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Secret Tips & Tricks to Use in Filmora

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Jan 12, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Wondershare Filmora is a great video editing software with millions of users worldwide. It has many features that it provides to its users. However, there are some other features hidden up its sleeve.

This article will share some "secrets" of Wondershare Filmora features you may not know that they exist in Filmora. Scroll below to see the features that level up your editing skills.

In this article
  1. Shared Media Folder
  2. Customize Proxy Files
  3. Delete Project Render Cache
  4. Remove Split Button on Playhead
  5. Copy and Paste Effects
  6. Timeline Snap
  7. Color Code Video Clips
  8. Group Clips Together
  9. Pan and Zoom Shortcut
  10. New Feature Request

Part 1. Shared Media Folder

You might have had the hassle of importing the same videos for a considerable time in a different project. It can become a problem for you. It may be fine if you have organized your videos from the start.

Shared Media Folder in Filmora, now called the Global Media Folder, can store video and audio that you've imported for future projects. So you don't have to keep re-importing your media for future videos.

wondershare filmora global media folder

Moreover, when you have imported files into the Shared Media Folder, you can create new Sub-Folders. You can name these folders according to the types of media you are going to use.

Suppose you are a content creator and want to spice up your content with memes. You can create a meme folder to import recent memes into your videos.

Once you have imported them into the Wondershare Filmora's Shared Media Folder, you can access them anytime. Doing so will allow you to save time and build a base for your future projects.

Free Download
Free Download

Part 2. Customize Proxy Files

Before understanding the custom proxy settings, let us know what proxy files are.

Proxy Files

Proxy files in Wondershare Filmora allow you to render and edit 4K and other higher-resolution videos easily, regardless of your computer's processing power.

No one wants to compromise PC performance when editing videos. But if you are importing a video with a higher resolution than your PC, you can only play it sometimes. Other than that, your PC might get stuck and slow down.

If your PC has a built-in resolution of 1080p, but the video you are going to import is 2160p, you can encounter rendering and performance problems. But in the case of Wondershare Filmora Proxy files, you can smoothly edit your videos without any trouble.

How to Customize Proxy Files in Filmora

Although Wondershare Filmora automatically creates proxy files when it encounters resolutions more significant than the PC performance. But you can also set them to your preference.

And customize your proxy files takes some simple and easy steps. But first, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step1 Find the File option on the top left corner of the Wonderhsare Filmora home interface.

Step2 Click on Files and go to Preferences.

Step3 A window will pop up, and here you can see multiple options.

Step4 Go to the performance.

Step5 In the performance tab, scroll down till your see Proxy.

Step6 Here check the box that says, "Automatically create proxies when resolution higher than:"

wondershare filmora customizing proxy files

Step7 Below you can see multiple options. In these options, select the resolution that you want.

Step8 You can also click on the box below to automatically delete the proxies when you close your project.

Now, whenever you encounter a resolution of a higher video than the one you selected, Wondershare Filmora will do its magic.

Part 3. Delete Project Render Cache

Another hack you can use to save space on your hard drive is Deleting the Render cache. But before we do that, let us understand what Render cache is!

What is Render Cache?

Rendering can be a giant leap to give you a smooth performance experience. However, when you import your videos into the timeline, you can always render to have an uninterrupted playback experience.

Doing so will allow you to work in your zone quickly and efficiently. You can do a manual rendering before you begin the editing process. Or you can also opt to choose automatic rendering. In the automatic rendering option, you can continue your editing process. In the meantime, your timeline will be rendered.

How to Delete Render Cache in Filmora

To save up storage space on your computer, you can delete your render cache by following the steps.

Step1 Click on files in the top left corner of the Wondershare Filmora home interface.

Step2 Go to Preferences.

Step3 A window will pop up and go to Performance.

Step4 In the performance tab, scroll down below to the Preview Render.

Step5 Check the box saying, "Automatically delete render files when a project is closed."

wondershare filmora deleting render cache

Step6 Click on OK to save your changes.

Now, whenever you close your project, your render cache will be deleted and would have given you extra space on your computer.

Part 4. Remove Split Button on Playhead

In some instances, when you are moving the playhead on the timelines, it can distract you from doing your editing. Or even more, you can mistakenly click on the Split button to split the clips you don't want them to.

Well, no worries at all! Wondershare Filmora takes care of that for you. You can hide or remove the Split button on the playhead. It only takes a few simple and easy steps. Follow the steps mentioned below to remove the Split button:

Step1 You will notice the File option on the top left corner of the Wonderhsare Filmora home interface.

Step2 Click on Files and go to Preferences.

Step3 A window will pop up, and here you can see multiple options.

Step4 Go to the editing

Step5 In the editing tab, scroll down till your see the Split button.

wondershare filmora removing the split button

Step6 Check the box. Then, click OK to save your changes.

Doing so would have removed the Split button from your playhead. So now you can edit your videos without any distractions.

Part 5. Copy and Paste Effects

Copy and paste are one of the oldest tricks in editing procedures. Wondershare Filmora comes with a range of commands and features that allow you to save time and be reliable.

Suppose you want to add an effect to a video clip in the timeline. Then, after adding the effect to your video, make custom changes to make it look more closely to the style you want. You can now use the copy-and-paste function to add the same effect to another clip. That helps you save a lot of time from tedious and time-consuming work.

How to Copy and Paste Effects

While editing, you will need to ensure that your editing process is as clean as possible and that you have all the time on hand.

But there is a solution! You can easily copy and paste the effects you placed on one video clip to another. Just follow the steps mentioned, and you will be good to go:

Step1 Right-click on the video to you added the effects too.

Step2 A drop-down column will pop up.

Step3 In the options below, you will notice an option called "Copy Effects."

Step4 Click on the "Copy Effects" option.

Step5 Now move the playhead to the video clip on which you want to paste the effects.

Step6 Right-click on the video that you want to place the effect on.

Step7 In the pop-up column, select the Paste Effect

Step8 It adjusts the video clip according to the changes of the prior one.

You can save editing time by simply copying and pasting video effects.

wondershare filmora copy and paste effect

Part 6. Timeline Snap

You might have added multiple videos in the same timeline track. If you removed the video ahead of the video clip, you have to close the gap in between.

So, arranging and moving clips in the timeline are hectic and time-consuming. However, that is the case without timeline snapping.

How to Apply Timeline Snap in Filmora

Timeline snapping will allow you to arrange video clips side by side without any breaks and cut-offs. Also, it will enable you to place it precisely above other video and audio gaps in the timeline.

In most cases, Timeline snapping is enabled from the start. But if you are encountering some problems managing your videos. Or if you want to remove the Timeline snap feature. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step1 Right-click on the Timeline.

Step2 A pop will open up, giving you multiple options.

Step3 Click on timeline Snapping to either enable it or disable it.

wondershare filmora enabling timeline snap

Now you can easily enable and disable timeline snapping according to your choice!

Part 7. Color Code Video Clips

When editing footage from multiple cameras, you might want to organize which media is from which source in the timeline. You can do this by color coding your clips.

Steps to Color Code Your Videos

Color coding allows you to edit all the clips marked with a particular color to be selected simultaneously without selecting them manually in the timeline.

To color code a video, follow the steps as mentioned:

Step1 Select the clips you want to color code, right-click, and choose from the available colors.

Step2 Once you've color coded your clips, you can right-click on the clip again and choose to select all clips from the color mark option.

Step3 And all the clips marked with that color will be selected.

wonderhshare filmora color coding videos

Part 8. Group Clips Together

Now in an editing timeline, you might encounter a situation where you want to arrange a video clip with specific audio. Again, it allows you to stay organized and save up a lot of time.

Grouping clips together can also be helpful when you want to edit multiple clips in the timeline but want to maintain a particular order. The group will remain in its place and allow you to edit your other video clips quickly.

Stepwise Guide to Grouping the Clips in Filmora

You can group video and audio clips in straightforward steps. Just follow the actions ahead, and you will be good to go:

Step1 Hold Left-click and drag across the clips that you want to select.

Step2 When you are done, Right-click on the clip to open the options tab.

Step3 Scroll down, and you will see a "" option.

Step4 Select Group, and that's done.

wonderhshare filmora grouping clips

Your whole group will be selected whenever you select a video clip or an audio clip.

Part 9. Pan and Zoom Shortcut

Editing shortcuts are excellent. They allow you to save up a lot of time. Some people prefer to use a mouse only to edit their videos, but professionals always use a keyboard.

But there are some other shortcuts too! In these shortcuts, you would not necessarily need a keyboard; only a mouse will work and give a good outcome.

You might have seen those videos in which a specific screen ratio moves over a picture. Or, in some cases when you have to pan and zoom to create a flow effect.

Instead of manually adjusting the ratio of your videos and photos, Pan and Zoom shortcuts will allow you to use multiple features. These features allow you to select where your video or photo will start, zoom, and end.

These shortcuts are so easy to apply. Just go through the steps below, and you will accomplish the following:

Step1 Right-click on a photo or a video clip.

Step2 Go to the crop and zoom tab above the timeline.

Step3 In the window that opens up, you will see a pan and zoom option in the top left corner. Click on it.

Step4 And on the bottom right corner of the window, you can see the pan and zoom shortcuts available.

Step5 Please select any of them you want and then click on OK.

wonderhshare filmora pan and zoom shortcuts

Part 10. New Feature Request

One of the significant features of Wondershare Filmora that sets it among the best is its capability to listen to the users. When you have been using Wondershare Filmora for a long time, there will come a time when you wish for a feature. You can also do so in a few simple steps. Just follow the steps mentioned:

Step1 Multiple options are available on the top left corner of the Wondershare Filmora home interface. Click on help.

Step2 A drop-down box will open up.

Step3 In the options offered to you, select suggest a feature.

wonderhshare filmora suggesting a new feature

Step4 It automatically directs you to your default browser, where you can see the multiple feature requests.

Step5 You can vote for a feature you want in the next update.

Step6 Or you can also create a request for another particular feature.

wonderhshare filmora voting and selecting the page

Summing Up

Wondershare Filmora is the best in the business regarding editing your videos. It has such creative and easy-to-use software that even a beginner efficiently edits videos.

There are a lot of features that Wondershare Filmora provides. But now, with these secret and hidden tips, you can edit your videos more creatively.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Dec 05, 23
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