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Beginner's Guide About WMV Format and Best WMV Video Editor

You must have used different file formats. You might even have used WMV format if you are a Windows user. To know more about the format, allow us to guide you.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 25, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

WMV is the default file format for Windows Media Player. It was developed as an alternative to the RealVideo codec for web streaming purposes. WMV can be streamed on the internet and played by various media players. YouTube allows the users to upload WMV file format content.

Now that you know this about WMV format, there are some more details to share, so let’s start. The article understudy will discuss everything in detail; buckle up!

Part 1. What Is WMV File?

WMV file format is from a sequence of video codecs, and it was developed by Microsoft. The full abbreviation of WMV is 'Windows Media Video.' WMV is a compressed file container that was made for the Windows Media Framework. It is mainly used for the video content that is to be sold either online or through HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

what is wmv format

WMV format files support the encryption for the use with Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems, protecting the content from copywriting and any unlawful production. The WMV file may contain animation, high-definition videos, TV episodes, or video clips.

WMV compresses large files for better data transmission over a network while maintaining quality standards. It is specifically designed to run on all Windows devices. After standardization by the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineering (SMPTE), WMV is now considered to be an open standard format.

Part 2. Advantage and Disadvantage of WMV Video Format

Like everything, the WMV file format has its benefits and drawbacks, but not everyone knows much about them. The following section of this article will talk about the benefits and drawbacks; let's get started!

Advantages of WMV Format

  • WMV format is excellent for web videos as it acquires little disc memory space and thus takes less time in loading.

  • The files are compressed and have reduced size; hence it is easy to transfer WMV file format via emails etc.

  • The format is widely used on Windows and is suitable for storing short animations as well as compressed videos.

  • Do you know anything about the compression ratio? Well, if we compare WMV to MPEG-4, WMV format has a 2x compression ratio.

  • The format also works on the Web through Google Drive. Also, the quality of the video is maintained with Windows video format.

Disadvantages of WMV Format

  • Although the small size is better but not, every application works with the tiny file size as offered by WMV format.

  • If you are a Mac user and wish to play WMV files on your Mac, you need plugins like Flip4Mac.

Part 3. Best MMV Video Editor -Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora has always been on the top of the list whenever we talk about video editing. The software is used worldwide by professionals and also newbies. This is because Filmora provides an endless range of features that can create captivating videos. Let's share a few features:

  • Stabilize Video: Your video might be shaky, or maybe single footage can be shaky. Do you know a way to fix this? Try Stabilize Video feature from Filmora. This feature helps you to smooth all the shaky scenes in your video.

  • Motion Tracking: In the editing world, Motion Tracking is the most fun type of feature. With this feature, you can move objects like text, audio, video, elements, etc., by tracking the movements in your video.

  • Auto Highlight: Do you know a feature that will save your time and effort? It's Auto Highlight. The feature spontaneously extracts the highlight from the clip and saves your video trimming time.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later

Part 4. How to Edit WMV Video File?

For editing, Wondershare Filmora is an ideal software to use. Now that you know about Filmora and its stunning features, do you have any knowledge about how to use it? Well, don’t worry. We are here to guide you about how you can edit WMV file format videos in Filmora. Just follow the simple steps shared below:

Step 1: Get the Media File

Start by launching the software on your respective device. Once Filmora opens, you can import the media file by drag and drop. Or else, tap on the 'File' tab and move to the 'Import Media' option. From the submenu, select the 'Import Media Files' option to add the WMV format file.

import wmv file

Step 2: Head to Editor Timeline

You should know that editing is only possible when your file is on the timeline. For that, after a successful file import, simply drag and drop the media file to the timeline and let the fun begins.

add video to timeline

Step 3: Add Video Effects

Once the file is in the timeline, start editing. You can add various video effects to your WMV video file from this section. You can get effects like Canvas, Cool Film, Four Seasons, etc., and can also add overlays, filters, etc.

use attractive video effects

Step 4: Use Title Template

Filmora offers you so many different and cool title templates. You only have to select the best template from the options. You can go for School Pack, Channel Subscribe, Romantic Pack, etc. Moreover, add Lower Thirds, Subtitles, Openers, and a lot more.

add title template

Step 5: Export the WMV File

After all the editing is complete, get the WMV format file exported to your device. For that, hit the ‘Export’ button and from the ‘Locals’ section, select your preferred output file format.

export the edited video

Part 5. WMV VS. MP4: What's the Difference?

MP4 is far more popular than the WMV file format. The world is shifting on the internet; MP4 is widely used and loved online. On the other hand, WMV is popular with Windows users, along with DVD and Blu-ray collectors.

If we talk about the supported software for MP4 and WMV, MP4 has bigger support. WMV is supported by fewer video players and online video editing tools. On the contrary, MP4 is supported by all the video players available for both Windows and Mac users; along with that, every online tool also supports MP4 format for video editing.

Now the world demands quality. In terms of quality, MP4 has better quality than WMV. WMV has lost the battle of quality provision against WMV. MP4 is a larger file than WMV in terms of file size. It is less compressed than WMV format, but the compression gives WMV an advantage over MP4.

Having a compressed file format produces files of smaller size, which can be easily stored. Easy storage of video files makes WMV a better option in places where the quality of the video can be compromised.

Bottom Line

After reading this article, we hope that you have increased your knowledge regarding the WMV file format. We talked about the pros and cons of the WMV format. Moreover, we also shared ways to edit a WMV video with the best video editor, Wondershare Filmora.

Let’s tell you more about the video editing software. Wondershare Filmora is not just a Video Editor; it's also an Audio Editor with various diverse features like Audio Denoise, Silence Detection, etc. The software is easy to use with a drag and drop facility. You can create and edit stunning videos with the multi-track editor.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

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