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Best YouTube Video to Text Converters Online

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Feb 29, 24

Have you ever wondered why there is a need to transcribe YouTube videos? Well, let us enlighten you! Turning content from YouTube to text is essential for numerous content creators as it allows them to gain more views. Recent studies have shown that around 33% of the audience watching YouTube videos do not necessarily watch them in English. So, by converting them to text, translation becomes a whole lot easier and subtitles can be generated more efficiently.

In this article, we will explore the procedure through how one can convert a YouTube video to text, and learn about numerous effective online YouTube video to text software.

Part 1: How to Convert YouTube Video to Texts by Copy/Paste YouTube Transcript

When people think “Get the transcript from YouTube” they believe it is going to be a daunting and lengthy procedure. Well, let us tell you that it is certainly not! All you have to do is follow the steps outlined below to transcribe YouTube video to text - that too through the YouTube player itself.

First what you have to do is open YouTube and select any video for which you require the transcript. Once you have selected the video, wait for it to load and then click the three dots located beneath the video, as shown in the image below.

youtube video editor more option

Following that, a menu will appear, just select the “Open Transcript” option and the transcription will open on the top right side of your screen.

youtube open transcript option

Simply select the entire transcript using your mouse, then copy and paste it into a new Word Document or Google Document. If you don’t need the timestamps, you can click the three-dot icon to toggle timestamps off.

toggle off youtube video timestamp

By following the steps outlined above, you can convert a YouTube video to text in less than five seconds!

Part 2: Best YouTube Video to Text Converters Online

Aside from the basic method of getting the transcription from YouTube itself, many individuals make use of effective YouTube video to text converter online free. This allows them to get the complete video into text, small parts of the video to text, as well as options to convert the text into multiple languages. Below are some of the best software to convert YouTube video to text online.

1. Inqscribe

convert youtube to text online inqscribe

This high-quality cross-platform tool allows users to transcribe audio and video files into text. Whether it is a meeting recording or a YouTube video - you can convert them all to text. Making use of this free online software is extremely easy, all one has to do is just upload their file and click the process. Then the system will automatically transcribe the video into a text document for you. The software is uni code so all file formats are supported such as txt, XML, HTML, WebVTT, and more. The only drawback of this online software is that video files that are larger than a certain limit cannot be accepted.

2. Sonix

upload youtube video to convert sonix

For individuals who have premium quality audio transcription, a tool by the name of Sonix is the right choice for you. This tool enables users to turn all types of YouTube videos into text. All they have to do is simply download the YouTube video they need to transcribe and then upload it to the online interface. From there, this software uses its comprehensive text reader to convert the video to text. This platform supports more than 40 different language choice inputs and outputs. Users are allowed to transcribe up to five videos for free, then they must pay a subscription fee.

3. Otter

generated texts from youtube video otter

This video-to-text converter works best in real-time. Simply play the audio of a YouTube video and let Otter do its magic. In real-time it will convert audio into text. Moreover, if you would like to only convert some parts of the audio to text, that is possible with this tool as well.

All you need to do is play the audio accordingly and the text will automatically generate itself. The AVI (Ambient Voice Intelligence) of this tool allows it to accurately understand what the audio is saying to transcribe the video. While many do find this tool handy, learning how to use it can be a tiny bit tedious and confusing.

Note: Currently, Otter doesn’t support uploading YouTube video link, you may need to download the YouTube video first and then upload it from desktop.

4. oTranscribe

otranscribe convert youtube to text

This online transcription tool is extremely easy and convenient to use - and it is entirely free! All you need to do is head on over to its homepage and drop a link to the YouTube video that you would like to transcribe. Then from there, you can access the video and text all at the same time, without having to switch between videos.

The best part is that you can record and translate text according to your need, cut and miss parts that you do not require. This tool supports all file formats which just adds to convince. The only challenge is that it will only accept videos and translate them into English.

5. Go Transcribe

go transcribe upload video file to convert

If you are looking to convert any sort of video format to text, then Go Transcribe might just be the tool that you require. This tool makes use of the latest voice technology to convert videos to text - and gives you the output in the form of an SRT, PDF, or DOC, which are all editable. All you need to do is upload the video in one of the formats below,

  • 3PG
  • FLV
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MPG
  • MPEG

Then simply click the processing options and your video will be generated into a text file within minutes. However, this software may require a subscription fee.

files. Moreover, the output format is PDF which individuals cannot edit unless they convert the PDF to a TXT file online using different software.

6. Trint

trint convert youtube to text

Turn your speech to text through magic - or in other words, through state-of-the-art technology. Trint is an online transcription tool that allows individuals to turn video files into text. People can download and upload numerous video files at once and turn them into text documents.

This is an extremely handy tool to have considering it comes with numerous options such as editing the text, only inducing certain parts of the video in the text, and so much more. This tool only has one shortcoming, it only accepts English language videos.

7. Happy Scribe

happyscribe convert youtube to text

If you are wondering how, you will convert YouTube video to text, then we have just the answer for you. Make use of Happy Scribe to automatically transcribe all sorts of audio and video into comprehensive and readable text. You can get numerous features and options in this tool such as advanced grammatical functions as well as timestamps.

If your videos are in different languages, do not worry because Happy Scribe has more than 60 language formats. However, to make use of added features, individuals will need to pay for the tool and upgrade to the pro version.

8. 360Converter

360converter convert youtube to text

360Converter, as its name suggests is a video to text converter which individuals can use online and offline. All you need to do is download and then upload the YouTube video that you would like to transcribe and the tool will automatically generate the text for you. The supported video formats include 3GP, MP4, MOV, AVI, and many more. This tool uses advanced technology to get accurate language and grammatical transcriptions, so everything is word to word - the exact same as the video. While this tool is extremely user-friendly, many state that it takes a while to process videos to text.

Key Takeaways!

Technology has come a long way which is why we now have numerous options available online to help us convert YouTube videos to text in less than 5-10 minutes. All you have to do is upload the file and let the tool do its magic! You can transcribe in different languages, segments, and so much more now!

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