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What is First Impression Review Video

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 14, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

There are many types of first impression reviews, it can be for gadgets, it can also be for products like skin care, makeup or it can also be home related like appliances, home decor etc. or any products that is available in the market. It depends on the content you choose but this are all example of some products that people want to see impression reviews before buying products.

Doing a first impression review is important specially for companies, because they want to know how the public will accept their products or what else should be changed in the products. The views and opinion of content creator and also for buyer are much needed of this company.

Using this video content to market will benefits the company and products, this is because people engage more with videos than with words or static photo.In this article I will share to you the information about first impression review video and tips on how to make an effective first impression product review.

In this article
  1. First Impression Review Video
  2. How this kind of content will help you
  3. Tips on How to Perform Product First Impression Review
  4. For Effective Video Performance and Promotion

First Impression Review Video

First impression review is more likely product reviews or live review, products reviews are the videos where you are explaining, products features, pros and cons are describe while first time to see the products. It include also a little of unboxing reviews, because when doing a first impression review, it show how you accept the product looks or what can you say about the product even if it's the first time you see it.

A review has a simple goal, to check if the products is worth buying or not. It covers how the products helps you. This can involve examining or test the products performance, cost and more.

first impression video example

How this kind of content will help you

Let's say you want to create content and you have thought or chosen to create these kind of video, so below are the benefits of how it can help to grow your channel.

  • Strengthening your online presence
  • Engaging viewers
  • Building stronger community
  • Converting viewers into buyers
  • Opportunity to work with Brand
  • Product Sponsorship

Tips on How to Perform Product First Impression Review

Include unboxing Video

Unboxing video is recording yourself while opening item for the first time. This opportunity can benefit people who are weighing multiple products before making a purchase. Unboxing videos can recreate the feeling of getting something new and enjoying it for the first time.

Its seems that it is same as you make a first impression video and It would be better if includes this type of video the unboxing of the product in front of the viewers so they see how you react about the product. The genuine reaction upon opening the product is always the best reaction they will see.

Unboxing video make people feel that way and the people behind the camera have knack for building excitement.

shoot unboxing video first impression

Detailed explanation

Detailed explanation meaning starting from the moment you open the package to details that are into the packaging of the products like the ingredients, manufacturer, expiration etc. Introduce the product properly and talk about the where you saw it or how you found out about this. Explain also the product claims that sometime you will read on the packaging but if luck of information you also need to search in their website or pages. Just don't forget to include everything that you think people need to know about the product.

What include in the video is a commentary explaining to the viewers the features of a particular product. The review may typically includes the strengths and weaknesses of the products.

Talk about Product features and benefits

Products features are the characteristics of the products you are making a vlog. These are the plain facts about the products like the sizes, weight, functionality and benefits because viewers or customers are more likely to know the products performance. Make a list about all the features of the product you are reviewing, explain briefly each one so that viewers can better understand. The same with the benefits they will get if they buy this products.

When you use features in this manner, you help customers who have already decided to buy the product decide which version they are going to buy.

product benefits first impression review

Share personal thoughts

Of course it's important here that you can share your personal thoughts for the first time you see or touch the product. As an influencer for your viewers to believe and trust you, you just need to give your honest review about the product. Also share them your thoughts about the appearance, what should be change or fixed in the products if any.

Don't forget to update your viewers when you already use the products. Make another video on how the product perform on you or how the product effects. So that the viewers know immediately if they will buy or not or if it is worth to buy.

Be honest when reviewing especially many viewers only rely on the video review of the influencers.

share personal thoughts first impression video

For Effective Video Performance and Promotion

You need to make the video better so that the brand will be more happy when they see that apart from your effort to search for good things about the products, they will also see your effort when it comes to video editing.

I'm talking about video editing software, you can see many in the market that can be downloaded for free but of course make sure if it's performance wise to use.

Wondershare Filmora is one of the effective video editing software that can be use especially if you are a beginner in this kind of work.

Filmora has many great features that you can use to enhance the video you make. Use the color enhancer to make the color of the product you show in the video even better. Also use effects to make the video more creative and nice, don't forget to use background music so the video isn't boring. There are viewers that beside of how effective you are in doing product review, they are also commenting about the video editing. You have to make your video creative and stand out so that you can attract more viewers to your channel.

first impression video with filmora
Free Download
Free Download

After making your video creative by editing, it is important that you always promote your videos on all your social media or pages, so that many people can see your hard work, make all effort to get your video noticed by social networks, because nowadays social network make easy for people to share information thru videos. This sharing gives your vlog the potential to reach out to the audiences exponentially. The more entertaining and helpful you make your vlogs the better the chances of sharing.


For Business owners, they will get great benefits when they use influencer to promote their new products because apart from the great help of online promotion, many people also listen to what influencers or vlogger say, especially when they show how effective the product is or how the product perform well. The reason why other brand owner refers to vlogger to promote their brand is because it gives a sense of transparency in communication for the consumers. Although the vlog varies slightly different depending on the vlog, the vlogger appears in the video in a tone that sounds like telling a story to the friends or acquaintance.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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