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How Can I Control Speed of a Video

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 11, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Speed doesn't course at the same level for everyone. You can change momentum. You can slow it down and speed it up to convey a particular mood. In this article, you will learn how and when to control the speed of the video and its importance.

In this article
  1. Importance of Speeding up/Slowing Down Your video?
  2. How to Speed up/Slow down a Video?

Importance of Speeding up/Slowing Down Your video?

Speeding up or slowing it down, known as slow or fast motion, can make your video faster or slower than its actual speed, called speed ramping. Overall, adjusting the speed of video clips can enhance the video's visual effects, especially if you want to convey a particular mood to the audience. Speeding up your video may create a comical and dramatic impact, while slowing down your video can give viewers a time-lapse feel or an emotional mood.

This video speed controlling software can instantly speed up video up to 50x times. On the contrary, you can also slow down the video up to 0.1x, which means a one-minute video will run for 10 minutes.

How important is this Feature? The technique plays an essential role in adjusting the video's speed. You will appreciate this technique once you've started editing your video. At first, controlling the speed of your video without music will give you a plain or bare impression. Based on my experience, I cannot quickly identify which video part needs to control the speed. Still, once you've added music at the start, you can quickly determine when and where you should maintain the momentum based on the beat of the music.

How to Speed up/Slow down a Video?

Nowadays, most video editing software offers an effortless way of giving special cinematic effects through speed ramping? Speed ramping is an approach to adjusting the clip's speed to send the message across and provide the audience with an element of confusion. Since speed ramp is a gradual increase in the acceleration or deceleration of a video clip, reasons to slow down or speed up video vary from merely decorative to practical, but whatever your reasons, speed effects can add some production value to your projects.

This article gives you a guide on how to slow down or speed up video on your video editing software, for example, using Wondershare Filmora on your device.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the speed of your video using Wondershare Filmora

Free Download
Free Download
Step1 Open your Video editing software

Launch Wondershare Filmora from your system and select New Project.

launch wondershare filmora

Import the selected videos and open them in the program to enhance the speed and duration of the video. The video can also be dragged and dropped to the interface.

import car videos into filmora

Drag the selected video clip on Timeline Panel. You can click the + button or drag the video.

Step2 Change the Speed of your video

In Wondershare Filmora there are two available features you can use, first is using the Uniform Speed Feature.

Uniform Speed - Uniform Speed feature in Filmora is used to change the speed of your video or audio clips. Compared to Speed Ramping function, Uniform speed will change the whole clip’s speed evenly, instead of parts of your clips. How to use this Feature?

Using the Uniform Speed

  1. After adding the video on your timeline, drag the play head line and choose where will the uniform speed start.
change the speed of car video
  1. Right-click on the video or audio clip, or go to Speed>Uniform Speed then choose Uniform Speed.
reduce speed car video filmora
  1. Uniform Speed window will pop up then adjust the slider to your desired speed. Click ok once you’re done.
change speed settings car video
  1. You can observe that the video from where you set your playback has indicator of how fast does the video will play which is 6.50x.
car video timeline editing
  1. You can also revert back or customize the set Uniform Speed by clicking the arrow down on the Uniform Speed Indicator or click the Speed button on the left side of the screen. There are also options whether you want to set the speed to slow, fast and normal.
custom speed dot timeline filmora

Speed ramping - In Filmora, you can choose to change speed uniformly or speedily. To change the rate of the video or audio clip speed, you need to use the Filmora Speed Ramping feature.

In the Speed Ramping panel, you can customize the speed or select the speed preset such as Montage, Hero Moment, Bullet Time, Jumper, Flash in, and Flash out. You can choose the Preset speed ramps.

Evenly change the speed of the video clip to match another clip. Much software available will give you the option to speed ramp.

The importance of speed controls Having control over the speed of your motors and machinery is vital for you to get the full potential of your tools. Giving yourself complete speed control will ensure you experience little to no tool chatter and a perfect machined finish every time.

Playing with speed controls can help displeasure interest and guide focus when editing your video. You might have used slow motion to overemphasize a scene, or maybe you've sped up a clip to create a time-lapse—but have you tried to speed ramping?

speed ramping car video filmora

If you want to add cinematic to your video. The speed ramp effect describes a smooth transition between speeds, resulting in a video that dips in and out of slow-mo. and high-speed playback. You can ramp up, down, or do a mix of both for multiple speed adjustments throughout a video!

Visualize you're trying to bring a simple pan shot of a product to life, energize the transitions in your latest travel video, emphasize the beat drop in a music video, or keep eyes affix to your content.

Speed ramping can give your video. style. It can help you do anything from excitement up B-roll to infuse otherwise unremarkable footage with personality.

Proper timing and speed make videos more useful and spectacular. You can enable slow motion to add enthusiasm to dramatics or speed up a video to spur the action. No matter your idea, you can fulfill it with some video editing software.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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