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How to Do a Green Screen Composite with DaVinci Resolve

If you are working as a colorist, then there are few chances that you will get a pre-keyed footage for processing. Your VFX specialist or editor might have worked upon basic settings and he has brought the green screen shot for your work. He will simply send a composite shot to you for color grading. If you want to remove that green screen effect then you may need to follow the easy to understand guide as discussed below in this article.

An Easier Way to Make a Green Screen Composite

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If you need a faster and easier service to process green screen videos, then we recommend using Wondershare Filmora. Here you can achieve desired results within three basic steps:

  • Simply import your desired media files to software timeline.
  • Add the green screen effect into video and preview the results.
  • Finally, save and share your content directly over Facebook or YouTube. It can also be burned to DVD or saved to mobile phones for future needs.

Learn more about green screen

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How to do a Green Screen Composite in DaVinciResolve?

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If you are ready to perform the Green Screen composite on your DaVinci Resolve platform, then you need to follow these simple steps:

step 1: First of all you need to set up your timeline. To do this, simply drag the desired set of video clips and drop them on the media pool of DaVinci Resolve. Next, move to the Edit page and make efforts to drag the element of green screen clip to timeline.

step 2: Go to the Color page and then choose your green screen clip. Preview it in the Node Editor window and then create your node.

color page node

step 3: Now click the Qualifier palette (the Eyedropper tool) in the toolbar. In Qualifier palette window, you can isolate green background from your content with the controls. You can take help from highlight visualize tool to check black and white form of image that provides information about what is selected on screen.

qualifier window

step 4: After following all above steps, now you have to select the natural position of green screen clip and then simply move to Selection Range for choosing your Picker icon, and then choose the green part of your video.

step 5: You need to choose the Invert icon from Selection Range. Just click at any random position on your node editor and next choose “Add Alpha Output”. As, the default settings for every project use to be with green screen elements over frames, so when you need to remove them then this invert tool will help you. The ultimate goal is to get a background with complete black appearance whereas subject must have white color.

selection range

step 6: Connect the Qualifier node with the Alpha Output.

alpha output

step 7: Fine Tune your basic green screen video. If you want to improve quality of your content then you can also apply few additional settings in terms of highlight, soft, zoom by doing adjustments for Matte Finesse parameters as per need.

step 8: If there is something that should not appear in the green screen video, you can use the Power Window controls to clear it.

power window

This advanced Power Window feature helps you to isolate few specific portions of image as per need. It allows development of unlimited power windows where you can access gradient, liner, circular and PowerCurve shapes; they can also be combined to create interesting effects using mask controls and matte control facilities. These windows are capable enough to follow objects independently using new single point tracker and multi point tracker tools.

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