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VLC Trimmer Mac: Best Way to Trim VLC Without Losing Quality

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Sep 23, 2021• Proven solutions

Is there a way to trim VLC without losing quality? Of course! Trimming VLC videos without losing quality can be a bit frustrating sometimes. Fortunately, there are applications available that can help you edit videos without losing quality. Wondershare Filmora is one such software that can be downloaded for free. You cannot miss it.

In this article, we will introduce why trimming VLC videos will result in loss of quality, then recommend 3 video editors trim high-quality video without lowering the quality.

Section 1.  Why trimming VLC videos will result in loss of quality?

To understand quality loss, you first need to understand codecs, containers, and video re-encoding. This might get a little technical, so keep sipping that coffee! 

  • Codec 

Every video has a codec and a container associated with it. A video codec is an order in which the video data is organized for playback, editing, and other functions. There are lots of different types of codecs, and each of them has different functions and advantages.

  • Container

A container is responsible for holding video data and other information in a single file. Containers have file extensions like .mp4, .avi, .mov, etc. Some containers can only hold videos in one specific codec, while others can hold multiple codecs. Containers are also responsible for telling media players whether a video has audio or not.  

Why are codecs and containers so important? Imagine if you watched a 1080p video (codec) on an old TV (container) – it would work, but would you really be interested in seeing it? Probably not. A mismatch between containers and codecs can result in poor quality, which is why you must shoot your videos in the right format and play them on the right platform.

  • Video compression and re-encoding

You might be wondering at what point of the whole process does the video loses quality. When you capture the video, it is of the highest quality. As soon as you compress it to share it online, some quality loss occurs, even if you convert it into a high-quality video.  

When you export a video that’s already been exported, you re-encode the video. Re-encoding a VLC video can result in even more quality loss.

The truth is, you can’t reduce the video size without losing quality no matter what you do. If you’re editing a video shot in 4K, but you export it in 720p, the video will become compressed, and the original data of the video won’t get transferred to the new video, resulting in a pixelated block of mess. 

When you make changes to a video with a video trimmer app, you’re changing the data structure that holds information about the video. Why do VLC videos that are small in size appear pixelated and blurry? It’s because they don’t have as much information as videos with larger sizes. 

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Section 2.  The software you can use to trim VLC videos without loss of quality

Fortunately, there are plenty of video editing programs available online that you can use to trim videos without losing quality. Here are three of the best video cutters:

  1. Wondershare Filmora
  2. LosslessCut
  3. TunesKit Video Cutter

All three of these video trimmers can be downloaded for free. 

1. Trimming VLC with Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is a powerful video trimmer for Mac and Windows. It is a good choice to trim VLC video. You can cut and combine videos without losing the quality. Filmora supports pretty much every video format there is, so you don't have to worry about codecs and containers.

If you’re working with a long video, you can take advantage of Filmora unique feature called “Scene Detection.” With this feature, the software will automatically detect scene changes in the VLC video and separate them, making it easy for you to trim it into multiple clips. If you want to trim your video manually, you can just drag the trimming sliders according to how you want to cut the video.  

How to trim VLC video on Mac with Filmora step by step? The following video will introduce you to the detailed steps:

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

  • Pros: With Filmora X, you can easily edit vlc video lossless, it is free to download and use all functions
  • Cons: If you are not a member, the output video may have a watermark

2. Trimming VLC through LosslessCut

LosslessCut is an open-source video cutter that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Like Filmora, this software also allows you to cut videos without re-encoding, so there is no loss of quality. It is user-friendlier than Filmora – all you have to do is drag your video to the software and then you can start trimming it by using the Arrow symbols. 


One unique feature of LosslessCut is that it lets you take JPEG screenshots of the video. It also has a portable version that doesn’t require any installation and can be started directly from a USB. 

  • Pros: LosslessCut works best with mobile videos or action cams like GoPro.
  • Cons: It supports a whole range of video formats, but don’t expect to edit 4K videos using this software. It’s simple and easy-to-use for a reason. 

3. Trimming VLC via TunesKit Video Converter

TunesKit is a simple video trimmer software that’s available on both Mac and Windows. Unlike Filmora and LosslessCut, TunesKit supports a very limited number of video formats. It is mainly an MP4 video cutter. It works at a much faster speed and there is no loss of quality. 


  • Pros: The interface, while simpler than Filmora’s, can seem a bit confusing sometimes. TunesKit also has a video editor, which lets you add effects to different segments of the trimmed video, a feature that you probably won’t be using very often. To trim VLC videos in MP4 without re-encoding, you simply have to drag the slider that appears when you import your video. 
  • Cons: However, its functions may not be as rich as Filmora


If you trim your VLC video, it will result in data loss, which will lead to a reduction in quality. Losing quality is inevitable with most video editors, which is why you should Download Wondershare Filmora as it's easy to use and has the best and most useful features. 

Filmora supports many popular formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, and also different screen resolutions so no matter what the format of your VLC video is, you can easily divide it by scenes using the Scene Detection feature and quickly turn those scenes into clips.

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Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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