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20+ Stunning Pixel Art Templates to Customize in 2024 [Free Download]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 08, 21, updated Feb 04, 24
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We all have the demand for pixel art increasing each day as it has brought innovation to the world of digital art. We find many good resources just one click away to create amazing pixel art designs by our self. You can surely check pixel art templates available online and the beauty behind it is that they are purely free. Such pixel art character templates are such that allow us to edit an image at the pixel level.

So let’s talk about each stunning pixel art template in detail one by one with the below-detailed article.

Part 1: Why is Pixel Art So Popular?

Pixel art has been nostalgic for all of us and also the simplicity, minimalism behind it attracts the users the most. Many times it reminds us of our childhood days and that sense of feeling is irreplaceable. Also, pixel art is extremely easy to create for many of us and does not ask for much effort. So these are some of the reasons behind the rising popularity of pixel art.

Part 2: 20+ Stunning Pixel Art Templates [Free Download]

So now let’s discuss some of the great examples of stunning pixel art templates one by one in detail below.

Note: the templates below are from and

1. Applejack Pixel Template

pixel art template applejack

This applejack pixel art template brings nostalgia back to our lives. It surely reminds us about our good old days back and makes us think about older good times.

2. Azumarill Template Free Download

pixel art template azumarill

If you remember your childhood heroes, then surely you would be aware of this Azumaril character for sure. This pixel art template is such an appealing one that would attract all the users’ within no time.

3. Batman Logo Free Download

pixel art template batman

It is a well-known character that nobody would be unfamiliar with that is batman. It would be an all-time favorite for all and, no other pixel art template would beat such an iconic one.

4. Chuckie Pixel Art Template Free

pixel art template chuckie

Here the name itself says how much funnier the pixel art is going to be. It is a funny appealing animated character of a boy giving a funny vibe to us all.

5. Pixel Art Tiger

pixel art template tiger

It is pixel art of a tiger sitting calmly and giving a silent pose. Many of us would be interested in animal pixel art for those this would be an ideal choice.

6.3D Pixel Art Generation Design

pixel art template 3d

We all have played many video games during our childhood and we have similar designs such as a picture at that time. We see the demand for creating 3D animated game pixel art is huge and here we have mentioned it

7. Pixel Art Action Design

pixel art template action

Nowadays creating a pixel art design of a facial expression grabs the attention of most people. Here we have covered such kind of design only so that those who are interested in such designs can take reference from this.

8. Forest Pixel Art Design

pixel art template forest

This pixel art template design is showcasing a vibe of a forest with small details kept in mind. Here the forest is much time considered while creating any game as a background and for that this design would work perfectly without any second doubt.

9. Creative Pixel Art Template

pixel art template

There are many areas where nowadays pixel art has taken a place and gaining popularity too. Here we have taken one such example of navigation tools which we picture is showing. We can see that here all signs of navigation are created in pixel art and looks very attractive too.

10. Photoshop Pixel Art Design

pixel art template photoshop

Are you aware that nowadays brands are coming up with a concept where they keep half of the picture crystal clear while half they keep it blurry with the help of pixel art? Here such kind of design when users see it creates a sense of attraction to them and works more effectively for the brands.

11. Mario Pixel Art Template Free

pixel art template mario

Mario is an iconic gaming character that everybody is familiar with and there is no doubt that it has a huge demand too. So for that to create pixel art of such a popular character the pixel art template is attached here for reference.

12. Pikachu Pixel Art Template Free

pixel art template pikachu

This character is the most popular among all Pokémon characters. We have seen that people are crazy and mad behind Pikachu and pixel art of it would hit differently for sure.

13. Pixel Art Nyan Cat Free Template

pixel art template cat

If you are a fan of cats and looking for something related to that pixel art, then this art is surely for you. All the color combinations are pretty good and attract us all towards the art.

14.Pixal Art Charmander Squirtle

pixel art template squirtle

If you are looking for something different yet appealing, then this Squirtle pixel art would be a great choice for you. It has two Squirtle both with a different set of colors to attract the audience towards it.

15. Pony Designer Pixel Art Template

pixel art template pony

This is a small cute looking horse pixel art where by looking at it your heart gets melted. It surely makes people attracted towards it because of its charm there is no doubt in it.

16. Renji Pixel Art Template

pixel art template renji

This is pixel art showing one fighter having a weapon in his hand with a right fighting position. At first, it gives very cute yet appealing vibes to us by looking at the pixel art template only.

17. Stewie Griffin Pixel Art Template

pixel art template stewie

This is yet another funny-looking pixel art design making us all laugh by looking at it only. Here the main appealing thing is an expression of this boy and it gives a joyful feel at the same point too.

18. Superman Logo Free Pixel Art Template

pixel art template superman

We all are very sure that there will not be any person who is not familiar with superman and a fan of it too. So with this much popularity for sure a pixel art of superman is much needed for sure.

19. Umbreon Free Template

pixel art template

Here we can see two little Umbreon design pixel art designs making us look for a while towards it. If you are a fan of such kind of pixel art then go for this template for sure.

20. Kirby Pixel Art Template

pixel art template kirby

Here we can see that three different body-shaped funny characters’ pixel art templates are showcased. It is looking very eye catchy and along with that giving funny vibes too.

21. Fin Pixel Art Template

pixel art template fin

If you prefer something unusual and are a fan of experimental arts, then this pixel art template is surely for you. Hereby looking at it only gives you a strange vibe and along with that brings a natural smile too.

Part 3: 3 Best Pixel Art Makers

There are many good online pixel art makers are available to help you with creating a stunning outcome out of it with minimal effort. Here below are some of the best ones among them.

1. Filmora

This name is not at all unknown to any of us as it offers amazing editing features in one place to create a stunning along with Minecraft pixel art templates option. You just need to pick the ideal one for you here and do the rest of the editing based on that.


• Easy to understand.

• High range of rich features to create stunning videos.

• Affordable pricing, worth spending money

• Variety of templates, effects, themes

• Easy to use for both beginners and professionals.

• Direct export to YouTube, and Vimeo or download on your PC.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmorax boxpng

2. Pixilart

It is an online free drawing editor and media platform for all category people. It lets you create amazing pixel arts, animated Gifs, game spirits in less time. Also here you can share your artwork and socialize easily on various other social media channels.


Easy signup process

Wide range of different varieties of pixel art templates

Powerful drawing tool

Free & easy to use

3. Pixel Art Builder (for Mobile)

It is a mobile application created to solve the need of designers to create an excellent outcome design. Here you just need to select a photo then tap on two buttons and lastly, it will right on your map. Thus you can build fantastic pixel art easily here.


• Supports all versions of MCPE

• Move pixel art on the map, using 3d editor

• Save as picture to the gallery

• Convert any image into an art

• Easily change the number of blocks to build


Thus we hope that this article has given a detailed idea about creating Minecraft pixel art templates and pixel art character template with easy-to-follow steps. We have covered a different range of high-quality pixel art templates which one can choose and download easily. So check out the best pixel art makers mentioned above and create amazing pixel art.

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