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Best Online GIF to Image (PNG/JPG) Converter

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Apr 20, 22, updated May 20, 24
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There are times you may need to convert GIFs into PNG or PNG and avoid losing image quality. Yet still, it can be tricky to carry this out without losing quality. This is the reason you need a powerful third-party image converter. So today, I will give you a list of the best GIF to image converters online. Let's dive right in!

In addition, before jumping right into the conversion processes, it is paramount to know that many of these tools are free-to-all and offer exciting customization options. However, some might have specific requirements or conversion size limits. That aside, let's now discuss how we can convert GIF into PNG online:

Part 1: Best Online GIF to PNG/JPG Converters


This method can transfer GIF to JPG or PNG online, i.e., it does not require users to download any third-party software. In addition, it supports a wide range of formats, including PNG, WMA, SWF, image, documents, ZIP, MOV, etc.

This is a straightforward process: upload your image and choose the required format. Then input your email address, and the converter will send you a mail within minutes with the conversion.



  • Images, documents, audio and video files, ebooks, archival files, and webpages can all be converted with FileZigZag.
  • Users will upload or drag a file to the platform.
  • It supports a wide range of conversion formats.
  • Convert files in minutes

It is convenient and free to use

The process is effortless, and the conversion speed is moderate

it provides users with sharing option

convert images in a real-time


You need to wait for a confirmation email, making it a little slow compared to other converters.

CoolUtils Online Image Converter

This is an online converter that gets rid of the need to download any software. In addition, you can get the conversion without wasting any time, and there is no need to wait for an email link.


  • To convert your files from GIF to JPG, PNG to JPG, and JPG to PNG, JPEG, or TIFF.
  • Drag and drop your source file.
  • Convert file online in a matter of seconds.

It allows users to rotate and resize the image before conversion.

It is compatible with nearly all operating system

It supports many file formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, etc.


As of now, nothing in particular


This is a comprehensive GIF to PNG and JPG online converter that helps users convert GIF files to any photo format, including PNG and JPG format, for free.


  • Allows the addition of GIF files from your computer directly without downloading any programs to your PC.
  • It requires only a few steps in converting GIF to JPG format
  • It supports several video and photo formats in converting different formats easily

It is 100% simple to use

Support various input and output formats

No software installation is required

The software is free for conversions up to 100MB


Most users say the conversion process is a little too slow

The restriction of free conversion up to 100 MB makes it difficult in converting huge files


This is a free GIF to JPG converter that allows you to turn your GIF into an image with a single click leaving no watermark on the picture. In addition, the process is relatively easy to use as you need to upload a GIF file up to 35MB, then click the "Convert " button, and your image will be ready.



  • It performs most picture editing tasks, such as scaling, optimization, and cropping.
  • Making, optimizing, trimming, and resizing animated GIFs with gifsicle and lossygif.
  • For video conversions and editing, use FFmpeg.

Fast and free

No watermark

No Ads

No software downloads


It is sometimes slow

Xn Convert

This online editing tool is a complete package that enables you to choose more than 80 different operations, which include the following:


  • It allows Metadata Editing, i.e., editing the data before saving and converting it.
  • Transform your pictures as well as resize, rotate, etc.
  • Colors can adjust according to users' preference
  • Includes the addition of different filters, including emboss, sharpen, blur, etc.
  • Users can do special effects like; vignetting, watermarking, etc.

Supports 500+ formats

Available on Mac, Windows, and Linux OS

Available in 20+ different languages

Advanced options available.


Some specific programs require constant updates.


This is a free web-based GIF to JPG Converter that lets users add pictures for editing by uploading, linking, URL, etc. It is a customizable, lightweight tool for free editing images and photos online.



  • Shrink and enlarge your photos
  • It can crop your images for print or social media.
  • Flip and rotate your pictures.
  • Reduce the file size of your photos to the desired quality or disk size.
  • Get web-ready image files by converting your photos or graphics into BMP, GIF. JPG or PNG format

It is an easy-to-use software

Support many formats

Compatible with a lot of Operating System

Allows changing the quality of the output file


There are limited settings compared to other editing software

Free Image Convert and Resize

This is a free Image Convert and Resize editor that is compact yet powerful for batch mode image processing. In addition, the program can easily convert separate images and file folders containing images into different renames, graphic formats, and reorders and changes their size following the set parameters. The supported image file formats for this software include; JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TGA, and PDF (export only).


  • It is a compact program required for batch mode image processing.
  • It allows the conversion of separate images and file folders to resize them accordingly
  • The software is safe to run and use
  • There is an option to install additional features according to your requirement

A secure option for beginners.

This small program is quite light on your system.

It is customizable.


Not all image format is supported compared to other converters


This software allows the conversion of all your digital pictures for sending email, on your website, posting on auction sites, etc. It provides a straight way to batch convert your digital images according to your need and add your watermark.


  • Allows users to carry out batch conversion
  • Enables users to import multiple photos from a folder
  • Allows users to add their watermark
  • Users can rotate, resize, and alter the images before and after conversion.
  • Enables the creation of thumbnail pictures
  • Users can upload their pictures to a dedicated server using the built-in FTP client.

The online help desk is highly responsive

Exceptional quality

Reasonable price

There are no prerequisites related to knowledge or experience.

Massive demands


Based on users’ preferences, nothing major.

Based on the above list, we have picked two excellent GIF to PNG and GIF to JPG converters that will serve you the best across the industry. Let us look at them one by one.

Part 2: How to Convert GIF to PNG?

Undeniably, Convertio is the clearest GIF to PNG online converter on this list. The numbered steps make it super-easy to use as users can convert GIF to PNG, TIFF, TGA, JPG, BMP, and many others.

Step 1: Access the Website and Add Files

Log in to Convertio and click the Add Files button to add your GIF file. You can besides directly drag and drop your GIF file to the timeline.

Accesz website

Step 2: Search and Choose the Format

Open the File drop-down list and select PNG open under the Image Formats.

Choose file

Step 3: Convert and Download

Finally, click the Convert Now button to convert GIF to PNG.

Part 3: How to Convert GIF to JPG?

Ezgif is also a robust GIF converter that supports converting any image format to JPG without losing quality. It also supports the conversion of GIFs to other formats like PNG, WebP, or PDF formats.

Step 1: Import GIF

After logging in to the website and clicking the Choose file button to import your local GIF file, you can import multiple files having a total file size of less than 35MB.

import gif

Step 2: Start Editing GIF

Next is to click the Upload button to start editing your GIF file (cut, add text, resize, rotate) before converting it.

Start Editing Gif

Step 3: Convert to APNG and Save

Finally, click the Convert to APNG! button to start converting, and your image is ready.


This article gave a detailed breakdown of GIF to PNG converter and explained how to convert GIF into JPG or PNG effectively.

Also, in the last two parts, you got details on how to use Convertio and Ezgif to convert GIF to PNG in a few simple steps.

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