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30+ Trending YouTube Shorts Hashtags to Make Videos Go Viral in 2023

YouTube is one of the most popular sites for all social media users and it has recently launched a concept of YouTube shorts features in its app. As the name suggests YouTube shorts are the shorter version of crisp and clear video content. From its launching, only YouTube shorts have gained a lot of engagement of the users and growing up very fast. There are many ways to make your YouTube shorts famous and one such medium is using hashtags. Thus using relevant hashtags can boost up YouTube Shorts, Shorts Videos more.

Part 1: What are YouTube Shorts Hashtags and Why Do They Matter?

YouTube shorts hashtags are in a simple manner tags which are being added to the title of your YouTube shorts and descriptions to showcase a category of your video topic. Such hashtags for YouTube shorts help in increasing the views and improve the discoverability of your Youtube short videos.

There are many good reasons behind using YouTube shorts to make your channel grow. Here are some of the benefits of the YouTube shorts:

It helps in categorizing your videos for viewers

It let YouTube understand what your video is about

It helps more users find your content

One of the easiest ways to tie videos from your channel together… without creating playlists.

youtube shorts hashtags

Part 2: 30+ Best Hashtags for YouTube Shorts in 2023

Most people are aware of the concept of using hashtags for YouTube shorts but do not understand the importance of using the right one to use in shorts. Most of the people search about YouTube shorts hashtags for views 2023 on the internet.

Here are some of the best hashtags for YouTube shorts in 2023 make you boost up your YouTube short views:

  • #shortsclip
  • #shortscraft
  • #youtube
  • #youtuber
  • #subscribe
  • #shortsadoptme
  • #shortsroblox
  • #shortsanity
  • #shortsbeta
  • #shortsfunny
  • #shortsasmr
  • #shortsart
  • #shortscooking
  • #shortscrochet
  • #shortsbyamritamam
  • #shortschallenge
  • #shortscomplitition
  • #shortsblackpink
  • #instagramyoutube
  • #youtuberlikes
  • #youtubevide
  • #shortscomedy
  • #shortstiktok
  • #shortsfortnite
  • #shortsbts
  • #shortsbhaiveersinghji
  • #shortsbgmi
  • #shortsassam
  • #shortsads
  • #youtubegrowth
  • #youtubeusers
  • #instavideo

Part 3: How to Add YouTube Shorts Hashtags to Videos

Being a content creators your goal would always be to make your YouTube shorts more searchable. One such medium is using hashtags which helps in growing your account with lesser time and effort.

Best hashtags for YouTube shorts can be used in both titles as well as on descriptions. Putting hashtags on descriptions would make them visible to viewers automatically.

Here are the steps to add the best hashtags for YouTube shorts:

Step 1: At first when you begin you need to do some research in finding out which hashtags have quality videos based on the content type.

Step 2: Then choose a minimum of 3 hashtags to the end of your description in your video and add them.

Step 3: Once you are done with adding save your description. Here the added hashtags would appear as a blue link.

Step 4: Lastly, you need to click on save and check your title to see if they show up above it.

That’s it! It’s done!

Part 4: How to Find Trending Hashtags for YouTube Shorts to Boost Views?

Using the best hashtags for YouTube shorts would only help in boosting your views only if you follow the right tips and strategies.

Let’s discuss some of the effective tips to find trending hashtags for Youtuber shorts:

1. Trending Videos

One of the most effective ways to find trending hashtags for Youtuber shorts is to check out trending videos. You can check out some of the trending video categories (like unboxing video)to see what type of content is on-trend right now.

2. Popular Competitor Videos

Then after you can think of taking an idea of your rival’s all-time best performing videos. Here you can check out the viral hashtags for Youtuber shorts they have used and make a note of it.

3.YouTube suggests

One of the most popular ways to find the best hashtags for Youtuber shorts is to write “#” into a YouTube search and once done it would show you hashtags that are the most used and trending ones. You can also type in “#a”, “#b” etc. to find unique hashtag ideas.

4. Create a Branded Hashtag

If you create branded hashtags and any users click on any of the hashtags, then the search results are dominated by your videos… not videos from other channels. So once you click on those hashtags you get a list of more videos from their channel.


Thus we could say that using hashtags for YouTube shorts would surely help in gaining popularity and engagement. Here keep in mind that those hashtags should not be random rather they need to be relevant as per your YouTube short content. Here we have discussed the best hashtags for YouTube shorts and most trending hashtags for YouTube shorts altogether. So now choose the most ideal one for you and make maximum use of it.

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