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Guide to Getting 1000 Subscribers for Your YouTube Channel

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 23, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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Technological advances are offering numerous platforms opportunities to gain recognition. Both the young and the old throng on the internet for all sorts of information. Be it educational, promotional, research, entertainment, among many others. In fact, the recent hit by the COVID-19 pandemic saw learning institutions find help via internet learning. Therefore, more awareness surrounds the media platform, including websites and streaming services. YouTube is available for both learning and promotional events. The platform is easy to use and widely accessible by millions of viewers and promoters. But there is one driving force for promotors – to hit YouTube 1000 subscribers. Attaining this number comes with endless benefits, as this article explains.

get 1000 subscribers on youtube

Why 1000 subscribers?

Subscribers hold a special place for your YouTube channel. They make it grow and spend more time watching than viewers who are not subscribed. You need 1,000 subscribers to monetize your channel. You’ll start earning as a creator and even apply for YouTube’s Partner Program. You can finally make money through ads, channel memberships, and subscriptions.

Here's the kicker! As the channel owner, you'll have more connections, and that means many viewers on the line. Of course, those who love what you do will tell their friends, and the channel goes on for more prospective subscribers and viewers. Nonetheless, you'll get enormous people to engage in a conversation with. The fun will only go on if more viewers are on board. Remember, you want to garner as many peoples’ opinions as possible. So, the best platform for this is your channel. Eventually, you’ll sell your brand and continue to grow in your market niche.

What will you get when you reach your 1000 subscribers’ milestone?

Every creator is relieved when they reach the 1k subscribers’ milestone. Expect lots of goodies in store for you.

1) You become part of the Opal club.

become part of the opal club

It is good to feel honored as part of the Opal Club. This is a club reserved for creators whose channels have hit the 1,000 to 9,999 subscribers’ mark. And from the Opal Club, you get in-depth information on how to grow your community. Interacting with your viewers is a great avenue to escalate your channel.

It is also a quick way to get discovered. The Club will enlighten you on how to use metadata and collaborate to get more views.

2) Easily apply for YouTube Partner Program.

apply youtube partner program when you reach 1000 subscriber

1,000 subscribers is a ticket for you to apply for YouTube Partner Program. However, you also need to get at least 4,000 hours of views from your subscribers. But being that you have reached the 1k mark, you can take other steps to gain the 4,000 hours of views. These could be keeping up with publishing your videos, linking your Google AdSense account, and many more.

3) Some congratulation email is good enough.

It feels good to get a pat on the back for a job well done! You’ll get a congratulatory email for your efforts. That would be a great motivation for you to even aim higher the mark. Likewise, your ranking will start escalating as compared to a content creator who hasn’t reached the 1,000-subscriber level.

How to get 1000 subscribers for your YouTube channel?

Now that you’ve seen what comes with 1K subscribers, our focus is to find ways to get to that number.

1) Consider your audience first, not revenue.

Remember, it’s the audience that will help you generate revenue. So, if you are a new creator, think of what you can give to your audience instead of what you are getting. What is of value to your audience is more important as they’ll hang around your channel for passion. You can take advantage and tune your ideas to what most viewers like to get.

2) Put in resources to encourage subscriber sign-ups.

Focus on getting traffic to your channel. There are several ways to encourage your viewers to subscribe, such as the use of animations on videos. It will not only attract their attention, but you'll realize many viewers coming over. Several resources are available over the net. Just find what suits you best, or use several options to see which gig fetches the most clicks.

3) Properly advertise your videos.

The best way to get more users to subscribe to your channel is to engage them. Make the videos enticing such that when a user views one video, they end up clicking and viewing the next 5 or 10 of your other videos. Let it be enticing and corresponds to the topic of the moment.

4) Add a good channel description

A viewer should know what your channel is all about just by a glance. And the best part to put emphasis on is the channel description. Let them know what you are offering and how it will be of benefit. More so, make it simple to understand so that they don’t waste time trying to figure out what your channel is about.

5) Focus on YouTube content that works

Put double efforts into the content that works for you. Check out which videos perform better than others and add value to them. Sorting them by "most popular video" will help you organize your lines and perform much better while focusing on valuable stuff.

6) A call to action is good enough

Most creators forget this important part. After an introduction and putting up memorable videos, ensure you remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can add a subscribe button to the end of the screen. It is even better to use graphics and animations to attract them to the action.

7) Use a pinned comment

Most viewers want to get answers to their questions or run to the comment section for more opinions. One tactic to gain more subscribers is to write a comment and pin it to your videos. Your pinned comment will appear at the top of the comment list, whereby everyone who has watched the video can't miss coming across it. It is good, to be honest, and asking for them to subscribe is the best you can do after an engaging video shot.

8) Add value to other channels

Don't be selfish and want users to subscribe to your channel for nothing. Try to engage also in other people's works and efforts. You can watch content that appeals to you and engage the community by creating a conversation. Find out what others like, and you might just attract a new subscriber to your channel so simply.

9) Let your homepage be intuitive.

Your homepage should be welcoming to both the tech gurus and beginners. Not all YouTube users have mastered the art of navigation on web pages or clicks. It is a good idea to use a channel trailer and a better description of what your channel does and how to reach important buttons. The homepage should not be crowded. You can use links to reach other pages as well.

10) Be innovative

Your video is your voice. You should create a video that attracts your audience by doing it right. Perhaps you don’t know how to come up with a compelling piece. You can engage the best video creator to walk you through the line.

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  • Make use of more than 800 stunning effects for advanced creativity


Getting to YouTube 1000 subscribers needs some tactics. You have the highlight from this article and probably just getting ready to attain your first 1k subscribers. The beauty is that it comes with its benefits. Once you hit the mark, you'll start to monetize and get other favors that you couldn't get while you were below the mark. Nonetheless, ensure you focus on important aspects like engaging your viewers via quality videos. Are you still wondering how to attain that? The best video creator – Filmora – just got you covered. It will make it easy for you to compose videos that sell your brands simply and professionally.

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