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Guide to Make Timelapse Video with iMovie

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 18, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Are you in search of how to time-lapse a video on iMovie? You very well would have known that the method in which the film frames are often taken is mainly due to the timelapse. The way the time-lapse film is played is quite similar to how faster-paced videos are presented. The time-lapse aspect of a video may be created simply by speeding up the footage. It is always wonderful to see a time-lapse movie being captured.

Making time-lapse images and films may be done in a variety of methods, such as by fusing many images or utilizing pre-existing video. Time-lapse films may be made using a variety of software. When we watched a film at regular speed, it seemed like time was slipping away and moving. A fascinating perspective is created by the motion and the ability to witness hours of film condensed into a few seconds.

In this article
  1. How to Make Timelapse Video with iMovie iPhone
  2. Make Timelapse Video with iMovie on Mac
  3. iMovie Alternative to Create Timelapse video on Mac
  4. Related FAQs of Timelapse Video

Part 1. How to Make Timelapse Video with iMovie iPhone

All iOS devices come with the iMovie software, which may speed up videos. iMovie makes it simple to turn a movie into a time-lapse. To transform a movie into a time-lapse, just launch iMovie. If you want a simpler solution, we advise using Slow fast Slow, a tool that speeds up playback. You must correctly configure your phone to capture time-lapse films. The camera app is aware of everything it does.

Steps to Make Timelapse Video with iMovie iPhone:

Step1 Record the Footage.

In the first step, open our camera app to select the Time-lapse from the slider. You need to tap the video in the timeline and then click the icon button on the bottom-left of the corner until you find the time-lapse option. and then select it and press the record button. When you made a video and it's done, just click on the record button again.

record footage on imovie iphone
Step2 Launch iMovie on iPhone.

Open the iMovie app on your iPhone, swipe up right then select a camera and click the "Projects" tab on top and start to "Create Project" to load the video clip whatever you want to make an iMovie lapse.

add projects into imovie iphone
Step3 Customize the Recorded Footage.

The titles, text, and even music is uploaded based on your liking or choice from the built-in royalty-free library, which offers hundreds of songs. The total length of the source video segments may vary depending on how long you want the time-lapse movie to be. The impression of increased movement or the speeding up of time is the most important component of a time-lapse.

customize record footage imovie iphone
Step4 Create Time-lapse and Save.

To create the ideal iMovie time-lapse, adjust the speed and examine the movie. To save and distribute the iMovie time-lapse, click the "Done" button!

create timelapse video imovie iphone

Part 2. Make Timelapse Video with iMovie on Mac

The idea behind an iMovie time-lapse is to capture anything that is moving slightly and then speed it up so you can notice the movement. A time-lapse movie only captures 1 to 2 frames per second, while video typically captures numerous. Learn how to utilize the app's time-lapse mode and use iMovie to transform standard iPhone footage into a time-lapse movie. Here are the fundamental instructions for utilizing images and video clips in Apple iMovie:

Steps to Make a Timelapse Video with iMovie on Mac:

Step1 Download iMovie.

iMovie is a free app. It comes with a new apple series computer and mobile. You can use that app to create real-time-lapse videos, with a small workaround. On your Mac, launch iMovie and import the video clip from the ‘Library' that you want to use for your time-lapse. In the timeline, drag the video.

import media into imovie mac
Step2 Select the Timelapse.

Decide the clip you wish to modify the speed of. On the preview window's upper right, tap the clock symbol. Next, you need to pick Speed > Fast, where you may set a frame rate such as "8x" or "20x." You may watch the time-lapse video till you're good to go.

select timelapse on imovie mac
Step3 Apply Editing.

The time-lapse options in iMovie allow you to add video effects, trim, edit, and combine video clips, although doing so may degrade the quality of the final product. If you are using iMovie 9, creating a time-lapse film is a little challenging. To change the "Speed" option in the preview windows, double-click on the video clip in the timeline.

edit timelapse video in imovie mac
Step4 Save the Video.

Due to the amount of space, it will take up on your Mac, this is the quickest method to produce time-lapses with iMovie for Mac. When you click the "Share" button straight above, you can decide whether to preserve or immediately share the iMovie time-lapse.

save timelapse video imovie mac

Part 3. iMovie Alternative to Create Timelapse video on Mac

When you record the time-lapse video, the video movements are much more noticeable and they become the focus of it. With the wide range of its features interface and wizard, the best alternative to make the iMovie time-lapse is by Filmora. It has Advanced editing features that help you create slow-motion in addition to time-lapse videos. Also, you can enhance the video too much extent.

Time-lapse is now a very popular feature for editing videos where you can speed up as you want for a clip up to X times. Filmora makes it even more compelling. As with this toolkit, all kinds of time-lapse videos can be made by Filmora's time-lapse techniques. What's more, the software lets you finish the video with a color grading edit. The feasibility of making a time-lapse video is at full-scale with software like Filmora.

Free Download
Free Download

How to Make a Timelapse Video on Mac with Filmora

Step1 Install and Launch Filmora.

Visit the official website to get the most recent version of Filmora on your PC as the first step. The installation procedure may then be started by launching the installer. You will then be sent to the Filmora launcher as seen below:

install and launch filmora
Step2 Add video to the Timeline.

Please make sure the software has been launched and is in "Full Features Mode" before beginning. Use the "Import" option to add the desired movie or photographs to the media library. Drag it to the Timeline after that.

edit timelapse video filmora
Step3 Divide and Edit Your Video.

To produce the timelapse effect, move the slider bar to the desired location. Then, click the "Split" button to split the video into two halves. To split the video into numerous segments, repeat this step.

divide and edit timelapse video filmora
Step4 Make the Time-lapse.

A window will appear when you double-click on the video clip you want to speed up. To speed up the movie, choose the "Speed" option and move the slider to the right. Up to 100x rapid motion and 0.01x slow motion are supported by this software.

make the time lapse video filmora
Step5 Render and Export the Timelapse Movie.

Right after the editing, render by hitting the icon in the timeline, and then you can get a stunning, high-quality movie on Filmora that is up to 4K. After completing the aforementioned parameters, click "Export" to choose an output format for exporting and storing the freshly made time-lapse movie on Mac.

render and export timelapse video filmora

Part 4: Related FAQs of Timelapse Video

1. How Do You Speed-up videos on iMovie?

The speed of the video can be changed until you get a perfect iMovie time-lapse. The speed of your time-lapse video is to use the slider to change. Drag the slider right to make it faster, or left to make it slow down. Select and click the "Done" button to save and you can share the iMovie time-lapse with the others.

2. How Do You Create a time-lapse video?

Select then tap the video in the timeline and then click the icon button on the bottom-left of the corner until you find the time-lapse option. and then select it and press the record button. When you made a video and it's done, just click on the record button again.

3. How Long Can a Time-Lapse video on iPhone be?

There is no limit to how long time-lapse videos you can shoot. the only limitation with the iPhone. Time-lapse videos depending on the length of the original videos that you make on your iPhone can last up to 20 to 40 seconds, whether you shoot for 30 minutes or 30 hours. How long did you record the video, it won't go over 40 seconds.


The iMovie time-lapse will consume very little time to create your videos and movie. When this technique is used in photography to make time-lapse videos in iMovie, time seems to be fast-moving. Time-lapse on your iPhone has never been simpler, thanks to the features of the camera app. Also, if you're looking for easy and efficient software to create attractive time-lapses, Filmora is your best go-to software.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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