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Guide to Create Intro Video with KineMaster

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 07, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

The intro is considered to be the most important part of a video. The intro comes first in a video and the first impression is crucial in retaining the viewers. If the intro is gripping and engaging, the viewers are likely to check the rest of the video. In order to create a stunning video, you need to have the best video editor. If you are a smartphone user, KineMaster intro maker should be your first choice.

You must have seen videos with stunning intro having KineMaster watermark on social media and video streaming platforms. Starting from beginners to professional video creators, KineMaster is an easy choice for them to make video intro. KineMaster is a powerful intro maker where you will find several templates, effects, and modes to create stunning intros for your videos. We will illustrate the steps to create intro video with KineMaster Intro Maker.

Part 1. Steps to Create Intro Video with KineMaster

KineMaster video editor is one of the most intuitive apps and that is why creating amazing intro videos is super easy. KineMaster app is available for both Android and iOS users. There are awesome assets, amazing templates, and useful blending modes available to design your desired intro video. You can create 4K intro videos at 60 FPS comfortably. Here are the steps to create intro KineMaster video.

Step 1: Go for KineMaster intro download as per your smartphone OS. Launch KineMaster app and tap on Create New icon on the home screen.

create new video kinemaster

Step 2: Select an aspect ratio such as 16:9 or 9:16 or 1:1 as per your requirements. On the next screen, tap on Background and select a background as per your preference.

select background kinemaster

Step 3: On the layer at the bottom and select Text option. Type in your text that you want to show in the intro and tap on Ok button. You can change the font and style from the right panel.

change video font kinemaster

Step 4: Select the text layer and from the right panel, tap on In Animation option to animate the text. Select a desired animation template that you think is appropriate.

add animation to videos in kinemaster

Step 5: Tap on the text layer again and tap on Effect option to add a text effect. Choose any desired Effect from the list. You can also tap on Get More to check out more effect templates.

more effect templates kinemaster

After you apply an effect, select the Effect layer from the timeline and go to Settings to make any adjustment. You can play and watch the intro video. Besides, you can add background photo or video and add graphical elements to enhance the intro animation.

Part 2. How to Create 3D Intro with KineMaster

We have illustrated how to create a text intro video and you can try out different animations and effects and come up with creative intro video. There is a viral trend in showing 3D intro to get more traction. You can use KineMaster to create amazing 3D intro videos easily that can go along with your video content. Here are the simple steps on how you can create 3D video with KineMaster.

Step 1: Install KineMaster from Play Store or App Store as per your smartphone OS. Launch KineMaster app after installation and tap on Create New icon.

Step 2: Select an aspect ratio and tap on Background option. Select a background color as per your preference. Otherwise, you can tap on Media Browser if you want to add a pre-decided photo or video as a background. We recommend a background video to amplify the 3D effect.

click media browser kinemaster

Step 3: It is time to add a 3D title. You can tap on Layer icon and Text icon to type in any title that you can turn into 3D with text effect or style. You can also tap on Media icon to select a ready-made 3D text with a transparent background. After adding the text, you can stretch it to increase the size as per your preference.

turn 3d text kinemaster

Step 4: From the right panel, tap on In Animation option and select a desired animation template. Similarly, tap on Out Animation option and select any animation whichever you think it is fit.

add animation text kinemaster

Step 5: From the right panel, tap on Overall Animation, select an animation template such as floating to enhance the 3D effect.

enhance 3d effect in kinemaster

Part 3. Related FAQs of KineMaster Intro Video

What app most YouTubers use to make intros?

Apart from KineMaster, most YouTubers use Wondershare Filmora to make amazing videos. Filmora has a wider range of video effects, animations, and stock photos and videos. On top of that, the text animation and effect templates are tailor-made for intro videos.

Is KineMaster good for making YouTube videos?

Yes, KineMaster is good for creating engaging YouTube videos. You can create amazing intro and outro for your YouTube video on your smartphone. You can blend your photos and videos together and create amazing YouTube videos and stunning texts and titles. Besides, you can use chroma keys, transitions, reverse timing, and multi-layer features.

Can KineMaster handle 4K?

Yes, KineMaster is perfect for editing 4K video taken with high-end cameras. After editing the videos, you can export them in 4K resolution up to 60 FPS. However, you will need a high-end smartphone for KineMaster to handle 4K video editing smoothl

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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