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How to Create Benime Whiteboard Animation in Android

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 11, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
How to Create Benime Whiteboard Animation in Android

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Millions of people on social media would want to post the working system, information, and business policies on a topic. For this reason, such people need an easy way to make a good quality influential video in a short time. Although many applications can help you create animated videos.

benime whiteboard animation

In this article, we will be talking about whiteboard animation and, more specifically, about Benime whiteboard animation mod APK.

Part 1 What's Benime Used for?

Benime is the first doodle video creation application on Android devices that allows users to create professional and realistic doodle videos within minutes. It can add music and voice-over to audio, create presentations and marketing videos, and create a whiteboard animation using built-in assets.

One of the practical uses of Benime whiteboard animation is that it makes it very easy for anybody to create a professional whiteboard animation without any experience or knowledge in animation. With this application, you can use the built-in templates or decide to start from scratch using your drawings or images, then record yourself talking over the top of your work. It is one of the most active Android applications to explain ideas through a captivating animated video that can eventually increase your followers quickly.

It is used not just to explain information in an impersonal codon way but also to connect with your audience. By allowing your audience to show concern about what you are trying to showcase and evoking empathy.

It helps you get the audience to pay attention to the content you are creating by providing you with personalized graphics, colors, and images.

Benime is a great application that can help create an animated video using built-in assets. The application is flexible, user-friendly, and accessible via Benime whiteboard animation APK download. To download the Android application and make your desired video, you can also visit the Google play store to proceed with downloading the application as it contains advertisements and offers in-app purchases.

what is benime

So, in short, we can say that Benime is valuable for,

Whiteboard animation creation

Inbuilt assets for video making

Editing video with either voice, music, text, color

Motion Slide animation

Board background

Supports online rendering of videos

Instant preview functioning

Sharing video in MP4 format

Part 2 How to Create Benime Whiteboard Animation in Android

We will also be giving you tips on all you need to know about creating a whiteboard animation:

Write a script, whether it is a short script or a regular video. The whiteboard animation video might not succeed with exciting information and images and no coherent story. Since it is not a set of bullet points, storyboards, or blog stories, having a proper script is everything you need.

Next is to start your storyboard to help you organize your thoughts much better. By creating a storyboard, you have a good idea of how the final product will look like and the transition of the story.

Create memorable photos that will excite your audience. Perhaps if you are a creative person, this part will be much easier as all you need is to create a unique and fun image that will help pass the information that she wants to get across.

Animates the created images and finds clearance between your script and the photos.

Record the audio, which is the final step to ensure a perfectly synchronized audio and content.

Benime Whiteboard Animation application offers tons of features that can be used to enhance whiteboard animation creation. More so, here is a step-by-guide on how to use the Benime application more effectively and efficiently in creating a whiteboard animation:

01Software Download

First, download and install the Benime application on your phone and then open it.

benime whiteboard animation in android 01

02Create New Video

Click on the + sign to make a new video. Enter the video title, choose the desired video quality, and click Create a Movie.

benime whiteboard animation in android 02

03Enter Text

A blank slide will be visible, where you will make changes, tap the Text option to enter the text.

benime whiteboard animation in android 03

04Edit Text

After entering your desired text, click on the Insert option. The text size can be changeable by swiping to the left or right on the size line. More so, you can edit the color of the text by clicking on the color option. You can also change and use the application by clicking on the hand option. Background color change can go with the BG option.

benime whiteboard animation in android 04

If you want to insert some characters, drawings, pictures, etc. Click on the sticker option at the bottom left and then slide to the right at the top to choose the icon or image that you want to insert.

benime whiteboard animation in android 05

05Add Audio

After you are ok with the text and image, you can now add your voice over or music by clicking on any of the two options: voice over and music track.

benime whiteboard animation in android 06

05Create and Share your Video

Lastly, click on the Save icon and then click on Yes. Then insert the name of the video and click on Make movie. Instantly the video will enter the rendering mode, and after this process, you will get the option of playing and sharing the film. Select the one you wish.

benime whiteboard animation in android 07

Benime Whiteboard animation can also be on PC via varieties of software. However, the Filmora software has proven to be one of the best because of its features. While working or creating a storyboard, the most aptly used software is Filmora. That will make it easy to create whiteboard animation with lots and lots of editing options in terms of transparency, 2D/animation, smooth keyframing, and a lot more.

Part 3 PC Tools Useful For Whiteboard Animation

01Renderforest Whiteboard Animation

Renderforest whiteboard animation: This is a free whiteboard animation tool that creates exciting and unique animation stories, a cloud-based program that does not need a powerful machine. It weeds hundreds of ready-made scenes to enhance your whiteboard animation stories

whiteboard animation software 01

02Powtoon Whiteboard Animation

This can make a whiteboard animation very quickly for free, with an object to touch up video and free royalty music to make your whiteboard animation perfect.

whiteboard animation software 02

03Fiverr Whiteboard Animation

If looking for different whiteboard and animation explainers, Fiverr whiteboard animation will be the right choice. That will assist you in how to keep or engage your audience with proper explanation.

whiteboard animation software 03

04Whiteboard Animation Videoscribe

Being in the education domain is a noble cause, and you can enhance the delivery of quality education through Whiteboard Animation Videoscribe. That will give you the freedom to modify your content with animation drawing. However, it is a subscription-based service.

whiteboard animation software 04

05Vyond Whiteboard Animation

Vyond whiteboard animation provides you with in-house whiteboard animated video production solutions for educational, professional, or training purposes.

whiteboard animation software 05

06Animaker Whiteboard Animation

This is another free whiteboard animation software used to make videos quickly with various functions. It includes a free-to-use option and a full video length that is enough. It supports a few props, characters, infographic icons, animated maps, charts, etc.

whiteboard animation software 06

07Rawshorts Whiteboard Animation

This simple, easy-to-use whiteboard animation comes with an explainer video with a drag-and-drop interface. You can either start from nothing or choose between the animated whiteboard templates. Rendering and sharing the animated video in this software is super easy and comes with a Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platform integration. Anyone can use whether you are a beginner or professional, creating videos to show your client, training videos, and marketing videos that help demonstrate a strategy.

whiteboard animation software 07

08Videojeeves Whiteboard Animation

This software has many whiteboard animation options, whether you are open to sharing something with your friends or creating a whiteboard animation for work. It helps to make your job easier and faster.

whiteboard animation software 08

09Truscribe Whiteboard Animation

This premier software offers customers a dedicated plan when they are whiteboard animation videos can be created. With this software, the process can start when customers request a quote on their website, giving them more reliable information about the pricing and strategy.

whiteboard animation software 09

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Basic functionality of Benime Whiteboard Animation software.

How to create whiteboard animation with Benime.

Whiteboard animation on PC with Filmora and some other relevant software.

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