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20 Wonderful Stop Motion Ideas for Beginners and Kids

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Stop motion is the most adoring animated presentation of the social media era on digital presence. You can express conceptual-based ideas and thoughtful messages in a storytelling frame. We will discuss and get an overview of the stop motion ideas of kids and stop motion ideas for beginners in this article.

Let's dive into the subject line!

Stop motion animation could be a great idea while presenting a story that will take a short duration but carry a significant meaning. The meaning even you can portray easily with the animated objects, characters, figures, and the movement.

Here, the movement of the illustrated figures and characters is vital because the camera uses in stop motion repeatedly getting on or off. Many frames are created to portray the story you want to present to your audience during the on and off.

Part 1: What are the Important Elements When Producing a Good Stop Motion Animation?

While you are dealing with the digital creative aspect, you need to have a subject line, plan, execution components, camera and knowledge about running the camera to show its movements. In short, these are the major elements you need to have grip before starting any stop motion animation.

The significant elements are:

  • A thoughtful subject line: why people watch you stop motion animation, ask the question to yourself and decide a good subject line. If you want to show a story by moving a few objects, characters, and figures, the subject line must have a solid message you want to convey. Otherwise, you will never get your target audience.
  • Proper planning: It is an old proverb that creativity is the messy thing in the world. But people will not watch it messy on the screen. How you present the complete story, what kinds of cameras and angles you need to use to get what you want, the background settings, any music you can add or not are part of the planning.
  • Cameras and angles: A firm stand tripod, a stationary camera, and lots of careful movement of your object are important elements in stop motion animation. The lights and the angles of your camera decide the result of your efforts. Do not bump your camera during the shoot, or you may lose everything and begin from scratch, which is not a good idea at all. Lights and the shadow angle are even important in stop motion animation creation.

There are movements and shoot arrangements, like a few more major elements you must consider while planning to stop motion animation from escalating your creative aspect.

To create stop motion animation, beginners and kids require different objects. Among them, few things are common like cameras, tripods, lights etc. In the case of kids, you can start practicing at home with available items like a big table to keep objects on them. But for beginners, can start from a small studio with various angle lights and camera arrangements.

However, even for the beginner, the home could be the best option instead of a studio.

Part 2: 20 Best Stop Animation Ideas for Kids and Beginners

We will see the 20 best stop animation ideas for kids and beginners for the next few paragraphs. We will divide the section into two segments: easy stop motion ideas for beginners and amazing stop motion ideas for kids. As kids are small and tender, we mention them in the first column and then beginners.

1.Everyday Play Items

For Kids

Kids love to play with toys. But every day playing with the same toys brings boredom. Being a responsible parent, you must eradicate their boredom to teach him/them how to make stop motion with their daily playing toys. Place the toys over a table, fix the angle and place your mobile phone camera and start slow-moving and on and off the camera. It's fun for kids to create something different that can go online.

For Beginners

Take a basket, collect a few items from your daily use like pin, comb, paperweight, vegetable cutter, knife, stationery items on the table. You can adjust your home lights and set your mobile camera or DSLR on the tripod. Create something based on your thought process with the objects, start on or off the camera and make a little move to create the animation over the video.

The process is quite basic yet useful to know the camera angles, the lights, and shadow collaboration to create the magic.

2.Lego stop motion

Lego is the legendary name in stop motion animation. The brick-style square figures or brickfilms your kid can create to lego stop motion. The creativity is unlimited, and your kid can express any story using lego animation.

Windows 10 with the latest version supports Lego animation. Your kid must know how to operate the Lego creation under your guidance.

For beginners: The best stop animation tries for the beginners, the Lego. You can create numerous characters, stories, and the message you want to convey through your animation creation. Lego is the best for beginners. You will get opportunities to experiment with the shadow and lights technique, animation movement tricks, and, if possible, voiceover gives you the perfect stop motion animation.


For Kids

You will get clay toys in every household and every kid's wardrobe. Every kid can prepare a figure out of those colorful clay bumps stored in their collection. If you hold the camera at an apt angle, place any clay figures and start camera roll on and off, a beautiful clip you can make.

For Beginners

You can make clay figures without hands or legs and make moves. Use a tripod and place it in front of those clay figures, put the lights on and start rolling the camera. The clays can depict a story without much of your efforts and involvement. The plus point of the claymation is you can use the same clay and make hundreds of stop motions and show the magic over the camera.

4.Whiteboard stop motion for kids

If your kids are good at sketching or drawing, or painting, a whiteboard becomes a great idea to make stop motion. The shape and size of the whiteboard give you enough space to draw a story and show it to your audience.

For beginners: A small sketch by a marker on the whiteboard, use the white space, place the camera on the tripod and start to roll on. The major plus point to using a whiteboard is the spacious object and the sketch you draw over the board. You can easily brief the subject line, using figures, characters and make a super stop motion to feed your creativity.

5.Sticky Notes stop motion for kids

You can create a sticky notes game or figures if you want to use the sticky notes board. Once you get the idea, you will never feel bored playing with sticky notes and create stop motion. But for the kids, it's high-level creativity that needs attention and support from your elders.

For beginners: The notes can be a great idea to draw a story or the game we used to play in our childhood. You can add voiceover or the music at the time of final editing. The movement of the notes with the rhythm and music create a perfect stop motion for your beginning journey.

6.Paper-cut out stop motion idea for kids

The paper-cut-out stop motion is an interesting animation that easily grabs the watchers' attention. You can prepare figures and characters by cutting papers or directly cutting figures from magazines, newspapers, and books and creating stop motion animation.

For the beginners: It could be really fun to cut the figures from books, magazines, newspapers and make the story and give the animation form. Here it would help if you held the camera from the top of the object to avoid the shadow. The playful manner of shadow and light is a very important thing in paper-cut-out stop motion. The camera position would decide how beautiful your stop motion creation will be. Perfect practice for beginners at home.

7.Floor motion or chalkboard motion for kids

The school classroom becomes our best play area if teachers are not around. Black or green boards become the best drawing space with white and colorful chalk. The same stance we can apply on the floor. You can draw figures and move on the floor and shoot. As a kid, you can take the help from your elder and create the motion of your choice.

For the beginners: For the beginners, the floor motion suits you best as you can use the space and set the camera and lights. You can draw the images and figures on the floor, place the camera as per the angle and start on and off. It is also a tricky stop motion idea for beginners to try at home to set the hands-on.

8.Boing Claymation or Replacement for kids

Boing claymation intrigues laughter if you can add good sound effects. Though kids prefer the replacement stop motion, it is a funny animation if you manage to create. Lots of creativity and lesser arrangements are required to make this category stop motion animation.

For the Beginners: If you try your hands to make some funny animation based on objects available at home, Boing claymation is the best option to start working on it. The objects you set need to move from one place to another and shoot at from a distance.

9.Human and shadow stop motion for kids

The most engaging stop motion ever is when you can use the human body and the shadow reflection to create the animation. Play with your friends on the playground, experiment with the shadow, and shoot it. Later add sound effects to create a stop motion animation to give surprise to your elder brother. How cool!

For beginners: You can start with your friends and create magic with shadow reflection and start your camera roll on it. You can do figure-centric stop motion or objective-related stop motion if you know how to utilize the sun rays, half of the job you have done so far.

10.Timelapse stop motion for kids

This category stop motion idea is to get concrete formation if you know how to set your device camera to click or shoot every time interval. The time setting is called timelapse, and it captures the movement of the object or formation of the object and captures the transformation or change. Being a kid, it's great creativity to set the camera and capture those moments to create timelapse.

For beginners: In the professional world, several ad agencies take the help of time-lapse to show the transformation and the slow changes of the object they select. The transformation depicts a story that could frame on a device. The shoot will be on the time interval to frame the entire change.

11.Fruit stop motion ideas for kids

Kids do not prefer to have fruits after breakfast. To understand how important fruits are in our daily diet, you can create fruit stop motion animation. Fruits have different shapes and sizes. You can select anyone and can make stop motion. Place them on the table, shoot them from different angles, add titles in the final editing. Your stop motion animation is ready.

For beginners: To get into the kids' world, you can start with the food and fruit is a great choice. Create a catchy subject line and make a message story with the fruits. As a beginner, it would be a challenge to get fit into the kids' world. Give it a try!

12.Matchstick stop motion for kids

You can make something creative out of matchsticks and shoot them following a sequence and make a story. It's a good idea to personify them and shoot them from different angles. As a kid, you can enjoy making them unified and create a story.

For beginners: Arrange matchstick and make a story out of those sticks is a great idea to begin your journey. You only need to craft a story based on the sticks, settings, camera, and lights. You can use the floor as well to decorate the story.

13.Paper animation for kids

Kids have lots of craftwork in school. You can utilize the extracurricular activities by making stop motion with paper and drawing over it. The idea is amazing, and your friends may feel jealous to watch your creativity.

For the beginners: Beginners can use anything on paper and create a stop motion of their choice. With paper, you can create a stop motion of the beautiful memory book or memory sequence that reminds you of a happy time with your family members.

14.Easy breakfast preparing stop motion for kids

Kids, when preparing something in the kitchen, can shoot the entire process and then set them in the following sequence. It's the wisest decision to Make a stop motion to frame your creativity. You can even share or show it to your elders and friends and give them a surprise.

For beginners: Beginners can make the stop motion by shooting their cooking recipes. Sometimes you try something on the gas oven. Shoot your efforts, make a sequence and get the frame of stop motion. The creativity you can share on social media platforms.

15.Stop motion for Maths and Arts

School curriculum is a great idea to show your creative aspects. You can combine maths and arts and create any topic you want. Hand-made drawings, colors, a whiteboard, and a camera, you are all set to begin your project.

For beginners: Paper Cutting and making any object could be a great artistic creation. You can elevate your thinking process by arranging things and making a stop motion animation.

16.Stop motion with toys for kids:

Check your wardrobe and get all the toys out from there. Set them as a story and roll on the camera. You can make your own toy story.

For the beginners: Remember what you made out in your college project? You can make Eskimo living and create stop motion. You can add your creativity and knowledge about their living style to make the animation more attractive and eye-catching.

17.Drawing stop motion for kids:

You can draw a picture, make a story out of it, place the camera, fix the light and shadow, and start shooting it. You can give a surprise to your drawing teacher as well by making the stop motion from your drawing book.

For beginners: Halloween stop motion is quite popular among beginners. It would be a great idea to give your friends an incredible and scary gift this Halloween. Cut the paper, draw the pictures, fix them as per the sequence of your story and make a stop motion. Don't forget to shoot in a shadow, fewer lights needed to create the horror effects. You can add cold music to make it more horrific.

18.Halloween stop motion for kids

You can create a Halloween stop motion by making a craft. Using pumpkin, different pops to support your story and start to roll the camera. If it is a scary idea, use lights and then shoot.

For beginners: You can make course ads or promotions in the stop motion format. Content writing and the prospect in the industry you can show through the stop motion, asking your friend, or if possible, you stand in front of the camera and shoot it. It's a good idea to promote education as well among the kids.

19.Christmas tree-making ideas for kids

You can make your Christmas a memorable one by making the Christmas tree stop motion. Decorate the tree and shoot them following a sequence and camera angle. Give a festive look to your Christmas tree and create a memorable stop motion this Christmas.

For beginners: As a beginner, you can try at the corner of the home, decorate the tree with lights, colorful papers, leaves, balls, stars and give an amazing look. The natural lights give different looks and feel to the animation in the corner, easily attracting viewers. You can add music to give a completely festive look.

20.Birthday card stop motion for kids

A birthday celebration is a great festival for any age kid. To make the celebration memorable, you can create a birthday card stop motion animation. You can add music to make it attractive and a joyful experience for you or your friend.

For beginners: College fest is a great opportunity to show your skill. You can create new ideas and form a stop motion to exhibit the idea and concept to your fellow friends and faculty members. Give your hands a try to make the fest an animated day.

Final Thought

You can give a shape to any idea if you know how to organize the stop motion systematically. Portray a beautiful story, arrange the stuff you need to express your ideas and concepts, and start shooting it. You can spread your work digitally by posting on various social media platforms.

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