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How to Download Instagram MP3?

How to Download Instagram MP3?

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It is perfectly possible to download Instagram MP3 files! All you need is an Instagram Video Converter (MP3)! The process for it is rather simple, actually.

And, if you're using the right tool, completely for FREE! Stick around till the end to learn more and be introduced to some of the best tools to convert MP3 Instagram audio.

Part 1 Solutions on Downloading Instagram Mp3

For now, let's start with a general discussion on how you can download Instagram MP3 audio and videos. You may or may not know of this information already. If so, skip to the next portion, where we'll be introducing 6 of the best Instagram Video Converter MP3 tools available in the market right now!

01How to Download Instagram Videos to Audio Mp3?

The easiest way to download Instagram MP3 from videos is to copy the direct URL link of the Instagram video in question and make use of an Instagram video converter (MP3). These converters are available both as software and online tools — so you have a wide variety of methods to choose from (which we'll discuss more in the next part — where we introduce some of the best Instagram video converter (MP3).

02How to Download Instagram Reels Audio Only?

This one is a little more complicated — if you don't know how to find the direct URL link for Instagram Reels, but the process is actually much of the same, as we'll show you in the breakdown of the steps below:

Step 1: Search for Audio

The first step is to search for the audio that you're looking to download. For this, make sure that you select 'Audio' on the Search options!

Instagram Search Options - Audio Selected

Step 2: Select Audio!

Next, select the audio reel that you want to download!

Instagram Search - Search Audio

Step 3: Share Option!

Once you've arrived on the audio page of your chosen track, select the share settings at the top right corner of the screen (pointed out in the image below.)

Instagram Share Audio Option

Step 4: Copy Link & Download!

At the bottom of the screen, you should now find an option to copy the direct URL link of the audio that you've chosen (as shown in the image below!)

Now, as mentioned in the previous section, all you need to do is take that link to an insta mp3 converter! The best of which we'll be introducing in the next section.

Copy Reel Audio Link

Part 2 The Best 6 Instagram to Mp3 Downloader Online

Now, for the promised list of Instagram Video Converter (MP3) tools! This list will be as comprehensive as we can manage it, including not only an introduction but also the pricing, features, and limitations of all the converters in question.


Price: FREE

The Instagram Video Converter offered on the 'Online Video Converter' website is the first Insta MP3 converter on this list! It's incredibly easy to use, and is free to boot! So, you can convert MP3 Instagram audio with no problem. Keep in mind, of course, that because this tool is free, it does come with its limits as well as general cons.

● Online Insta MP3 Converter, no download needed!
● Online Insta MP3 Converter, no download needed!
● One-click download!
● No quality controls.
● Usable only if you have an internet connection.
● Open-source software comes with potentially harmful ads.
Instagram Video Converter

02Ace Thinker

Price: FREE

Our next Instagram Video Converter (MP3) is Ace Thinker. Just like the one from 'Online Video Converter' this is an online solution that you can use on any device (be it your smartphone or Windows/Mac computer). It's also 100% free, so you can use it without having to worry about making any long-term commitments.

● Online Instagram converter
● 1-click download
● Available file formats: .mp3
● Can only convert to MP3
● Comes with potentially harmful ads.
● Can only be used when online.
Ace Thinker - Free Instagram to MP3 Converter


Price: FREE

With our next pick, we spice it up with an Instagram-specific tool, called Instasave that you can use to download pretty much any kind of Instagram content that you want. That, of course, includes allowing you to convert MP3 Instagram posts! Note, however, this is not as well-known as other options out there, so use it mindfully!

● Instagram content downloader
● Multiple file format converter
● Online video converter - no download or installation required.
● Conversion tool only
● No quality control
● Can only be used when online
Instasaved - Anonymous Instagram Video Downloaderr


Price: Free

Next on our list is OFFMP3. It is, much like the other tools we've introduced thus far, an online video converter tool! This one, however, just like Intasaved, is a lot more obscure than the first two that we introduced. And thus, a little more limited.

● Online video converter
● FREE-to-use
● Multiple video conversion format
● For online use only
● Obscure site
● Comes with potentially harmful ads
OffMP3 Converter


Price: FREE

Despite the name, 4in's Instagram to MP4 converter does work for converting Instagram posts into MP3 files as well (as is shown in the image below). It's not the most advanced converter tool out there. But it does work, and it requires no download or installation.

● Free to use
● Online video converter, no download or installation needed
● Available conversion formats: .mp4 and .mp3
● For online use only
● Limited conversion formats
● No quality control
Ins - Instagram to MP4 Converter

06Wondershare Filmora

Price: Freemium!

You can try Wondershare Filmora Video Editor free today if you're looking for something a little more reliable as your Instagram video to MP3 converter. Of course, that's not all that it can do either! With Wondershare Filmora's advanced features, the world is literally your oyster. Although, of course, if you want access to some of Filmora's more advanced features, you'll have to pay their subscription fee to gain access to Filmora Pro.

● Advanced Video Editing tools for creating a top-of-the-line Instagram post
● High-quality video rendering
● High-quality video rendering
● Limited FREE version
● Will require download and installation
● Subscription fees (annual and monthly)

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

Wondershare: Filmora

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Found a video on Instagram with audio that you really like? Well, then it's easy enough to get your hand on it (so long as you don't intend to make use of it nefariously, of course!)

There are Instagram-to-MP3 converters that will allow you to literally convert your favorite Instagram videos into an MP3 in a single click (without having to ever even download or install anything!)

Although, of course, if you're looking for something more advanced than you're average, online video converter tool, there are other more premium options that you can try out to step up your game.

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