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The Ideal LinkedIn Video Aspect Ratios for Effective Posting

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated May 20, 24
The Ideal LinkedIn Video Aspect Ratios for Effective Posting

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

The written content of LinkedIn has been taken over by the video content these days. Videos created with exceptional features and editing perks are booming amongst the audience.

Part 1 What is LinkedIn Video Format?

01Can you post 1920x1080 on LinkedIn?

Yes, videos of 1920 by 1080px can be easily posted on LinkedIn. Moreover, this is the best resolution in which you should post your video. This will provide you the best quality.

02What aspect ratio is best for a LinkedIn video?

Although LinkedIn accepts and allows almost each aspect ratio but the most recommended aspect ratio is 16:This means it should remain between 1.778 and 0.565However, the aspect ratio can vary according to the mode of your video that is horizontal or vertical.

Recommended aspect ratios for LinkedIn videos

Part 2 Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Ad Specs

The specs can vary in the case of LinkedIn videos and LinkedIn ads. As the ads are totally different from the videos their specs also become different. Here are some of the specs that you should know when you are creating LinkedIn ads:

Length: The maximum and minimum length of these ad videos are 3 seconds to 30 minutes respectively. However, the most successful video length is up to 15 seconds.

File size and file format: The file size of the ad videos must be a minimum of 75 KB and the maximum it can be of 200 MB. The file format that is supported on the LinkedIn application is MP4.

Audio Format and size: The audio format of these ad videos must be MPEG4 or ACC. If you talk about the audio size then it is recommended not to be more than 64 KHz.

Resolution and aspect ratio: The resolution of these ads can be 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p. When it comes to the aspect ratio then the best-recommended one is 16:9 for landscape mode and 9:16 for vertical mode.

Video captions and headlines: If you are adding video captions in your ad video, then it must be in SRT format and the headlines should also be under 200 characters. It is recommended to keep the headlines up to maximum of 70 characters.

Part 3 5 types of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn provides you with several platforms and types of ad placements. Here mentioned are some of them:

Sponsored messages in LinkedIn: This type of LinkedIn ad was previously termed as sponsored InMail. Through this, you can directly advertise your product or brand in the user’s inbox. However, LinkedIn has set a maximum number of times that your customer can receive the messaging ad. This states that any member of your audience will not receive the ads more than two times in a short span of time. Also, it is estimated that consumers enjoy messaging ads but companies do not interact much with them via sponsored messaging ads.

Sponsored messaging on LinkedIn

Sponsored content: These ads show up in the feed of the LinkedIn user. No matter if they are using it on mobile on desktop. These sponsored contents also have a label of promotion on them. This makes them different from the regular contents. If you are choosing sponsored content then you also get the choice between carousel ads, video ads and images ads.

Sponsored content on LinkedIn

Dynamic ads: These ads are visible on the right rail as you open the LinkedIn. Also this is the best way to speak to your audience through personalization. The users get to see their own personal details as soon these ads pop up on the screen. This can even be changed through the settings so that the details get hidden if the user finds this to be very personal. Dynamic ads are also of two types. One is follower ads and other is sponsored ads.

Dynamic ads video requirements

Text ads: These ads are considered as the best way to build a strong lead amongst the audience. This is also suitable in the terms of professional demographic. These ads are shown on the top and right side of the feed of LinkedIn. Approximately 58% of the companies say that making the lead generation better is the top priority of digital marketing. This is also a good way to manage company’s budget.

Text ad videos

Awareness ads: If you want to make your brand stay on the tips of your audience then it is a good idea to go for awareness ads. These ads build a communication amongst the audience related to your brands, products and services, etc. These awareness ads also boost the engagement, help to gain followers and increase the views.

Awareness ad videos

Part 4 Best 5 LinkedIn Video Practices

Optimized setup:To create an excellent video its setup is most important thing. So before you create the video keep in mind that your setup is well organized. Your set up includes lighting, background, camera and its position. Until the lighting is not perfect your video will lack its charm. Often natural lights are the best but artificial lights are also can do the work of perk. Also the background must be free from clutters. The camera that you are using should also be perfect and the camera position should also be in place.

Correct video length: When the correct video length is concerned, LinkedIn recommends it to be less than 15 seconds. This is so because the shorter the video is the more effective it can be. You should also keep in mind that these video may be of maximum 10 minutes but the starting moments must be engaging. This will keep your audience stay to watch your video till the end.

Grab the viewer’s attention:Social media platforms are filled with ignorable contents and when it comes to LinkedIn it can be so true. So if you want to grab the attention of your targeted audience then you must make your videos extraordinary. This is only possible when you focus on each and every aspect of the videos. Adding subtitles to your videos can also be an amazing idea to make them more engaging. You can even optimize the length of your video according to the objective that you want to convey.

Plan the content according to your objective:It is a good idea to remain up to the objective that you want to convey to your audience. No matter if you want to facilitate consideration or want to spread awareness. If you want to generate some conversions then you can go for making small demos in your videos.

Go for the best tools:At last but one of the most important points is to pay attention on the tool that you are using. Although there are a number of tools that can be used but nowadays, Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is the most in the use. Here are some extraordinary features of both the tools:

Features of Filmora:

This one is an easy to use tool that can be used by beginners and less professional people.

Using this tool you can experience latest filters and colors making their perk at the best.

Here you will also get amazing sound effect to make your video stand out.

You can create the videos in just a single click. This is the reason its feature of key framing is immensely popular.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Key Takeaways from This Episode

LinkedIn is an application that has made its popularity amongst the users and advertisers in a very recent and less time. Ads and videos on this application is being loved and watched these days at a rapid rate. As per the increased demand increases a responsibility to meet those demands.

To meet up the demands it is essential that all the technical requirements are fulfilled and also the protocols of the app are followed. This remains crucial and important in the terms of video aspect ratio, resolution, size and dimensions, and a lot more.

If you are uploading your videos and ads on LinkedIn then it is must that they should be engaging and interesting. To make them exciting you may opt for the best practices which also include the use of popular tools. The latest tools like Filmora, Inshot, etc. are laced with all the additional features and make your video perfect for the apps.

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