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Useful Tips for Tiktok Video [Aspect Ratio included]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 07, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
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TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps for short-form video sharing. Its popularity has been well received by those under thirty. A Beijing-based company, ByteDance, owns it. It has been downloaded over 315 million times by users worldwide. It generates over $50 million in revenue from users.

This leads us towards a discussion of how the platform works and, more specifically, how to create a video with the correct TikTok aspect ratios to gain popularity. This article covers essential tips about video size ratio and other little tricks to make your videos better.

 Part 1 TikTok: Brief Definition

Social media is one of the fastest ways to gain popularity. Using TikTok challenges and trends, content creators and businesses can drive their profits, popularity, and high visibility. The app allows users to create, edit and share short videos, which are made more entertaining with filters and music, dancing, and lipsyncing.

Tiktok has a certain prescribed video width and height to make videos. This TikTok ratio allows users to be perceived favorably in the program algorithm. The main reason why users are drawn to TikTok is for entertainment and to foster a sense of community.

The brief 15-60 second videos can offer entertainment for any duration, no matter how short. It remains a popular site frequented by teenagers and young adults. Thanks to the popularity of challenge videos and honest product reviews, it becomes a go-to haven for them. This makes Tiktok an ideal platform for marketing aimed at that demographic.

 Part 2 TikTok Video Tips You Should Know

In TikTok, the video creation editing process goes hand in hand. You can edit a video as you create it. As you start and stop your video, your videos are going to be automatically ‘stitched’ together. This does not mean you can’t trim the videos and edit them after they are made.

Similarly, if you’re not happy with how the video turned out, you can select the backspace button to delete the video on the app. Now let’s dive into the TikTok Video ratios that will make your videos shine.

Another thing that helps you form video ratios for TikTok is to know the audience. The TikTok gender ratio among US viewers is skewed to be 61% female and 39% male.

2.1 TikTok Video Format

There is a difference in the specification of videos for android and ios. For example, TikTok allows 72 MB on Android or 287.6 MB in size for iOS. The videos are designed to be viewed on mobile so aiming for vertical videos helps promote your videos on the algorithm.

The frame size for a TikTok video should be 1080 x1920 pixels. This gives the highest quality video output. As a content creator, it is advised to record videos in the .mp4 file format. Ad-creators should look into the .avi and .gif formats for better placements.

You can use premium video editing software like Wondershare Filmora to edit your videos. It offers cutting-edge features like motion tracking, color matching videos, and offering a split screen in the same video. This can help push your creativity to its full potential.

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2.2 Titktok Video Aspect Ratios & How To Resize It

The width of an image or video frame in relation to its height is known as the aspect ratio. It defines the proportion of your content asset. This can be important as it influences how nice the video turns out when viewed. It determines the final shape of your video.

Finding the correct video dimensions for TikTok can be a challenge. This section deals with the aspect ratios of video and what you can do to have the perfect video ratio for TikTok.

Finding the proper aspect ratio is important because it influences how your videos look on different platforms, which drives your TikTok like to follower ratio. Users prefer videos that offer a pleasant viewing experience.

You can use software like Wondershare Filmora to change the aspect ratio without any image or video distortion. This makes the video quality a lot better. By learning the video aspect ratio, you can avoid image and video distortion. This can boost your video’s rating in the algorithm and, in turn, skyrocket your popularity on the platform.

Let’s say a creator is in possession of a video they made. They realize that the video is not in the correct TikTok video ratio. The algorithm approves a specific TikTok video width and height.

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They can do one of two things, upload the video as is, and hope for the best. They can also choose to resize the aspect ratio using the Filmora software so they can get the best quality output and get featured on the For You Page. Adobe AfterEffects for tikTok is an alternative you can use to change the video aspect ratio as well.

2.3 Change Tiktok Video From Landscape To Portrait

Tiktok can support videos made in portrait or landscape mode. However, creators should focus on creating videos in portrait mode. This is because TikTok’s algorithm favors vertical videos over horizontal ones.

Considering TikTok users use their mobiles to view the video, this makes portrait mode the better option for ensuring video success.

Tiktok allows users to create a video in portrait mode and editing after. You can also create a video in landscape mode for TikTok. Tiktok also enables users to upload a video in landscape mode.

Alternatively, you can use a video editing app like Wondershare Filmora. This video editing app makes it easy to convert the file from your previous aspect ratio to those favored by TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram.

It helps retain the high definition with smaller file size and better effects. If you want to post across platforms, using Filmora video editing can help you save valuable editing time. Thanks to its auto-editing options, even beginners can create professional-level videos.

Another way to change the TikTok size is to use Adobe Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro is capable of performing all of the everyday video editing operations required to create high-definition footage. It allows inputs that can then be exported to the appropriate medium and format different platforms.

Tiktok logo

2.4 Make Fullscreen Tiktok Video

It can be a frustrating experience to watch a Tiktok video when you have the For you tab at the top, blocking your video. The like button and share buttons all do a number on your valuable screen space at the sides. The comment section with the scrolling ribbons of comments is the worst offender at making the TikTok video seem unappealing.

One way you can make your TikTok experience better is through full-screen viewing of your TikTok video. You can do this by simply saving the video to your phone. Save the video by pressing the share button. In the second half of the share section, you have the “save video” option, and you can select this for a blissful video viewing experience.

One other way users can view TikTok on full screen is to go to their android’s ‘settings’ page. Go into the ‘Display and Brightness’ settings. Look for the tab titled ‘Full-Screen Display”. In this section, scroll down to TikTok and select. Once there, enable ‘Notch Area Display.’

There you go, your TikTok account can now be graced with full-screen videos. This will make the user experience a lot better.


One of the keys to creating high-quality content for your brand on social media is recognizing how much aspect ratio brings to the table and how to apply it to your videos and images. There is no doubt that using videos for promotion is the most effective technique to increase brand engagement nowadays.

To make it easy to cut, edit, and even design your images and movies for the most outstanding performance, use an excellent online video editor like Wondershare Filmora. It’s one of the best video editors for both beginners and experienced professionals.

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