow-motion. Secondly, your internet speed may not be up to the mark. Thirdly, Instagram cache and storage could be full when your device runs out of free space. Besides, your device RAM could be fully occupied due to several apps running in the background. Moreover, if you have an older Instagram app version, your Instagram videos can be slow.

  1. What's the difference between Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories?

There are several differences between Reels and Stories. Reels stay forever, while Stories get deleted after 24 hours. You can upload a 15-second video for Instagram Story. You can upload a 90-second video for Instagram Reel. Instagram Reels focus on content and entertainment, while Stories focus on real-time events. You can change the video speed of Reels directly from Instagram while no such option is available for Stories. Stories cannot be saved but you can save Reels.


We have answered your question, "Can you speed up a pre-recorded video on reels?" You can definitely speed up your video through different methods as applicable in your case. If you are going to film the footage through Instagram Reels, you can set the speed beforehand directly on the Instagram app. If you want to change the speed of a pre-recorded video, you can use VN editor on your iPhone and FilmoraGo app on your Android smartphone. If you want to customize the video speed on PC, Wondershare Filmora will be your best video editor.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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