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Discovering The Best AI Assistant Apps in 2024

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 23, 23, updated Jan 17, 24

AI assistants are software that provides information with the use of Artificial intelligence. They are programmed to address users' queries through a natural way of interaction. You might have experienced Alexa and Siri as AI virtual assistants. Similarly, there are many platforms, devices, and tools developed in the form of AI assistants.

Most of the AI assistant apps provide finance, education, and entertainment services. They are powered by NLP and ML algorithms to understand and respond to commands. In this article, you will find the best AI assistant for Android that you can consider for assistance. Before that, you can learn how AI assistance is improving day by day.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How Will AI Assistance Improve Over the Years?
  2. Part 2: Finding the Best AI Assistant Apps for Android
  3. Part 3: A Great Desktop AI Assistant: Wondershare Filmora Making Video Editing Easy
  4. Conclusion
AI Copilot Editing
Say goodbye to editing roadblocks and hello to a smoother, smarter editing experience with Filmora’s AI Copilot!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: How Will AI Assistance Improve Over the Years?

Personal AI assistants are different from typical AI chatbots. They can understand complex questions and answers well from the connected database. Such conversational AI helps businesses in terms of providing quick and accurate services. That’s why AI is constantly upgrading to better maintain workflow. Have a look at the potential advancements in AI assistant apps in upcoming years:

  • Personalization: Everyone looks for a tailored response from AI. Considering this, AI will soon add some filters to collect users' preferences. It will suggest user-specific ideas and responses after using the history of their commands.
  • Context Awareness: Future AI is more likely to be aware of the context. It will consider the user’s environment, recent interaction, and location to respond accurately. You can get relevant and timely assistance from AI this way.
  • Integration with Other Technologies: AI will integrate other technologies to assist humans better. In this regard, it will emerge with Augmented reality and Virtual reality. After this integration, users can better interact and receive information from AI Assistant.
  • Enhanced Security: Businesses face huge amounts of loss if their important data gets hacked. They prefer to use secured AI assistant apps to adhere to their safety measures. Thus, AI is working on advanced encryption techniques for better privacy controls.
  • Natural Language Understanding: Developers are working on user-friendly assistants for any user. They are programming AI to comprehend nuances and user intents. Also, they will train AI to interpret natural language and interact in human-like manners.
  • Proactive Assistant: AI will anticipate user needs instead of waiting for commands. It will give suggestions based on historical needs, data, and patterns. With continuous advancements, AI will learn to adapt to user’s changing preferences.  

Part 2: Finding the Best AI Assistant Apps for Android

AI assistants are good to manage tasks, time management, and enhance productivity. Future advancements in such assistants will increase efficacy and improve quality of life. Currently, many mobile apps are available to provide AI assistance to users on the internet. After getting an overview from the list below, let's use one of the top-notch AI assistant apps:

1. Amazon Alexa

Busy people can discover what they want in their phones using Amazon Alexa. This AI Assistant can set up music and create a shopping list for you. The more you use this app, the more it will adapt to your voice and vocabulary. It's an eco-friendly app with personalized features and recommendations. You can play music, podcasts, and audiobooks across devices with a prompt to Alexa.

amazon alexa ai assistant app

Key Features

  • Stay connected with your family and friends with the help of this AI assistant. It can make calls, drop them, and announce them after your prompts.
  • Sometimes, talking to Alexa with a voice doesn't seem feasible. In such cases, you can type and interact with this app.
  • Alexa can perform automatic actions like reading the weather or books. Also, it can work with your other devices to turn the lights off.

2. Sherpa Assistant

Another AI-powered assistant for Android you can count on to manage tasks is Sherpa. It uses artificial algorithms based on probabilistic models which can predict tasks. For instance, it can warn you about rain tonight and remind you to grab an umbrella. You can get updated about happenings around, regardless of your location.

sherpa assistant ai assistant app

Key Features

  • Sherpa is very concerned with users’ data privacy. It incorporates two-layer privacy and security to keep all kinds of information safe.
  • This app can assist you in developing code with simple text prompts. You can also train models such as machine learning.
  • It can offer information that you might be interested in. For example, it will inform you of the results of a match or tell you about the weather.

3. Replika: My AI Friend

Consider this app your AI companion who always listens, talks, and cares. For introverts, this app can become a virtual friend that responds in natural language. You can express your interests and style preferences with Replica to get suggestions. It will not forget your important events because of its strong memory for users.

replika ai assistant app

Key Features

  • For an actual connection with whom you can laugh and enjoy with this app. It allows you to make a 3D avatar and customize it.
  • You can chat about anything with this virtual AI assistant for Android. It offers 24/7 assistance and learning every time you talk.
  • Replica is an app for social anxiety persons that can also make a video call. You can talk to your virtual friends, reduce anxiety, and build good habits.

4. Wysa

Mental health issues are a serious concern to address, especially in the young generation. Imagine a mindfulness coach and mood trackers right in your palm in this situation. Wysa is a mood-boosting and friendly chatbot buddy. It can track your mood and assist in reducing stress with proven techniques. You can get mindfulness audios and calming meditations through this AI assistant.

wysa ai assistant app

Key Features 

  • Wysa can keep your trust by ensuring your data privacy and confidentiality. It counts you as an anonymous person, allowing you to share without fear of judgment.
  • You can get complete mental health support using this app. It offers you an AI assistant companion and real-time professionals to consult immediately.
  • This app contains scientific techniques as tools to cope with your problems. You can choose one psychological therapy from CBT or DBT options.

5. SoundHound

SoundHound is another perfect AI assistant for Android to find trending songs. You can simply ask this assistant what you want, add follow-up questions, and get a fast response. It’s an independent voice AI platform with a SoundHound voice recognition feature. With the integration of many domains, it allows you to pull real-time data like weather and sports.

soundhound ai assistant app

Key Features 

  • Use its local search feature and browse nearby restaurants you want to visit. You can ask AI to bring options regarding prices, locations, ratings, or ambience.
  • Users can link their Spotify account with this AI assistant. Later, it can search for new and trending songs after your commands.
  • This app can inform you about available parking locations in places you wish. Apart from that, you can learn certain academic or research concepts from this app.

6. Extreme - Voice Assistant

Keep things organized and entertaining simultaneously by using this AI assistant app. Its attractive quality is the private chatbot option that remains in you and AI. You can browse nearby locations with a single tap. This voice assistant listens to your inputs and responds with smart self-learning AI. Using its intuitive interface, users can ensure a smoother workflow.

extreme voice assistant ai assistant app

Key Features

  • This AI assistant offers complete personalization features. It allows you to change the app's color and turn it into dark or light mode.
  • With smart suggestions, it can predict what you will ask based on the history. Also, you can send emails and text messages using it.
  • Users can take selfies on this app and play their beloved songs. It can help you in managing tasks with fun.

7. Jarvis Artificial Intelligent

People need guidance while travelling to a destination for the first time. For this purpose, Jarvis was designed as the best digital companion to travel outdoors. It offers voice detection and a hot-word detection function for cool experiences. You can train this assistant as required and obtain funny replies with pieces of information.

jarvis artificial intelligent ai assistant app

Key Features

  • Users can train the assistant before using it properly for daily tasks. For instance, they can input Hi as a command and set the response as Hi, Sir/Madam.
  • From the settings, you can make the app customized. In this regard, users can set animation, arch size, and continuous listening options.
  • It helps you to find out the song that was played around. This AI assistant for Android can read and reply to your messages.

8. ELSA Speak

Some people strive to learn English when they face a language barrier in their daily lives. That’s why ELSA is here to assist them as an AI Assistant app. It makes you realize that English is not difficult and you can learn it quickly. ELSA supports more than 7100 language learning activities to help you speak American.

elsa speak ai assistant app

Key Features

  • Start a role-playing activity with this AI assistant to learn English. No matter which is your native language, it can interact with you as a personal language tutor.
  • If you are a slow learner, this AI assistant has a solution for you. It can make customized lessons and AI feedback to your performance in learning.
  • This assistant can help in learning the right punctuation. To do so, you should take its speech test and grab the reports to analyze progress.

9. Voice Assistant DataBot AI

This AI assistant app is a super-friendly AI robot that can answer anything you ask. It can answer your voice requests on the topic you are interested in. The apps and services integrated with AI can answer your images, voice search, and presentations. Users can benefit from this assistant while working, travelling, and playing.

databot ai assistant app

Key Features

  • It allows you to choose a category in which you want to talk. You can pick effective solutions from music, study, news, and sports categories.
  • This AI assistant can also teach users how to accurately give commands. Thus, the right input in the prompt section will bring more specific responses.
  • There are two domains of assistance that you can get from this app. The basic one can chat with you while the other is a secretary that manages tasks.

Part 3: A Great Desktop AI Assistant: Wondershare Filmora Making Video Editing Easy

All AI Assistant Android apps discussed above are good on their own. Generally speaking, they lack advanced features when compared with desktop AI assistants. Such Android apps prove useless in terms of processing speed and background multi-tasking. Considering this lacking point of the Android app, professionals need a desktop AI assistant like Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing tool with various AI functionalities. The AI support makes it stand out in all video editing software. Similarly, it offers exceptional AI assistance as an AI copilot feature.

Free Download
Free Download

AI Copilot Editing Feature

If you are not a professional or working alone without a crew, use AI Copilot Editor. This feature of Filmora can assist you in video editing. It provides messages after detecting errors in editing and conflicting parameters. After uploading a project, you can ask for suggestions or guidance. AI Copilot will provide directions and navigation towards using certain editing features.

Steps to Make the AI Copilot Editor Easy to Use

The real-time assistance of this feature can streamline your editing workflow. To get assistance from AI Copilot Editor, follow the given steps.

Step 1Access the Latest Version of Filmora

Get the Wondershare Filmora application in your system. Ensure that it’s the latest version of Filmora and then successfully launch it in your system. Double-tap on the app and enter the main interface. Click on the “New Project” to find the editing window.

launch filmora on computer
Step 2Explore and Utilize AI Copilot Editor in Filmora

Head to the toolbar of the timeline section and hit the “Copilot Editor” icon there. After pressing it, you will get a pop-up screen of “Filmora Copilot.” It will suggest to you some questions that might help you in generating prompts. Enter your query in the search bar and click “Ask AI” to get an answer. Read the answer and find the respective direction as a solution.

access ai copilot feature


To summarize, AI assistants are increasingly developing to better assist users. They will be more contextually aware and secure shortly. This article has highlighted the current best AI assistant for Android to get quick solutions. Professionals can use Filmora, which provides brilliant AI assistance as an AI copilot editor.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jan 17, 24
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