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How to use LUTs in VN Editor – Complete Guide and best LUTs download

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Hello and welcome to another article full of information and excitement. The topic of this article is LUT for the VN editor. So it will be exciting for those who want to use LUTs in their video to make them look nice and well. As we will discuss today that what is VN editor and how you can add LUTs to your videos using it on the devices it is compatible for. Moreover, where you can download some fantastic LUTs like moody LUTs, which help your videos to look nice, and which software you should use for this purpose if you are running a device on which the VN editor is not compatible. So let's begin!

In this article
  1. Part 1. What is VN editor?
  2. Part 2. How to use LUTs in VN editor?
  3. Part 3. Best LUTs resource for VN video editor
    1. 1. Presets Store
    2. 2. Apna Editz
    3. 3. Lut Preset
    4. 4. Pencil Hub
    5. 5. YRP EDITZ
  4. Part 4. How to add LUTs to the best alternative to the VN editor?

Part 1. What is VN editor?

VN editor is one of the best choices for video editing on mobiles and Mac. Fast editing, transitions, effects, filters, colors, subtitles, music, and many other features make the VN video editing app a great tool for producing and editing videos. It aims to make editing shorter and more feature-rich, empowering everyone to take control of their own lives. You cannot only produce great videos but good films as well. In the following, we will discuss how you can add LUTs to your videos using it.

luts fo vn editor completed

Part 2. How to use LUTs in VN editor?

First, we must know that it is compatible with which platforms. So, it is now available for Android, iOS, and Mac OS only. However, you can also use it on Windows with some Android or iOS emulators, but it is not a very continent way in our suggestions. Even after doing this, it does not work well on your Windows. Maybe you will face some glitches or malfunctioning problems. So it is better to use it on only those platforms for which it is primarily available. Please read the instructions below since we will go through how to use LUTs in it later on.

On Mac:

First of all, we will learn how you can do it on Mac:

  1. Download the VN Editor for Mac and open it.
  2. Add your video and then tap the filters option.
tap the filters option
  1. Now choose custom filters and then select the LUTs pack.
select the luts pack
  1. Select the desired LUT and apply.
select the desired lut and apply

On Mobile:

Secondly, we will discuss how we can do this on our mobiles (Android or iOS). The procedure on both devices (Android or iOS) is almost comparable. Therefore, we will discuss the steps from the perspective of both of these here:

  1. First, download the VN editor from your mobile app store (Android or iOS) and the LUTs pack you want to use in your video.
download the vn editor
  1. After downloading them on your mobile, open the VN editor application.
  2. Create a new project and add your video to it.
create a new project
  1. Then click on the Filters option and select add external or custom filters option next to the existing filters.
click on the filters
  1. It will take you to the File manager of your mobile, from which you have to find the folder in which you have stored your LUTs.
file manager
  1. After finding them, you can select those LUTs you want to use in your video and then click on the done or select button.
click on the done or select button
  1. Your downloaded LUTs start showing in the VN editor, and you can use them in your videos as you want.
showing in the vn editor

Part 3. Best LUTs resource for VN video editor

1. Presets Store

Presets Store is an online platform that helps you with various Filters, LUTs, and other presets. So you can download LUTs for your videos for the VN editor using it. However, it's not a free service. You have to pay for the LUTs you want to download from here. You can visit their YouTube channel to follow the latest LUTs, Filters and other presets on this platform.

2. Apna Editz

Apna Editz is another online platform you can use for this purpose. It also provides you with a fantastic variety of Presets like LUTs, Filters, and many other similar effects, which you can use in your video using the VN editor. The main Pros of this recommendation are that it's a free website. So you can download LUTs for your videos from it for free. Keep an eye on their YouTube channel to be updated about the latest LUTs.

3. Lut Preset

Lut Preset is another alternative to all the above ones. You can get almost all your favorite LUTs for VN editor for free here and then use them in your videos as you want. They also share the latest LUTs on their YouTube Channel.

4. Pencil Hub

Pencil Hub is also a good option in this concern. However, it does not have too much variety of VN LUTs, but you can still use it to download some of the best LUTs for VN editors. To get informed of their every new effect and LUTs, their YouTube channel is the primary source.


YRP ETIDZ is another good option if you are still looking for some fantastic VN LUTs. They, too not have a large variety of presets and LUTs. However, if you want some most commonly used LUTs for VN Editor, then they are a good option. You'll notify of their most website updates by checking their YouTube channel.

Part 4. How to add LUTs to the best alternative to the VN editor?

VN Editor is undoubtedly an excellent choice to add LUTs to your videos. However, the VN editor is best suitable for mobile devices. To enhance your LUTs and effects, it would be great if you used some desktop software. Wondershare Filmora offers a great variety of built-in LUTs to choose from. Let's look at how we can use Filmora to add LUTs:

  1. Add your video and tap the tools, then click the Color option.
  2. Now select the Color Correction option and then choose 3D LUT.
choose 3d lut
use filmora to add luts
  1. Click the drop-down menu and select the Load new LUT option. Here you can import other downloaded preset LUTs to use
downloaded preset luts
  1. Choose the LUT and click OK. Your new fantastic video is ready now.
choose the lut and click ok

Closing Thoughts:

This post recommends several lut resources and demonstrates how to import them if you are a devoted user of VN editor and want to learn how to utilize it for video color grading. The more potent desktop editor Wondershare Filmora, which offers a range of built-in LUT sources and supports color grading settings, is of course recommended if you want to take your videos to the next level. Thanks for reading.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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