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How to Record Audio on PowerPoint? [Guideline for Windows and Mac]

The article understudy is all about PowerPoint record audio. You will also learn about 7 useful tips that will help you create attractive slides.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

Pandemic times have bought us very close to technology and the computerized world. We used various tools and software, we also learned about much new software in this time. We even came across some amazing features of tools that we have been using since our childhood. One best example of this scenario is PowerPoint.

We have been working on PowerPoint, making slides for a long time, but we recently came across the PowerPoint record audio feature. This is the most helpful feature one could imagine. When you cannot express yourself and your point in words, then the use of this PowerPoint voice recording feature jumps in. Stay with us to learn more about audio recording on PowerPoint.

Part 1: How to Record Audio on PowerPoint in Windows?

Powerpoint is a presentation-based program. The Microsoft Office product is available for both Windows and macOS. PowerPoint is mostly used in offices for demonstration purposes. It is widely used by teachers to deliver their lectures. With record voice-over PowerPoint, its users can make better presentations.

A question arises here that how to record audio in PowerPoint presentations? If this same question is riding on your mind, then the wait is over. Let us share the steps that should be followed to record audio on PowerPoint in Windows.

Step 1: Firstly, you should open PowerPoint and add a blank slide to record voice-over PowerPoint. You can also record any old presentation by opening the slide where you plan to record audio.

open ppt file

Step 2: then, from the top menu bar, you are requested to head over to the 'Insert' section. From the Insert section, select the ‘Media’ option visible at the extreme right side.

access media section from insert tab

Step 3: The Media offers 3 further options. Among those options, you have to hit the ‘Audio’ option. This will open a drop-down from where you have to click on 'Record Audio.'

select record audio option

Step 4: Now, a small window for Record Sound will show up. Here, set a name for your recording and hit the Record button to start the recording.

click on start recording button

Step 5: Once you have completed the recording, click on the Stop button to end the recording and then hit the ‘Ok’ button to exit the recording window.

stop recording process

Step 6: At the end, a speaker icon will appear on the screen. When you hover on that icon, it will show the option to play the recording. You can adjust the speaker icon on the slide, and lastly, save your changes to PowerPoint.

speaker icon of recording

Part 2: How to Record Audio on PowerPoint in Mac?

As mentioned earlier, PowerPoint is available for both Windows and macOS, so how can we forget about Mac users? This section of the article will be talking about how to record audio on a PowerPoint Mac. If you are a Mac user and you plan to learn about this, then the following section is for you. By following the steps below, you can record audio on Powerpoint in Mac.

Step 1: Firstly, open PowerPoint and create a new presentation to record voice-over PowerPoint in Mac. You can also import any file from your Mac to PowerPoint for audio recording.

import ppt file

Step 2: After that, you have to open the slide where you want to record the audio. Then from the menu bar at the top, navigate to the 'Insert' section. In the Insert section, there will be an ‘Audio’ tab. Tap on it and then select the ‘Record Audio’ option.

click on record audio

Step 3: At this point, a Record Audio panel will show up on the right side of the screen. From that panel, click on the ‘Record’ button to start the recording.

hit record button

Step 4: After you have completed the recording, hit the ‘Stop’ button. Now, PowerPoint will ask you to either Insert or Discard the audio. Upon clicking on ‘Insert,’ a speaker icon will pop up on the screen. You can listen to your recording from that speaker icon.

insert your recording

Part 3: 7 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Make Creative Slideshows

Now that all the Windows and Mac users are satisfied after learning about PowerPoint voice recording, it’s the perfect time to share some very useful tips. In the coming part, we are going to share 7 tips that will aid in making creative slideshows.

1. Minimalism

The most crucial tip when it comes to making creative slides is the amount of information. It is said that 'Less is More.' While making your slides, you should always add less information to the slides, and you should speak more.

The slides must contain minimal data. Too many wordy slides look boring, and they can never sustain your audiences' interest. So, it is best suggested to add less and make your slides neat and spacious.

2. Use Design Elements

Adding stock images and background images is a very common trend for making slides. A tip that will make your slides unique and equally attractive is design elements. Choosing a bold color for the background and then adding elements to it makes them shine. The elements dominate on a strong colored background. Images can never be this dominating or expressive.

Also, changing the common trends will make your presentation different and classic as compared to regularly designed slides.

3. One Story at a Time

A very common mistake that people generally make because they are unaware of it is the content. The best practice for quality presentation slides is to add and discuss one story per slide. You should never confuse your audience by sharing multiple things from the same slide.

If you plan to discuss various things, then make separate slides for each story. This way, the audience gets sufficient time to digest and understand one story before moving on to another.

4. Alignment and Symmetry

While making your slides, one key factor that can either make or break your presentation is consistency and alignment. You should never present a rough slide. Always align the text, images, and headings of your slides. Symmetry and consistency are also very important. Follow the same consistent pattern in all slides.

5. Formatting and Settings

Making your slides creative doesn't mean making them like a rainbow. Simplicity has its own magic and grace. The more your slide is simple and clean, the more readable it is. You should always keep simple colors for text and headings.

Playing with different fonts and styles for headings might also disturb your presentation visually. Selecting the correct font size, style with appropriate colors is essential.

6. Add and Adjust

Always follow the ‘Add and Adjust’ policy. You should never throw data and elements on the slides and present them. The best practice is to add the content, the images and then adjust everything. You should always arrange the text in bullets with proper headings.

For the case of an image, you should add it, inspect it and if needed, crop it. Adding things with perfection makes your presentation stand out and shine differently.

7. Animation

Static slides are too mainstream for today's fast world. The last tip to make creative slides that can retain your audiences’ attention is animation. By adding a few animated elements to your presentation makes it look classy and quirky. With animation, you can also maintain the interest of your audience.

Last Words

The article has discussed in detail that how someone could record a voice-over PowerPoint. A complete step-by-step guideline has been shared for both Mac and Windows users on audio recording with PowerPoint. We also talked about 7 tips that will surely improve the quality of your slides.

By using the right and effective tool, you can still make creative slides without bothering to follow any tips. Such a tool is Filmora by Wondershare. This is an all-in-one video editing software. With Filmora, you can make the perfect video slideshow by adding multiple images.

You can collectively import images from your device to Filmora, or else you can also take things from its stock library. Filmora also has a wide range of editing effects, filters, and transitions that can make your content aesthetic and perfect.

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