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Apowersoft Audio Recorder Tutorial and 4 Alternatives

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Nov 24, 21, updated May 20, 24

There are multiple audio recorders available in the market. Not all recorders have what Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder offers. There are many elements that people look at when it comes to streaming audio recording, like high-quality results, the efficiency of the recorder, and many others. Are you in search of a similar tool?

Apowersoft audio recorder is one of the best recorders because it meets the user requirements at all levels. The recorder is very convenient. If you have any doubts regarding the Apowersoft recorder, stay with us till the end because we will discuss things in detail. Let’s start working on it, shall we?

Part 1. Key Features of Apowersoft Audio Recorder

Apowersoft has a Streaming Audio Recorder that allows you to record sound from various locations. The sound recording can be a live stream or music site. With Apowersoft audio recorder, you can do effortless recording from radio or also from audio chats. The features that make the Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder the best option are discussed below.

apowersoft streaming audio recorder

High-Quality recording

Many audio recorders are there for the use of the different consumers, but there are a few that ensure the high quality of the recording. Apowersoft recorder is one of those. It allows you to record microphone and computer recording simultaneously and promises to deliver high-quality recordings. It surely is quite effective!

Audio Compatible Formats

The streaming audio recorder allows you to record and save the audio in multiple formats such as MP3, OGG, or FLAC. The options to pause or play the recording or the volume adjustments are also available and could be done while recording the audio. Quite impressed with this, aren’t you?

ID3 Tag Editor

This is the most amazing feature of the Apowersoft audio recorder that is surprisingly beneficial to music collectors. It helps identify the genre, artist, title, album, year, and even it helps recognize the cover. It’s unlike many more in the market.

Download and Editing

With Apowersoft audio recorder, you can search and download audio from a built-in MP3 downloader. Radio audio can also be recorded easily and edited with the built-in audio editor according to user choices. Sounds perfect for you, doesn’t it?

Part 2. How to Do Streaming Audio Recorder on Apowersoft?

As with the Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder, you can easily record music from different sites, video platforms, radio stations, etc. Its music library has some very classic features for you. Using the Apowersoft audio recorder, you can even convert the format of the recordings. It lets you rename your recordings, remove them from your library, and do many other things that could be done with Apowersoft.

The only question that arises here is how someone could use the streaming audio recorder? Things might seem confusing to you, but they aren't actually. You are suggested to follow the steps shared below to use the Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder. This will surely help you figure it out.

Step 1: The first step that will make your way to streaming audio recorder is to open the official website of Apowersoft and then access its ‘Streaming Audio Recorder’ product. Now simply download and install it.

download apowersoft streaming audio recorder

Step 2: After installation, it’s time to record. For that, you have to hit the ‘Audio Source’ icon and then select your preferred sound option. Now you should tap on the ‘Red’ button to start the recording.

choose input source

Step 3: Once you are satisfied with the recording and you plan to end it, you have to click on the red ‘Pause’ button. The button is a red square in the middle of a circle. After the recording ends, it gets saved in the 'Library.'

stop audio recording

Step 4: You can access the ‘Library’ from the left panel as all the recordings are saved and available there. With Apowersoft audio recorder, you can also manage your audio files after recording them.

access audio library

Part 3. 4 Best Alternatives for Apowersoft Audio Recorder

Although the Apowersoft streaming audio recorder is very popular and known for its versatile features and efficiency still, some people have been looking for alternatives to the Apowersoft audio recorder. To anyone out there who has been searching for good alternatives, let us help you. You will surely find something intriguing.

In this section of the article, we will discuss the 4 best alternatives that could be used instead of using the Apowersoft recorder. They are surely exciting. Let’s proceed to the details!

1. Audacity

The very first alternate recording software that could be used is Audacity. This is a free and open-source audio software. Audacity software is both an audio editor with a multi-track as well as it is an audio recorder. The recording software is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems. Pretty cool, right?

Audacity software can record audio through a mixer, microphone, or even, and it can digitalize recordings from other media. With this recording software, you can import and also edit different sound files. Also, Audacity supports various plugins like LV2, VST, and others. A complete package for you, for sure!

audacity interface

2. Leawo Music Recorder 

Leawo Music Recorder commits to giving audio/music recordings with 100% retained and maintained quality. This is a very powerful music recorder. With Leawo music recording software, you can record music from any online music source, computer audio as well as from any built-in input audio.

By using Leawo recording software, you can also record music from Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, AOL Music, etc. The files are saved in MP3 or WAV format with promising of maintaining their quality. The recorder can also record from Mic. Make the best out of it, easily!

leawo music recorder

3. Free Sound Recorder

Another alternative for the Apowersoft audio recorder is 'Free Sound Recorder.' This sound recorder, as its name indicates, it is free. The recorder does not compromise on the quality of the recordings. With this sound recorder, you can easily capture and record any sound played on your computer. It’s really making things easier for you!

The Free Sound Recorder lets you record the streaming audio broadcast. You can also record phone calls, Skype, voice, notes, and many other audio types. Another classic part of using this Free Sound Recorder is that you can also capture music from YouTube. It surely is on point!

 free sound recorder

4. WavePad

Lastly, let us talk about another crazy alternative. It’s the WavePad audio editing software. The most brilliant feature of WavePad that keeps this software on top is its Batch Processing quality. The recording software is compatible with Windows, macOS, Chromebook versions. Pretty effective, right?

WavePad recorder can do recording from the microphone. It also entertains stream audio recordings. The audio recorder supports various file formats like MP3, WAV, FLA, WMA, M4A, AIF, and many others. WavePad software is very easy to use, with great features and multi-track recording. Do you have the amount to make a choice now?

wavepad recorder application

Concluding Thoughts

Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is well known for its work. The recorder never needs an introduction; still, some people are unaware of its greatness. As promised earlier, the article discussed in detail about Apowersoft Audio Recorder. Its features have been shared, along with the steps required to record audio using this software.

We know how important it is to find the right tool for yourselves! For this, we also talked about 4 brilliant alternatives that could be used instead. After going through this informative guide, every person will know about Apowersoft Audio Recorder. You won’t surely find it difficult to understand now.

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