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VSCO Slow Motion

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

While the VSCO app is most commonly used for its filters and editing capabilities. With its built-in slow-motion feature, you can create beautiful, ethereal slow-mo videos that are perfect for Instagram and other social media platforms.

Slow-motion videos have been gaining popularity on social media in recent years. They also have an aesthetic appeal that can be quite captivating. With the VSCO app, it's easy to create stunning slow-mo videos in no time.

In this article, we'll explore the VSCO app, its key features, and how to create VSCO smooth slow-mo videos. We'll also discuss the best desktop alternative to help you have a clear understanding.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What Is VSCO App?
  2. Part 2. How To Make Smooth Slow Motion Video In VSCO?
  3. Part 3. Other Key Features Of VSCO
  4. Part 4. How To Make A Slow-Motion Video On Desktop Alternative?

Part 1. What Is VSCO App?

VSCO is a photography app with a focus on beautifully edited photos as well as videos. The app offers various editing tools, filters, and presets to help you create stunning images. It is also a social platform, allowing you to share your photos and videos with the VSCO community and connect with other creative users.

vsco app

Joel Flory and Greg Lutze founded the app in 2011 and first launched it in 2012 as an iOS-only app but soon expanded to Android in 2013. Today, VSCO is one of the most popular photography and videography apps, with over 20 million weekly and 40 million monthly active users.

VSCO app offers some basic image editing features for free, while advanced features are available for monthly and yearly subscriptions with seven days free trial period.

VSCO smooth slow-motion app is popular among amateur photographers because of its range of filters and slow-mo features. However, the app also offers basic image adjustments such as exposure, contrast, color saturation, highlight, and shadow adjustments. It is also designed to share photos to its corresponding social network - VSCO Space. You can add captions and hashtags and choose whether to include your location.

Note: You can download the VSCO slow motion Android app from the Google Play Store while the iOS version of the app is available on the App Store.

Part 2. How To Make Smooth Slow Motion Video In VSCO?

To make a smooth slow-motion video in the VSCO app, do the following steps in sequence:

Step1Download VSCO slow motion app on your device and launch it. You'll find two options on the Home screen of the app: Take a photo and import. Click "Import" and select your video clip to edit.

importing video to the vsco app for creating slow mo

Step2On the editing timeline, click "Tools" > "Volume" and drag the slider to turn off the background music.

adjusting background music on the video in vsco app

Step3Now, click "Trim" if you want to get a specific part of a video and edit it. Afterward, click the "Speed" option.

trimming the video for slow mo

Step4Drag the slider to the left to adjust the slow-mo speed. Make sure to click the "Smooth" option above the slider, so your video does not have any jerks or glitches.

Step5Now, to export your video, click "Next" and turn on the Save option. You can also toggle the Post to VSCO option to post your video to VSCO space and click Save to start the rendering process.

adjusting video speed in vsco app to create slow mo

Part 3. Other Key Features Of VSCO

Here are some key features of the VSCO app:

Sharing Platform - VSCO Spaces

VSCO users and creators can collaborate by sharing their creations through Spaces. Users can post comments with joy, constructive criticism, or feedback for improvement, just like other social apps. By utilizing the same tools as others and looking at their work, you will be more inspired.

vsco space on the vsco photo editing app

Instagram Alternative

VSCO free slow-motion app is the best alternative to Instagram. What sets it apart is that it doesn't show like counts or allow comments. This can be appealing to users who get anxious about negative feedback. Another strength of VSCO is its simple design, which makes the app easy and enjoyable to use.

Shot And Adjust Pictures

VSCO Photo Editor is a powerful app that gives you the ability to shoot pictures and later adjust them to your liking. With VSCO, you can fine-tune your photos to get the perfect shot every time. You can also save your settings as presets so that you can apply them to future pictures.

A Wide Range Of Filters

VSCO offers a wide range of basic and advanced filters, making it easy for you to find the perfect one for your photo. Moreover, you can customize your filters to create the perfect look for your photo.

filters for image editing on vsco app

A Variety Of Tools

VSCO has a variety of tools, such as exposure, contrast, and saturation, which you can use to edit your photos.

tool for video editing on vsco app

Part 4. How To Make A Slow-Motion Video On Desktop Alternative?

Desktop video editing apps are better than mobile apps when editing slow-mo or ramping features. For one, the processing power of desktop computers is generally much higher than mobile devices. This means that desktop apps can handle more complex tasks without running into performance issues.

Another advantage of desktop video editing apps is that they usually come with a more robust set of features than their mobile counterparts. This is because app developers typically have more room to add features on desktop than they do on mobile.

Below are some simple and easy steps on how to use the speed ramping tool in Filmora:

Step1To begin, open Filmora on your PC and import the video you want to edit.

Step2Drag it into the timeline once the video is imported.

Step3Next, select the "Speed" option from the Tools option in the toolbar and click "Speed Ramping."

using filmora software on the desktop for ramping

Step4Select the point in the video where you want the speed ramp to begin. Now, use the slider to adjust the speed of your video. You can make your video faster or slower.

adjusting video speed on filmora

Step5Finally, click "Export" to save your video on your PC.


In this article, we've explored how to create VSCO smooth slow-mo videos with simple and easy-to-follow instructions. We've also discussed what the app is about and its key features. In the end, we provided a brief guide on creating slow-motion videos on a desktop using Filmora software.

Hopefully, this guide helped resolve your queries, and you can now create stunning slow-motion videos without much effort.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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