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Best Guide for Beginners on 2D Animation Making

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
Best Guide for Beginners on 2D Animation Making

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Often called traditional animation, 2D animation making mostly syncs with vector graphics via computer software. The aim is to create animated images useful in websites, advertisements, films, or computer games.

Furthermore, the 2D animation-making process includes creating storyboards, characters, and backgrounds in 2D space. Objects in 2D animation move up, down, right, and left, but not towards or away from the camera, such as in the 3D animation.

Part 1 Is 2D Animation Easy & How Do You Learn It?

In 2020, the video became the #1 form of media for content strategy, overtaking infographics and blogs. Undoubtedly, the power of video marketing and animated videos offer a creative, unique, and sometimes more effective way to explain a concept or tell a story.

We asked Yakkety Yak Video Producer and animator extraordinaire Sean Froelich to give us his top 2D animation tips for beginners or tell us how they can be made accessible. So, with his comments, here we've described all the content you need for this section and how you can learn the 2D animation making the easy way!

First, let's look at the difference between different kinds of animation and answer the question: "What is 2D animation?"

You're probably much more familiar with this animation style than you think. This work involves drawing 2D objects and characters within a flat space. Everything you draw only has a height and width but no depth (which would make it 3D).

So how do you get flat characters and objects to move? Here, the artist would move from the page or screen to specialist 2D animation software to sequence the individual images.

Classic Disney movies are good examples of creating 2D animation for the big screen, but it's not only in cinema that you can find this sort of project. You might hear people asking, "is 2D animation dead?" but it's still widely used for commercials, corporate marketing, advertising, video games, and more.

The best way to learn 2D animation making is through courses and tutorials and taking inspiration from real-time scenarios.

If you have already started learning but aren't getting the progress you want, they are an excellent guide to get you back on the right track.

Fact Check:

A good animation includes various elements: Acting, Image Composition, Physics, film-making, body language, character design, world-building, and much more.

Even professionals use step-by-step workflows, so they don't have to think about everything.

If even they can't do it, why should you, as a beginner, overwhelm yourself? The best you can do is to tackle one challenge after the other.

Deliberately practice single aspects of animation.

Get feedback from mentors and other artists.

Increase the difficulty step by step.

Part 2 The 5 Principles of Animation

Animators follow a list of strict principles to create the most inspiring projects. And, these five basic principles stand above the rest as the most significant ones. Your animation will look wooden and fall flat if you ignore these fundamental principles of making 2D animation video memorable.

01Squash and stretch

Squash and stretch give weight and authenticity to an object. For example, imagine a rubber ball bouncing on the ground. It squashes as it hits the ground and comes back up after it stretches. On the other hand, a metal ball would barely stretch or squash.

squash and stretch animation


Anticipation is one of the essential 2D animation-making principles to give animations a sense of grounding. For example, you must position your body to help you move before heading up from the chair. It would be unrealistic to get up without using your arms to help push your body up. This is why anticipation is crucial to consider.

anticipation animation

03Ease in ease out

Imagine the swinging pendulum of a clock. It slows down on each side before increasing the speed. This swinging from side to side would be the quickest in the middle and naturally slow down on each side. This is the essential aspect of easing in and out. It further moves to feel more natural.

ease in animation


The quantity of drawings for a given action will vary based on the movements. Fast movements get less drawing while complex and slow movements need more. Timing will give believability to your characters' movements and objects.

timing animation

05Solid Drawing

Without any practice of solid drawing, an animator cannot use it effectively animate. On the other hand, with the concept of solid drawing, the animator understands the object's dimensions in 3D space. Therefore, depth, volume, and weight can convey to the necessary movement.

solid drawing animation

Part 2 3 Reasons to Create Animated Videos

We can describe a list of 5 reasons to use animation for business.

01It is fun

Your animation doesn't need to be accurate or realistic. The main objective of using it in business or even cartoons is to instill entertainment and fun. It's an ideal way to catch customers' attention instead of strictly for marketing.

02Lasting impression

The animated videos for business leave a lasting impression on the current and new customers. Yet, you must be clear about using animation to convey your business creatively. A story too dragged from the business purpose may not be ideal for making a lasting impression.

So, convey the values you inject into a particular product so that the potential customers get attracted by the information they get from it.

03Boosts conversion rate

Due to the beautiful aspect of business animation videos, the customer is likely to finish the action expected by the brand. Therefore, more than half the visited customers will likely stay on the website with animated content instead of getting high bounce-off rates. 

So, you should explain the merits of your product or service to the user in the business's animated videos. Please add CTA at the end of the video.

Part 4 5 Essential Tips for Your 2D Animation Making

The decision to excel in 2D animation making could be a tricky task even if you are aware of its significance, as mentioned above, of animation. However, knowing the importance won't get you on the right path without any implementation efforts. 

You must implement the right strategies and know the essential factors before making animated videos for business. So, let's discuss those points!


The budget is the best factor because you can't do anything without having money. So, you need to invest a fair amount or invest in decent 2D animation software for beginners. Yet, animation for business doesn't demand a budget like creating a Pixar movie in millions. For instance, Wondershare Filmora will cost you around $156 per year, less than spending millions in outsourcing video animation work. Yet, it also depends on the style and job of business values you want to incorporate in the animation. You have to outsource if it is expert-level work!

02Brand Positioning

Consider your brand positioning! While 2D animation making, viewers tend to remember more about the brand values. They must know your identity as a brand and the whole industry. 

It will allow for incorporating some brand positioning before deciding to make animation videos for business. You can check the brand's overview from the customer's point of view. Then, you can instill the presentation according to your business type, whether B2B or B2C, afterward.

03Target Audience

The 2D animation making also holds about the target audience, but it doesn't mean making videos only for them necessarily. The first question is why you are creating such a video. There could be various reasons, such as attaining new customers, educating the current customers, or raising the awareness of a latest brand or a product.


You must be aware of the ideas to market your videos before even beginning the 2D animation making. The market can be Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media handle to get a high presence of a potential audience. Moreover, the video should not be too pushy.

05Do Your Research in Advance

Research is a natural starter of all the video production processes, regardless of the objective of a video. You are required to know everything there is to know about a service or a product your animated video is about to execute and plan the video's production from beginning to end.

You should decide if the 2D animated video is a good option for the product you're promoting since a live-action video.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

A guide to 2D animation making

Five principles of 2D animation making

Three reasons to create 2D animated videos

Five top tips for 2D animation making

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