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How to View YouTube Statistics

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Learn how to view YouTube statistics and you can grow your channel faster. By paying attention to your statistics, which are available for free to every YouTuber in the Analytics section of the Creator Studio, you will be able to see how successful your individual videos are and replicate that success.

The information available for each video includes how many new subscribers it attracted and how much watch time it has so far (which is important if you want to monetize someday). By looking at which videos are performing well in these areas you can determine what you are doing right and replicate that success in future videos.

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How to View Your YouTube Statistics

In order to view your YouTube Analytics, sign in to your YouTube account and go to your Creator Studio. From there, click into the Analytics tab in the menu on the left of your screen.

In order to check which of your videos are performing the best, click on Watch time under Watch time reports. At the top of the page there’ll be a graph of your watch time in general, and if you scroll down you’ll see a list of your videos ranked by watch time. The best performing ones will be at the top and, to see more stats related to these high-performing videos, simply click on their titles. Afterwards, you’ll be able to click around the different sections in your Analytics and see reports relating to the specific video you clicked on.

The two main types of analytics reports are Watch Time Reports and Interaction Reports.

1. Interpreting YouTube Watch Time Reports

To find Watch time reports you just need to log into your Google account, go to the Creator studio, click the analytics tab, and then click on watch time. You can see the watch time of every video on your channel, which is important data to have because watch time is the most important factor when it comes to ranking your video in search results.

A watch time report includes the total amount of time that your video, or a selection of videos, is actually being watched for. In order to make sure that you are publishing only quality videos you need to make sure that your viewers are consistently sticking to your videos and watching them all away through, or at least to the half-way mark. Watch time represents one of the most meaningful metrics in ensuring that you are engaging your audience.

YouTube analytics can now display a watch time of every video that you have produced. Seeing the metrics on how long people are actually watching every video that you produce can show you what you’ve done right in the past and what you need to do more of to continue raising your watch time.

Alongside watch time you can see the average duration individual viewers are watching your videos for. The average percentage of your video that gets viewed will showcase areas where you may be struggling with your video content. For example, if an abnormally high number of viewers are clicking away during your intro, there’s probably something about that clip that needs to be changed.

In the watch time reports for individual videos, you will be able to see data on where your views are coming from and which demographics are watching the most. Where your viewers are watching, in terms of desktop or mobile, is also interesting data that is available in this section.

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2. Interpreting YouTube Interaction Reports

Interaction reports are related to the actions viewers take – i.e. subscribing to your channel, liking your videos, or leaving a comments. You can find interaction reports in the Creator Studio under Analytics.

Interaction reports can be broken down into several different reports that can help determine the overall performance of any YouTube videos. The main interaction reports that you should be interested in include:

1. Subscribers: You can find extensive data on your subscribers, like demographics including age groups and gender. Learning more about your subscribers can help you to tailor your content. For example, if you learn that your viewers are mostly young women under 24 in the USA, you can do research into what is currently popular with young women under 24 in the USA. 

Want to see your subscriber count in real-time?

2. Likes and dislikes: Likes and dislikes aren't a powerful metric when it comes to search engine rankings, but they provide useful information to creators. If you’re getting a lot of dislikes on a video, you should look into why. If you're getting a lot of likes on a video, it can indicate that you should focus on creating similar content.

3. Playlists: A viewer watching a video in a playlist is much more likely to keep watching more videos from that playlist, making playlists great for the growth of your channel. Reports in this section will help you figure out which of your playlists is performing best, which could give you an idea of which types of videos or video topics are going over best with your viewers.  

4. Comments: Reading comments is a great way to figure out what your viewers think, but that's not all they're good for. If viewers return to a video to continue talking to you or other viewers then that will drive up your views and watch time. If a video is especially good at generating discussion, you should figure out why (i.e. your sign-off question) and keep doing it.

5. Sharing: Discovering where your video is being shared can be important for figuring out what platforms you should be on besides YouTube. If your video is shared and viewed a lot on Twitter, you should consider making a Twitter account for your channel.

6. Cards: Tracking the performance of your Cards will help you optimize them to direct traffic between your videos. By testing out different time stamps for cards you’ll find the perfect places to put them. By trying different messages in your cards you’ll learn how to write ‘calls to action’ that mobilize your viewers. 

End screens: End Screens are essential for keeping viewers on your channel. The report of the click-through rates of your end screens is important for helping you figure out which kinds of links work, and which style of ends screen is most effective for you. Are people more likely to click when you talk to them through the end screen, or when it’s a static card?

7. 360 heat map reports: A heat map report works specifically with 360° videos if you are choosing to engage your audience with this type of content. Viewing YouTube video statistics for 360° heat maps will help to show the areas on your video that viewers are most interested in.

How to View Other Peoples YouTube Statistics

If you want to check out the statistics of rival YouTube channels (including the most subscribed channels on YouTube), or channels you’re a fan of, try using Social Blade. Social Blade is one of the most trusted sources of YouTube data, and it may actually be easier to check your own basic stats there than in the Creator Studio sometimes due to their simple layout. To get started all you need to do is type the name of any YouTube channel into the search bar. You’ll be able to see reports on daily views, channel growth, and even estimated ad revenue (learn more about how to view a channel's ad revenue here).  

Now that you know how to view YouTube statistics, what will you do with them?

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