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8 Free And Online Facebook Link Downloaders

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 21, 21, updated May 20, 24
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If you've watched a compelling video on Facebook and want to save it. You might be wondering what you have to do to save the file. With these steps, you don't need to download unnecessary software. You can use a Facebook link downloader to save the file to your device.

This article can also teach you how to work with Facebook video downloaders using links. If you want to download a beautiful song from a video, you can use the Facebook link to convert it to mp3.

Let's look at how we can do this using the websites below.

Mp3 Download option
Choose Download Format
Save Private Videos
App/Browser Extension Available
Only Facebook Videos

Top 1. was formerly known as ' The fastest Facebook video downloader boasts videos in "Normal Quality" and' HD Quality.' This makes it easy for the user to decide if they want a larger file size with clearer video. You can also opt for normal file size with average video clarity.

downloading a Facebook video with also allows users to download Facebook live streaming. This can be done only after the stream is complete. If you're worried about copyright issues, you can always download the video without any sound.

Users with privacy concerns can rest easy. Fdown serves do not store the downloaded videos on their servers. So, the videos of your friends and families at happy occasions can remain secure on Facebook servers only.

Top 2. is a good alternative website for downloading Facebook videos using links. You can simply enter the link address in the search bar and click on "Download." This website allows users to choose the format they want to download the video.

downloading Facebook video with

One thing to note is that the website will not allow users to download private Facebook videos. You can bypass this using the chrome extension of SaveFrom.Net. However, it is up to the users to be aware of the copyright laws and look out for them when using the extension. The extension works only on desktop devices and not mobile devices.


Getfvid is an exciting new spin on link video downloader from social media sites like FB and Instagram. It has a simple and minimal user interface. Simply copy the link.

From your favorite creator, paste the link in the search box of Getfvid.

This allows users to download the video in either 'Normal' or 'HD quality. This website allows users to download even private videos from a Facebook link straight to mp4 format. You can use the link online instead of with a chrome extension.

downloading Facebook video with getfvid link

An unexpected bonus of using this site is that it will allow users to download the video directly from the desktop to their mobile with a simple QR code scan.

Getfvid does not store the videos on their servers but also does not track the download history of the users. This assures users of the highest privacy available.


Snapsave is an unconventional choice for Facebook video downloader links. Thanks to Facebook's policy of not allowing videos to be downloaded in high quality with sound. The Snapsave website downloads higher-quality videos and syncs them with the audio.

Select the link to the video you want to download. Secondly, go to the website. Enter the link into the provided box. Click on 'Download' to enjoy your favorite videos offline.

Snapsave can save videos in up to 4k quality. Please note that you can do this only over the Snapsave app. You can download the app on Play Store or App Store.

download unicef video with

Snapsave allows you to post the saved videos directly to any of your social media handles. Just be sure to check copyright issues if you're a creator.

With a private Facebook video link download option, you can download private videos as well. So, you can happily save a video of your family's favorite events.

Top 5. does exactly what it says on the tin. You can directly download the video on FB link to the video. Simply copy the link address of the video you want to download. Follow this up by going to '' on your favorite browser. Enter the link into the provided box to convert the Facebook link to the video

One bonus benefit of using this website is converting the Facebook video directly to an mp3 format. This downloader comes with no limitations on the number of downloads, so you can make your offline playlist.

download UNICEF video on

You also have the added benefit of downloading the video directly from your pc to your mobile using a simple QR code that you can. You can use your camera to trigger the download into your phone.

If you happen to get an "invalid link" error, then it is most probably due to the video's privacy settings. In this case, you need to use the "Private Video Downloader" button on the right-hand side of the home screen.

This downloader abides by copyright laws and does not store your videos, so your anonymity is maintained. You can also download Facebook Video Live as soon as the live video is streamed.

Top 6.

This functions entirely online. It lets users download only Facebook and Instagram videos. Simply click on the share button and "Copy Link" to the chosen video. Go to Paste the link onto the search bar. Select 'Download.'

download UNICEF video on

This allows users to download the video in various file formats like 720p, 360p, 1080p, or 540p as opposed to the standard two. Users can also download their videos in an mp3 format.

You would only see an error message when using this video downloader because the video was made private, has access restricted by country, or was deleted. You cannot download links that are not from Facebook or Instagram.

Top 7. SaveAs.Co is a website geared towards Mac users more than Windows users. You can copy the video link from Facebook. Go to Safari and open the website. Paste the link in the query box. Select "Download" to save the file in either High Definition or Normal Resolution.

On Windows, the procedure remains the same. Aside from using browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in place of Safari.

download unicef video on makes a practice of not storing any material on their servers as they could be subject to piracy laws or copyright laws. This, in turn, means that they do not save your personal information. allows you to use their website in multiple languages. This is a new feature not seen on other websites.

Top 8.

You can download FB videos online using Expertsphp website. It's a free version of the Facebook video downloader. Remember to not confuse this version of the video downloader with the Pinterest version. They are separate and will likely not support each other's link formats.

So, to download a video from Facebook. Copy the link URL of the video you want. Go to the Expertsphp website. Paste the link in the link box. Click on "Download."

download unicef video on

This will give you the option of saving the file in either Normal or 720p formats. You can choose between them for quality. You can choose this downloader to use as one of the fastest downloaders on the internet.

Bonus Tip: Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software is a bonus that comes in handy when you want to edit the Facebook videos you've downloaded. With premium editing features like remastering to 4k, gif support, and ambient noise suppression. This editor is primed to enhance the video quality of the video.

use wondershare filmora for video editing

This makes it an ideal software for you to practice video editing. In addition to this, you also benefit from the stabilization of video and audio mixing and automatic reframing. Turn the videos into a more vivid and vibrant art form with color correction, tuning, and audio equalization.


How many of you have observed that you are more glued to viewing videos on Facebook or other social media platforms than before?

A video, without question, is more effective in capturing the audience's attention. Downloading videos from Facebook can help you save recipes, how-to manuals to fixing software glitches, or a funny video to cheer you up.

The above-mentioned Facebook video downloaders function by link and can be downloaded online directly to your devices. Some even boast direct conversion to mp3, which saves you time looking for your favorite songs.