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Quickly Turn Any Video Into a Paper Rip Effect

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Jan 13, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Video editors use different effects to add creative flair to their projects. These effects can also create a transition between clips, make text or images stand out, or add movement to a static image.

One of the most fantastic effects is the paper rip effect. It can add a unique look to videos and a touch of creativity to any project. We will discuss the best software and techniques to achieve this effect quickly. So, let's get started!

In this article
  1. What Is a Paper Rip Effect?
  2. How to Make a Paper Rip Effect

Part 1. What Is a Paper Rip Effect?

You must be wondering what is a paper rip effect in videos. It is a visual effect in which a piece of paper or other material appears torn apart or ripped. It is often used for transitions between shots or scenes in a video. Or, you can make the effect for your thumbnail.

paper rip effect

Now, as we have seen what a paper rip effect looks like, isn't it cool? So let's see which software we need to make the magic happen.

Part 2. How to Make a Paper Rip Effect

We here take Wondershare Filmora as our editing tool to make the paper rip effect. It has many practical features allow you to customize your video with special effects, transitions, and more.

Free Download
Free Download
  • Over 1,000 video effects, transitions, titles, etc., to spice up high-quality videos.
  • Support speech-to-text that allows smooth conversion of voiceover to text.
  • Over 2,000+ audio resources range from music and audio effects, and much more.
  • The shortcut key saves you time while editing videos.

Stepwise Guide to Make the Paper Rip Effect

Step1 Download Wondershare Filmora from the official website. If you have already downloaded the Wondershare Filmora. Open it, and let's start editing the video.

Step2 First, we need to find a photo of a white paper that you can easily download from the internet and two videos in which you want to add this effect. Then import these three files to the media gallery.

select the material

Step3 Drag and drop Clip 1 onto the timeline and move the playhead to the last frame of the clip.

drag-drop clip 1

Alt text: Paper rip effect.

Step4 Now right-click on Clip 1 to open the menu and select Add Freeze Frame.

selecting add freeze frame

Step5 After adding a freeze frame, cut here.

adding a cut

Step6 Drag and drop the paper photo onto the second video track of the timeline, and make sure it starts at the cut on the first video track.

dropping paper photo

Step7 Double-click the paper picture on the timeline to open the settings window and then open the Compositing menu. Then Change the Blending Mode from Normal to Multiply.

opening compositing menu

In the preview window, we can see that the freeze frame has the paper texture now!

freeze frame has a paper texture

Step8 Now you can use the new feature of Filmora to export this small portion of the video. First, click and drag the playhead to the start of the freeze frame and press "I" on the keyboard to set the IN POINT, then move the playhead to the end of this freeze frame and press "O" on the keyboard to set the OUT POINT.

setting the in point
Note: If you have the latest version, Filmora will automatically set the OUT POINT on the timeline.

Step9 Then click Export and choose Create Video. Let's name it freeze frame 1 and click on Export.

selecting create a video

It will only export the selected part on the timeline. Once the exporting process is completed, Right-Click on the timeline and Cancel the selected range.

exporting the video

Step10 Import the Freeze Frame 1 to the media folder and replace the Freeze Frame + Paper Photo with this clip. Then adjust the length of this clip to 1 second.

replaced the freeze frame and paper photo

Step11 Now let's make the second part of the transition effect. You should drag and Drop Clip 2 onto the timeline and move the playhead to the clip's first frame. Then Add a Freeze Frame; you can also do it by pressing the Alt+F keys. Now click and drag the playhead to the end of the freeze frame and make a Cut.

adding clip 2 to the timeline

Step12 Drag and drop the paper photo onto the second video track of the timeline and make sure it starts at the beginning of the freeze frame on the first video track. And again, change the blending mode to Multiply as well.

adding paper photo

Step13 Select the range you want to export by setting IN and OUT points as we did before. Press the I key on the keyboard to set the in point, drag the playhead to the out point, and press the O key.

selecting in and out points

Step14 This time use the shortcut Control + E to open the export window. Again, let's name it freeze frame 2 and then export it.

Step15 You can use the keyboard shortcut Shift + X to cancel the selected range. Then import freeze frame 2 into the media folder and replace the freeze frame + paper photo. Adjust the length of this new clip to about 1 second.

replaced the freeze frame and paper photo

Step16 Now you can add several Filmora transitions to finish the effect. Go to the Transitions window and find Evaporate 2.

select the transition effect

Step17 Drag and drop it onto the cut between clip 1 and freeze frame 1 and the cut between clip 2 and freeze frame 2. You can also adjust the length of the transition.

dropping the transition effect

Step18 Then, find Torned Paper Transition 4 in the Transitions window. Drag and drop it to the cut between freeze frame 1 and freeze frame 2. Then choose Prefix mode in the transition setting video. Adjust the length if needed.

dropping another transition effect

Finally, it's done. Let's play the video and see how the paper effect and transitions enhanced the video.

the outcome


We hope this post has helped you achieve the desired effect on your video. With Filmora's intuitive user interface, you can customize your paper rip effect with text, images, and more to create a truly unique and eye-catching video. So get creative and start turning your videos into paper rip effects today!

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Dec 05, 23
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