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How to Convert Animated GIF from Video

Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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The animated GIFs excite the viewers and convey a message. The instant chats include these animated GIFs to add fun to your conversation. Few web designers place animated GIFs on their web pages to attract their target customers wisely. You can convert animated GIFs from video using a reliable application available in the digital space. The animated GIFs impress the viewers and add flavor to the content. Mostly used replacing the emojis because the emojis are static images, whereas the animated GIFs showcase an action that triggers more meaning to the viewers. There are options to extract a specific clipping from videos and use them as animated GIFs. Here, you will be learning about GIFs and the best ways to edit them with sophisticated tools.


 Part 1 What is GIF?

The GIF is a Graphical Interchange Format and represents the file format in the bitmap. When compared to other image formats, GIF has unique specifications that are appreciable. The GIF has a lossless compression feature and you can transfer them to any space effortlessly. It includes 256 colors and is widely used for creating buttons and banners on the webpages. It came into practice in the year1987 and occupied the computer space commercially. GIFs are preferred to create small animations and are adopted by social media users. After the advent of PNG, the usage of GIF gradually decreased by website users. Later, the animated GIFs conquered the digital space as they replace most websites' videos. It serves as one of the best message conveyers and is quite interesting for social media users. Gradually the younger generations were highly attracted to these animated GIFs to express their thoughts in an image format.

 Part 2 Why do People like to use GIFs?

People prefer GIFs when compared to videos because animated GIFs convey a strong message quickly than videos. Social media users feel comfortable using GIFs and consider it the best way to express their emotions. Apart from the chat interface, you can find the animated GIFs occupying the website’s landing page, blog posts, and emails. The designers opt for animated GIFs instead of short videos because of their effective results. Many webpage visitors skim the content, and the animated GIFs quickly reveal what you convey. The audience understands the essential data you are emphasizing on the websites swiftly with the help of the animated GIFs.

When you include videos on your websites, the users skip the videos without making any clicks due to lack of time. The animated GIFs overcame this issue, the GIFs started to play as soon as the page loads, and the audience took a quick look at it, receiving the data you are trying to narrate through these animated GIFs. Many web page users prefer animated GIFs because they take less time to load and consume data. Both the viewers and webpage designers use GIFs instead of videos to convey their message in a visual format.

 Part 3 Convert Animated GIF from Video

Giphy is the best online program that creates animated GIFs from video. It is an exclusively online program that focuses on an efficient way to create animated GIFs from videos. There are many online tools available to make your GIFs. The Giphy is an impressive application with loads of in-built features to entertain audiences. While creating a GIF, ensure it has a good loading capability to obtain efficient results. You can follow the below steps to convert GIFs from videos using the Giphy app.

Step 1

Visit the official website of Giphy and upload the videos to convert a GIF by tapping the Convert button. You can also upload the video file by pasting the URL from YouTube or Vimeo.


Step 2

Now, use the Giphy tool to trim the video and spot out the section that requires converting it as GIFs.

Trim the videos and locate the section that requires the creation of animated GIFs.


Step 3

Customize the trimmed video section using stickers, filters, and texts. After personalizing the trimmed video, tap Upload to Giphy to store the edited animated GIFs in its library.

You can access the animated GIFs from the storage library in your account.


Follow the above guidelines to create animated GIFs from videos using the Giphy online tool. Surf the steps carefully to ensure successful completion of the animated GIFs creation from video.

 Part 4 Tip: Easily edit your GIF for free

Further, you can refine the GIFs using a professional editor like Filmora. The Filmora from Wondershare is an awesome tool that gives you a wow feel while editing the media files. It is an exclusive program that edits the media files effectively to obtain the desired outcomes. You can work as a pro editor without any technical skills. The simple interface of this application triggers you to use the built-in elements professionally. Tap the relevant controls to include the desired effects on the uploaded GIF images. The timeline has a user-friendly interface and there are no complexities even while handling larger image or video files.

The key features of the Filmora application

● Customize the videos based on your needs. You can crop, add text, resize the dimensions precisely.

● You can add special effects to the videos using the in-built filters

● It has a simple interface and assists you in working like a pro.

● The trimmer tool aids in creating animated GIFs from your videos

● Easy to import and export the edited files to desired storage space by a single click action.

Apart from the above functionalities, you can discover enlightening uses of Filmora by installing it on your device. The controls are explicit and you can access them without any hesitation. The simple interface aids the newbie users to master this app in no time due to its comfortable working timeline.

The stepwise procedure to create animated GIFs from the imported videos using the Filmora application.

Step 1 Install the application

Visit the official website of Filmora, download the tool concerning your system OS, and install it by following the instruction wizard. Import the desired video into the timeline by tapping the Import Media Files option.


Step 2 Add texts to the video

Based on your requirements, you can trim the video using the edit tool and insert desired texts by tapping the Title menu.


Step 3 Export the edited file.

Finally, click the Export button to save the edited file on any desired storage space. During the export operation, you can perform various changes to your media files. There are options to modify the file format, resolution, and storage path. Tap the respective menus to choose the desired platform that requires the storage operation. Directly post the animated GIFs on your YouTube or Vimeo based on your needs.


The above steps will aid you in creating animated GIFs from videos and using this application efficiently to bring the desired impact on it.

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Thus, this article had given enough insights into creating an animated GIF from videos. You can either use an online tool or opt for Filmora to edit the videos and convert them to impressive animated GIFs. The Filmora helps you to edit the media files professionally, and its simple interface assists in handling even the complex files efficiently. Connect with this article to explore the video edit process using a reliable program like Filmora. Stay tuned to create animated GIFs that conveys explicit messages to the audience.

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