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How to Fix Live Video Interrupted on Facebook?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated May 20, 24
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Are you experiencing Facebook live video problems? Is your live video interrupted on Facebook? You can get a 'broadcast interrupted' message when the Facebook servers don't work promptly. You can also get this notification when you exceed your broadband bandwidth. It can happen because of a poor internet connection. Another common cause is a firewall that prevents the information from reaching the servers quickly enough.

This article explores the causes of why this might happen. You can also access the solutions to help you offset Facebook live video problems in the future. Let's look at how to fix live video interruptions on Facebook.

Part 1. Why Does Facebook Live Keep Stopping?

You might be wondering, 'why does my live stream keep stopping?'. Well, we have a few possible reasons why your Facebook live stream keeps stopping. The basic reason could be that the broadcaster's network connection might be down. It happens if the broadcaster's connection is weak. If the network connectivity is poor, then that could be why Facebook live is interrupted.

Your PC and mobile devices (iOS and Android) share a single internet connection. Regardless of having many active connections, your devices will likely use only one. It's typically WiFi, mobile data, or a wired connection. If your internet signal is weak or spotty, your device will lose packets. Packets are small amounts of data.

error occurred when loading page facebook

It can look like you've lost connection or graphics may fail to load, or the live feed can collapse. Especially if you've exhausted your data availability. One way to check if the problem is on your end is to run an internet speed test. This can indicate if this is due to network failure. This can cause your Facebook live video problems.

This decides that cause is not on your end. What remains is that it can be the fault of your internet service provider. It can be difficult to pin down as a layperson if this is the case. You can always use tools available online to check if your service provider is the issue or not.

can’t go live error on facebook

There can be a few other reasons why Facebook live gets choppy or interrupted. It can also stem from your browser's cache being full. You may have forgotten to disable your adblock. One more thing you can look into is the firewall in place. A firewall is located either on your personal computer or the network. Your firewall works by blocking the internet ports essential for communication. If your firewall blocks these portals during live streams, you can also experience blockages.

adblockers interrupting facebook live stream

So, now that we've highlighted some underlying causes that could prevent Facebook live videos from streaming. Let's look at how we can resolve these issues in the next section.

Part 2. How to Solve Facebook Live Stream Keeps Stopping?

In this section, we're going to address the problem of 'why does Facebook live keep stopping?' There are two ways to approach this. If you're the streamer, then this method is for you.

Method 1: Troubleshoot Live Videos

Are you experiencing some issues when going live from your page? These are the steps you need to take to resolve the issue.

Look for Error Messages: Once you initiate the broadcast, the events are logged. The simplest way to see what issues exist in your live stream is to check the 'Event Log.' This log will show if any errors exist, and it will pinpoint where. You can also use filters to show you warnings or alerts for your issues.

something went wrong error on facebook

Method 2: Use this Checklist

If you're a streamer, then this checklist can be essential to pinpoint the issue.

  1. You can use a web browser from your personal computer to ensure you go live from your computer.
  2. It takes approximately ten seconds for your live stream to appear in the preview section. Wait the whole ten seconds to check if the stream has gone live or not.
  3. Check if you have stable broadband. You can do this by using internet speed tests available online.
  4. Remember to disable any adblocking software or browser plugins. They might have a hand in your stream not loading. It might also halt the video player from loading.
  5. Check your firewall settings to make sure the internet ports are allowed to communicate. If your internet ports can't communicate to the live stream, you will have issues streaming.
  6. One simple fix is to check if your live stream URL is correct. If you've pasted an incorrect URL, it can result in live stream errors.
  7. If your internet is not stable, go to Settings > Live Producer > check 'End live video if the stream stops.'
  8. Use a wired connection for extra security for your connection.
  9. Keep your wireless connection only for the stream. Boot off colleagues, friends, and family by changing the password before the broadcast. You can also keep the line exclusively to broadcast your live streams.
  10. Use 'Publish as test broadcast' to check if the live stream is in order.

publish as a test broadcast facebook

Those were a run-through checklist of fixes you can use to help your video stream live without any issues. Let's now turn our attention to issues stemming from the viewer's side. If you're a viewer checking in to see your favorite streamer. Then the next few fixes apply to you. You can look through the following solutions to find one that works for you.

Method 3. Poor Connections

The two main points for failure tend to be the speed and stability of your internet connections. Here is what you can do to keep from asking 'why is my Facebook live stream choppy?'

  1. Find a location with a strong WiFi connection. If you're viewing on mobile, you can skip using mobile data and watch it on WiFi instead.
  2. Check to see if your battery level is too low to view the stream or not. If so, charge your phone.
  3. This step might be a bit extreme, but if you're on mobile. You can block incoming calls. This will prevent interruptions of the stream.

poor connection on facebook

Method 4: Clear Browser Cache

Let's see how we can clear the browser cache to enhance streaming. These are the steps you need to take to clear the browser cache.

Google Chrome:

  1. Open chrome. Look for three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the browser. Click on that.
  2. Select 'More tools'
  3. Tap on 'Clear browsing data' or press Ctrl+Shift+Del keys simultaneously.
  4. Choose the time range you want the browser history cleared. Select 'All time' for a full wipe.
  5. Click on 'Cached images and files' along with other options.
  6. Click 'Clear data.'

clear browsing data on google chrome

Method 5: Disable Adblock

One way to prevent your live streams from getting disrupted is to disable your Adblock. There are options within the browser extension that you can use. There is also a carte-blanche option. This works for all ad-blockers.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on 'Manage Add-ons'

Step 3: Select 'Toolbars and Extensions'

Step 4: Right-click your ad-block and tap on the 'Disable' button.

disable extension to stop live stream interruptions

Those were the steps you need to take to fix any Facebook live video problems. Now, if you want to ensure you don't experience problems with the video you're hoping to stream.

As a content creator, you might have fans who missed the live part of the streaming. They would still watch your content. You can turn this into an opportunity to polish your live video. Cut out pauses, edit the video to enhance the audio quality of the Facebook live stream. You can do all this and more with Wondershare Filmora’s video editor.

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The Filmora studio lets you import any new project to the timeline. You can add mesmerizing visual effects and transitions to improve the quality of your video. The Filmora video editor makes it easy for amateur and experienced video editors to create a cinematic masterpiece.

navigating wondershare filmora video editor


In this article, we've explored the different Facebook live video problems. We've also taken you step-by-step through the solutions you can implement to get your internet up to scratch. Your network connections can create live stream interruptions. Some issues can be from the broadcaster's end. Other issues are created from the internet provider's service issues.

We've helped you troubleshoot live video issues by recommending fixes. You also have access to a checklist of quick things to look for. These solutions can save time when you're running late. You have a pretty comprehensive list of problems you'll encounter and their solutions with this. You can be sure to find the solution you need from this.