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VN Video Editor apk Review

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated Jul 17, 24

Video editing is not just for professionals. Everyone can use video editing software to spice up their videos and make artistic videos with transitions, titles, and cool effects. If you are a mobile phone user and looking to get an app for video editing on a mobile phone, then you can find plenty of options. One free and open-source app is VN Video Editor, a great video editor that includes features like Video Trimming, Resizing/Flipping, Image Stabilizer, Cropping, and more.


Nowadays, there are so many video editing apps available. Some are paid, and others are free, but some have limited features. To get the best and most comprehensive video editing experience, you can use VN Video Editor. It comes with advanced audio/video recording and editing capabilities, as well as a built-in camera app that works seamlessly on both phone and tablet.

If you want to try this application, we will tell you more about it. We will review VN Video Editor Apk in detail and will let you know if this app is worth your time or not. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with an introduction.

VN Video Editor - An Overview

VN Video Editor is the best video editing app/editor for mobile phones and tablets that lets you easily create, edit, and share videos on your Android device. It's a very easy way to make stunning videos using your phone's camera and other built-in sensors—record, import, and export all popular video formats on mobile devices. Edit them like a pro using various filters, transitions, and themes.

VN Video Editor is a powerful yet easy-to-use video editor for Android. It allows you to make and edit videos on your phone or tablet with no additional hardware, software or plugins required. This app is especially for editing short videos on mobile phones. It comes with a very nicely designed interface that makes it easy to edit videos.

Whether you're recording live events, shooting clips of friends and family, or compiling footage from social media outlets, VN will help get your project started, allowing you to easily splice together your own movies while incorporating filters and effects as desired.

Features of VN Video Editor?

This video editing app is feature-rich and provides you with many useful tools you can use for on-the-go video editing. Let’s take a look at some of the features.

Easy To Use

VN Video Editor is the best free video editing tool that enables you to cut and splice clips from home movies, family videos, or even music videos. Even though you get the same set of features that are found in some of the more expensive software, VN Video Editor is very easy to use. Its interface is clean and simple to navigate.

This program can be used to keep a copy of your essential home video or as a way to make short films of holidays and special events. The program can also be used by teachers as a way to keep copies of educational videos and lectures for students.


It comes with a lot of features that make it a perfect match for both amateurs and professionals. The multilayer timeline makes it easier for you to handle multiple tracks at the same time. It's just like various video editing apps that only work on pc. You have the green screen and chrome key option, so you can easily remove and change the background of your videos. You have options for adjusting the keyframe and masking. The support for sharing your videos across different platforms is also there. Overall, you have pretty much everything here that you need to edit your videos.

Sound And Music Options

This app allows you to edit the sound of your videos also. You can add any music of your choice to your videos. You can mark the music rhythm just like you do in professional PC video editors. You have the support for multiple soundtracks, and you can also adjust the duration of your soundtracks. So, now you can edit your videos with a diverse music style.

Great Video Effects

You can add plenty of effects to your videos using this mobile app. You can add title slides, text animations, and overlays, etc. You can freely change your video speed as you want. There is the support of the LUT filter, and you can add plenty of transitions between your videos. Overall the effects pack of this video editor is pretty awesome.

Simple Save and Share Options

In this video editor, you can easily save videos to your gallery with just a few clicks. You also have different buttons to share your edited videos to different platforms like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, etc.

Final Verdict

VN Video Editor is a mobile-based video editing app. It is an easy and powerful tool to edit all kinds of videos, especially with HD quality. With it, you can trim, crop, merge and rotate your photos, add watermarks, and so much more for both Android and IOS users. However, it does not support some advanced video editing features. If you are looking for such features, you can consider Filmora X Video Editor. It has the most professional features, including Magic Cut, Smart Blur, and other features that you don't find in many other apps.

So, if you edit videos occasionally and don't need many professional results, then you can go for vn video editor apk download. Otherwise, head to the wondershare website and download the Filmora X video editor on your desktop to get professional results.

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