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How to Share YouTube Video on Zoom?

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While the internet has made all of our lives significantly easier, there are still things that can prove difficult for people who are not very tech-savvy. Not everything on the web comes with a built-in tutorial, but luckily, you can find guides across the internet.

YouTube is a free online video streaming platform that is ranked as the world’s second most viewed website, just after Google. Zoom Cloud Meetings is software designed to help users set up video and audio calls for various purposes. Are you looking to combine the two platforms?

Keep reading to learn how to share a YouTube video on Zoom easily, along with a detailed step-by-step guide with a near-to-zero learning curve.

Part 1: Potential Reasons to Share YouTube Videos in Zoom

Everyone’s favorite app, YouTube, provides a lot of useful services for its users. The online streaming platform contains millions of videos on almost every topic from around the world, ranging from educational content to recipes and music videos.

The Zoom streaming service has also gained tremendous popularity in recent years, particularly owing to the raging pandemic that swept the world off its feet. It is quite a convenient software program that lets you organize online meetings with up to a hundred members or more in the premium version.

Certain moments may arise when you want to share a YouTube video on Zoom. Luckily, the Zoom platform offers various methods by which users can do that easily. But why would you want to share a video from YouTube on Zoom in the first place? Let’s shine some light on that.

Let’s assume you are taking an online class via Zoom. You find a YouTube video that you believe can help explain the topic to your students. During the lecture on Zoom, just like viewing a video on a projector or a screen, you can share your chosen YouTube video with the rest of the class easily.

Now let’s say you are organizing a business meeting via Zoom. You have a YouTube video showing a compilation of different forms of marketing strategies that you wish to share with your team. With just a few simple clicks, you can easily share the YouTube video with everyone present in the meeting.

You and your friends are having a group video chat on Zoom. While laughing at something your friend said, you suddenly remember seeing a reaction video meme on YouTube that would exactly fit the situation. You quickly search it up and share it with your friends, who then applaud you for your choice.

These are just some of the scenarios where you might have to share YouTube videos on Zoom. A whole set of different reasons may arise, which can cause you to share a YouTube video with your Zoom attendees. If such an instance arises, you need to learn how to do that quickly and efficiently.

Part 2: How to Share YouTube Videos in Zoom

While each of us might have different reasons for sharing YouTube videos on Zoom, the process to do so is identical on all versions of the Zoom application. Looking for a guide on how to share YouTube videos on Zoom easily?

Below, you can find two different methods using which you can seamlessly share a YouTube video of your choice on Zoom. The methods are accompanied by a step-by-step guide and relevant images, so you don't get lost along the way.

Method 1: Sharing Video through Screen Share

The easiest and most effective method to share a YouTube video on Zoom is using Zoom’s screen sharing option. It is designed in such a way that users can share whatever is being shown on their screens with their audiences, such as PowerPoint presentations, documents, YouTube videos, and more.

The following steps indicate how you can share your video via the screen share option in the Zoom app:

Step 1: Open Your YouTube Video

To begin with, launch the browser on your computer and go to YouTube’s website. You can now search for the video you want to share with your Zoom attendees. If you have your video saved, simply access your playlists to open the video. Click on the video and ensure that the volume is turned up, but don’t hit Play yet.

search for youtube video

Step 2: Share Screen on Zoom

Back in your Zoom meeting's main screen, check the bottom line for options. A green "Share Screens" option will be available in the middle. When you click on it, Zoom will open a window showing all the tabs open on your device. Click the screen with the YouTube video and check the little box next to "Share Sound" at the bottom left corner of the window. Now hit "Share."

tap on share screen feature

Step 3: Play Video

You can now go back to your browser window, open your video in the full-screen mode, and hit the “Play” button to share the YouTube video with everyone. You can press the “Stop Share” button to stop sharing your screen in the meeting.

stop sharing youtube video

Method 2: Using Links to Share YouTube Video

If you don’t want to play the YouTube video live in the meeting, you can still share its link so people can access it privately. Zoom offers a chat box that can help you do that. Follow the steps given below to learn how to share a YouTube video’s link on Zoom meetings.

Step 1: Copy Video Link

Open YouTube on your device and navigate to the video you wish to share in Zoom. Tap the “Share” button below the video’s title and hit “Copy” to save the link on your clipboard.

copy the youtube video link

Step 2: Open Chat Box

Now go to your Zoom meeting’s interface and click on the “Chat” button at the bottom. If you are using the phone app, you might have to tap the “More” option at the bottom and find “Chat” from there.

Step 3: Share Video Link on Zoom

Now simply paste the copied video link into the chat box and hit “Enter” to share it with everyone in the meeting.

paste the youtube video link


The wonders of technology never cease to amaze. Some of the world’s top websites and software programs offer integration and support for one another. YouTube and Zoom are the prime examples of such apps which you can use collectively, leaving behind any potential hassle.

You can now share YouTube videos on Zoom without any trouble by following the simple guide mentioned above. There are multiple options to share a YouTube video via Zoom, which include screen sharing and external links. Once done, you can show the shared video to all the participants present in a Zoom meeting.

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