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What Is the Best FPS for YouTube Videos?

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Feb 15, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

YouTube has become one of the to go to social media platforms for internet use because it provides entertainment for people who want to get entertained, learn or catch up with their favorite personalities. This platform has also given content creators a space to showcase their talents, educate the masses or simply have a good time when playing their games.

However, being a content creator on YouTube entails more than just posting a video weekly. You ought to ensure you get the frame rate in the video right. Failure to choose the correct frame rate will affect how your audience enjoys the video, increasing the chances that you lose subscribers.

Without further ado, let's discuss the best fps for YouTube.

best fps for youtube videos
In this article
  1. How Does FPS Affect Viewing YouTube Videos?
  2. What Is the Recommended & Highest Frame Rate for YouTube Videos?
  3. What Is the Best Frame Rate for YouTube Videos?
  4. How To Check FPS on YouTube Video?
  5. How To Adjust FPS When Editing a YouTube Video?

How Does FPS Affect Viewing YouTube Videos?

Before we dive into how FPS affects your viewing experience on YouTube and determine the best frame rate for YouTube, let's define what it is. FPS is short for frames per second and is the number of still images appearing on display in one second. The more frames per second you have in your video, the clearer your video will become. The vice versa is also true.

To further simplify this definition, we will use the example of a flipbook. An animator usually draws an image on each page of the book. When they flip the pages in rapid succession, the images appear to be in motion. Suppose the animator used fewer pages to make their flipbook.

flipbook animation

The animation would not be as smooth and crisp as if they had used more pages, each with a different still image contributing to the final motion.

The human brain can easily differentiate between 12 distinct images. However, when the photos exceed 18 and move rapidly, the brain is tricked into believing that the pictures are in motion. A frame rate lower than 24FPS will make your YouTube video look choppy and unnatural, as if it lags in real time.

Ideally, 24fps is the best fps for YouTube videos featuring mundane activities that we see in daily life. However, if you want to pack more information into your video and make the motion a bit smoother, then 30fps is the best video frame rate for YouTube.

Perhaps you post fast-paced content about gaming and other live-action videos. You are better off choosing 60FPS, which makes high-speed scenes look more fluid and helps you capture double the information.

What Is the Recommended & Highest Frame Rate for YouTube Videos?

Unfortunately, there is no correct answer when it comes to the best video frame rate for YouTube videos. The controversy still continues, and everyone seems to have their own opinion.

According to Thomas Edison, anything less than 46FPS for motion pictures will strain the eyes and give an unpleasant viewing experience. At the time, filmmakers and videographers were adamant about sticking to between 22-26PFS for their videos, provided the audio adaptability remained at 35mm.

Different frame rates are used for various displays, genres, and mediums. For instance, 1-16FPS was common in silent-era movies and stop-motion movies. However, this frame rate is neither universally accepted nor widespread in the world today.

recommended frame rate for youtube videos

An excellent example of a frame rate that produces larger-than-life videos with exceptional detail is 24fps. However, the NTSC confirms that it is, in fact, 23.97 frames per second when you consider issues to do with color and hue.

Another universally acceptable frame rate is 30fps, which is widespread in television. Videographers also use it to make slow-motion segments in sports videos or other fast-paced content. The sweet 60fps makes any motion look smooth as butter and significantly reduces any blur in your videos. This frame rate is also characterized by super fine details you can easily miss with 24 and 30fps. It is also the highest fps video on YouTube.

120fps is synonymous with grandeur, with its monumental footage suitable for slow-motion scenes. Lastly, anything above 120fps works great with ultra-slow-motion videos. Of course, we are talking 240fps, which is rare but not uncommon. However, you would need a high-speed capture camera, which we believe doesn't come cheap.

To sum it all up, 24fps is the recommended frame rate for YouTube. You can go higher than the baseline and use 30fps or higher if you make videos with lots of motion, like gaming videos. Most of the time, a higher frame rate is a personal choice rather than a necessity. However, we understand you want to give your viewers a pleasant experience while watching your content.

What Is the Best Frame Rate for YouTube Videos?

If you want to record a video for your YouTube channel, you might wonder what is the best fps for YouTube videos. You are better off sticking between 24fps and 60fps. The platform has only recently added 8K support for videos, which is a plus for many content creators. Below is a list of frame rates for the most popular genres on YouTube.

frame rate for youtube videos
  • Podcasts and talk shows - 30 FPS
  • Gaming videos - 60 FPS
  • Makeup tutorials - 60 FPS
  • Educational videos - 24- 30 FPS
  • Health and fitness - 24-30 FPS
  • Sports - 40-60 FPS

Remember that the list above is not exhaustive and doesn't cover all types of content on the platform. We can't also guarantee that there is a "best" frame rate for your YouTube video. We suggest you heed our suggestion and practice to determine the best frame rate for YouTube videos.  

We couldn't fail to mention that your frame rate should match the content uploading and decoding. Since the interlaced content may experience performance issues on YouTube, it would help if you deinterlaced it.

How To Check FPS on YouTube Video?

Below is a simple guide on how to check fps on YouTube videos.

Step1 Open any video on YouTube and right-click on it. A pop-up window will appear. Select "Stats for nerds."

stats for nerds in youtube

Step2 Narrow down on the "Current/Optimal Res" tab. The first set of figures before the forward slash represents the current resolution, while the figures after the forward slash represent the optimal resolution for the video. For instance, the figure in the picture below indicates that the resolution is 1280*720, and the frame rate is 30FPS. The figures repeat themselves, meaning that the video is at the optimal resolution.

current resolutions for youtube videos

How To Adjust FPS When Editing a YouTube Video?

An efficient video editing tool is all you need to adjust the frame rate for a video you want to upload to YouTube. Since there are so many options in the market, it is easy to get swept away by the prospects and wonder which one to choose.

Based on our research, Wondershare Filmora is one of the most efficient editing tools to change the FPS in your video and make it more enjoyable to watch.

Free Download
Free Download

Wondershare Filmora is highly feature-rich, making it an editor's dream. We guarantee you don't need to be a pro to use this platform. The user-friendly interface is the ideal choice for even the most clueless novice.

However, a little knowledge goes a long way in ensuring you don't get stuck using it. In addition, customer support is impeccable, meaning you will always find someone to help you whenever you encounter a problem using the platform.

The split-screen icon allows you to play and edit different clips simultaneously without clicking out of the app or finishing one task before starting the next. You can also select the number of split screens you want, depending on the videos you want to edit in one go. The newer version, Filomra 12, has everything you need to edit your video and make anyone who watches it glued to the screen because of how crisp it is.

wondershare filmora split screen

Below are some examples of key features you might find interesting.

  • GIF support
  • Audio equalizer
  • 4K editing
  • Advanced text editing
  • Noise removal
  • Scene detection
  • Audio mixer
  • Colour tuning

Here is a detailed guide on how to use Wondershare Filmora to adjust the frame rate for YouTube videos.

Step1 Launch the platform on your PC or laptop and click on the "File" tab at the top of the page. A drop-down menu will appear. Select "Project Settings."

wondershare filmora project settings

Step2 After a dialogue box appears, click "Frame Rate" and choose the best option.

wondershare filmora project settings window

Step3 Continue customizing your video using the other editing tools in the platform, and click "Export" to save a copy to your device.


Making crisp, polished-looking YouTube videos takes a lot of time and dedication. Fortunately, you knew that by the time you decided to start creating content for the platform. With all the knowledge at your fingertips, you have no reason not to broaden your knowledge base and gather enough information to help you create the best videos.

There are plenty of video editing tools to get your video to the correct resolution, so your content is above par. If you don't know how to use a specific app or platform, you must search for a tutorial and start practicing. You could also consult other creators in your niche and ask them how they make their videos look so good.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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