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Typewriter Effect
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Creating Typewriter Effect in Adobe After Effects Using Different Techniques

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 30, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Vintage things and themes look elite, and typewriter writing style is one of them. With everything becoming digital, technologies have also digitized this effect. Creators and editors can now access this effect from various sources. This helps them achieve a vintage charm in their videos, which is a timeless classic.

This article will focus on achieving typewriter effect After Effects for your videos. It will provide a step-by-step guide to accomplish this typing effect After Effects. In addition, you can explore different sites where such templates are available. Other than typewriter After Effects, you will discover a professional editing tool.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Referring to The Direct Methods for Making Typewriter Effect in After Effects
  2. Part 2: Finding the Best Typewriter Effect Templates for Adobe After Effects
  3. Part 3: Exclusive Alternative: Wondershare Filmora and Text Animation Making
  4. Conclusion
Typewriter Effect
A cross-platform for offering text-based editing to advance text editing options!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Referring to The Direct Methods for Making Typewriter Effect in After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a versatile and professional-level software for creating graphics. Users can create motion graphics animated content, and achieve all types of aesthetics in it. In addition, the tool uses a keyframe editing interface for precise editing. It can collaborate with other Adobe tools and cloud services to synchronize everything.

Information that features in typewriter font gets noticed by a vast audience. It captivates the audience's attention as it conveys seriousness and suspense. In addition, it serves as a creative way to express your innate artistic abilities. In this section, you will learn to create typing text effects After Effects. Follow any of the given methods below to uplift your video intros/outros or more:

Method 1: Using the Effects and Presets Option

In this method, users will gain insights into creating typewriter After Effects from scratch. We will be commencing this action using the right-side settings panel. Along with customizing text, find how to animate it below:

Step 1: Start by initiating Adobe After Effects and reach its editing interface. Then, navigate towards the timeline panel and right-click on it. Choose the "New" option and "Solid" from the expansion menu. In the new pop-up window, select the solid color and press "OK."

access solid background option

Step 2: This will add a white background on the preview screen. Type the relevant text in the video and use the “Character” panel to adjust settings. You can change the scale and position of text along with bolding the text or not. After that, adjust the text on the background where you think it fits the best.

customize the added text

Step 3: At the right-side panel, click on the navigation arrows of "Animation Composition." From the expansion menu, select the "Effects and Presets" option.

access the effects and presets

Step 4: In the search bar, find “Typewriter” and choose the appearing option. Drag and drop this effect on your text layer in the timeline. Then, select the layer you require and use the “U” key to adjust the duration. At the end, hit the “Play” button to see the results.

search and add typewriter effect

Method 2: Using the Timeline Options Menu

This method will also guide you about creating and animating typewriter font in Adobe After Effects. However, we’ll be using the timeline dropdown menu in this method. To learn another way of typewriter After Effects, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Repeat the same method of adding a background color for your animation. Go to the timeline, right-click on it, and choose "New > Solid" from the given options.

enable the solid background option

Step 2: Further, use the "T" icon in the upper toolbar to add text. Use a similar method to resize the text and other aspects from the "Character" panel. Further, adjust the text on the background using your cursor.

add text and customize it

Step 3: Navigate toward the timeline panel and expand the title track. Further, expand the "Animate" button and add "Opacity." In the given opacity option, decrease the value of opacity to zero.

set the opacity preferences for text

Step 4: Then, expand the “Range Selector” option and adjust the “Start” option. You can observe the changes through the preview screen and set values.

adjust the start values

Step 5: Further, expand the "Advanced" option in the timeline and adjust the "Smoothness" values. Afterwards, use the "U" key to set the duration and hit the "Play" button for preview.

set the values for smoothness

Part 2: Finding the Best Typewriter Effect Templates for Adobe After Effects

You have learned about using typing text effects After Effects. However, there are other options. Multiple templates offer typewriter templates for After Effects. Start your editing journey using any of the following templates:

1. Typewriter Titles

If you want to integrate and apply modern typewriter titles in your videos, use this template. It offers 80 animated presets and effects for typewriter After Effects. No complexities are involved in downloading or editing these templates. Users can employ them in presentation slides, video intros, and brand logo reveals.

typewriter titles after effects template

2. Typewriter Text Preset

This minimal yet attractive typewriter effect After Effects is available on Motion Array. You can use this template to impress your audience by giving it a retro look. Content creators or editors can choose this to add a charm to intros and teasers. In addition, the template is simple to download with a 6.55 MB file size. You can also share the URL of this preset straight to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Email.

typewriter text preset after effects template

3. Retro Typewriter Titles

This collection of effects and presets comes with 124 typewriter effects After Effects. If you want to create stunning video intros, this is your preset. All the templates are of ultra-high quality (4K), which gives your content an elevated look. If you want to share these with your team, you can employ the "Share" button. You can share them via URL, on social applications, or download them.

retro typewriter titles after effects template

4. Typewriter Effect

Use this customization typing text effect After Effects template to enhance your content. Although the template is not free, it has 2 different writing styles. In addition, you can customize the paper texture for writing background out of 7 options. The template offers high pixel quality of 1920x1080 and is adjustable to your speed. Moreover, there is a video tutorial on customizing this template.

typewriter effect after effects template

5. Typewriter | After Effects Template

Bring your imagination to life with a touch of drama and mystery using this template. This preset is available for download, and users can see its preview before downloading. The file's size is 131 MB with Adobe After Effects support. With its 20-character auto-animation feature, it complements video intros/outros. The quality of templates resides as 4K with music integrations available.

typewriter after effects template

6. Typewriter Effect for Adobe After Effects

If you want to create a realistic typewriter After Effects, this will blend with the look. The template will decorate your screen with high-resolution images that are scalable. In addition, it offers 10 paper textures and 40 typewriting sounds for realism. The typing speed that will display with animation is customizable. In addition, you can also restyle and resize the font according to your preference.

typewriter effect for after effects

7. Typewriter

This is a unique typewriter template with modern updates and vintage style. The template offers 9 different types of editable titles with 4K resolution. The template is compatible with typing text effect After Effects and is 8.2 MB in size. You can customize the color, speed, size, and style of these templates. In addition, it has glitch and glow effects for titles that will enhance the visual appeal of text.

typewriter template after effects

8. Typewriter Text Animation Presets

Do you want to achieve perfection in your content for social media platforms? Then, use this collection of versatile templates with over 50 animation styles. The template is suitable for viewing on TV screens as it has a 4K resolution. This typing text effect After Effects is compatible with CS6 and onward versions. You can download the template from Motion Array's web page or click the hyperlink.

typewriter text animation presets template

9. Typewriter Stomp Intro

Download this vintage typewriter After Effects template with regular updates. There is a video tutorial and PDF attached for you to get familiar with this template. The animation title has a duration of 24 seconds with full HD resolution. Before downloading the template, users can download its preview to check. In addition, the template is compatible with After Effects CS5.5 and higher versions.

typewriter stomp intro template

10. Typewriter | Realistic Titles

This is another amazing typewriter After Effects template from Evanto Elements. Its properties include FHD resolution, 12.1 MB size, and adjustable duration. It shows 100% compatibility with CC2020 and newer versions of Adobe. Moreover, the template is free to download with a Download Preview option. In addition, users can apply and adjust multiple sound effects on this template.

typewriter realistic titles after effects

Part 3: Exclusive Alternative: Wondershare Filmora and Text Animation Making

Upon learning how to add typewriter After Effects, it might seem difficult to you. For amateurs who have a long path to learn about this, we have a simple solution. Wondershare Filmora is an AI video editor with multiple filters and effects. Along with its video-enhancing capabilities, it can be your After Effects alternative.

Yes, the software offers multiple title options with advanced text editing options. Along with this, users can integrate built-in or imported music behind these. Transforming a title into Typewriter animation in Filmora is a piece of cake. After creating the typewriter effect, you can apply color and audio settings to enhance it.

Free Download
Free Download

Exclusive Features of Wondershare Filmora

Being a versatile video editing platform, there are multiple AI and other features of Filmora. For your understanding, we are going to introduce some of them below:

  • AI Music Generator: Filmora users can generate music without any technicalities. You can adjust the theme, mood, and duration of the music accordingly. In addition, the tool has AI integration that generates rapid and accurate results. You can also set the number of results this AI generator will craft for you.
ai music generator filmora
  • AI Thumbnail Creator: Creating an attractive thumbnail for your video is crucial for traffic. This tool eases the process for you by generating thumbnails from videos. It auto-analyzes the best frames and chooses them, which you can edit later. In addition, there are built-in template collections to fit every video context.
ai thumbnail creator filmora
  • AI Copywriting: Generate error-free and captivating scripts using this generative AI of Filmora. It uses ChatGPT’s integration to give you precise and relevant content. Users need to add a prompt, and AI will craft relevant data. You can later use these scripts or text to create AI videos on Filmora.
ai copywriting filmora
  • Auto Reframe: Fit your video perfectly to the required frame using this AI feature. Three resolutions in this AI retain the quality of your video. In addition, the AI adjusts the best part of the video in frames. This functionality is ideal for reframing your videos according to social sites.
auto reframe filmora

Applying Typewriter Animation Effect in Wondershare Filmora

Filmora has many title effects, animation, and fonts to create typewriter effects. In this section, we'll learn to add typewriter animation effects in Filmora. Follow the step-by-step guide given below to start from scratch:

Step 1Access Titles and Add a Title to Timeline

Once you have installed this editor on your device, navigate towards the top toolbar. From there, choose the "Titles" tab and bring the default title to the timeline.

bring a title to timeline
Step 2Enable the Advanced Text Edit Option

After that, navigate towards the right-side settings panel and adjust the text settings. Then, click the “Advanced Text” option at the bottom of this panel.

move to advanced settings
Step 3Apply the Typewriter Animation

In the Advanced Text Edit window, access the "Animation" tab and explore the option. Click on any of the Typewriter animations and see how it looks on your text. Further, navigate towards the bottom of this panel and click on "Apply."

apply animation to title
Step 4Add Music and Export the Animation

To integrate music into your animation, navigate towards the top toolbar. From there, select the "Music" tab and drop any music in the timeline. Afterward, click the "Export" button at the top right corner and download it.

include music and export


The article emphasized creating a typewriter effect After Effects in two ways. To bring diversity to your content, we discussed some impressive typewriter templates. Following this, it also focused on a plain solution, Wondershare Filmora, to create this effect. So, visit Filmora’s site to explore other features to enhance your content.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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