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40 Creative Christmas Greeting Video Making Ideas

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
For the Inspired - Wondershare Filmora

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When you're putting together a Christmas greeting video, it might be difficult to figure out what you want to say. So, we've tried to alleviate some of the stress by coming up with several distinct methods to share merry Christmas video greetings.

Use one of the greetings from the list below, or combine several to create your own unique message, whether you're releasing Christmas marketing videos to improve your company's sales, or just sending seasonal love from your friends or your family.

Part 1:What do you say in a Merry Christmas Video?

1. Funny Christmas greetings

● A Merry Christmas to you, full of wonderful moments and even better wine, I said on Facebook.

● Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May Santa bring you all the things you want, particularly if it comes with a trunk and four tires!

● Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Wish I had spent more money, but I'm hoping you didn't spend too much on anything I'd want to get.

● Wishing you a delicious cookie season! After all, Santa Claus isn't the only one who likes a good, sugary snack.

● Merry Christmas, you dirty beast! says the narrator.

● When the world is full of Scrooges, it's good to be a Grinch! At the very least, he has a lovely puppy. Merry Christmas! says, everyone.

● Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! You needn't be concerned since this card has been SANTA-sized!

● Santa has informed me that you have been very excellent this year...

● I explained to him that it was just a lack of opportunities. Merry Christmas! says, everyone.

2. Christmas Greetings in the Traditional Style

● Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I wish you all of the happiness in the world, I write.

● I wish you peace and pleasure during the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

● Christmas is a time for gathering with family and friends, sharing food, and enjoying the camaraderie. Thank you for your support, and I wish you nothing but the best this holiday season.

● I wish you a festive season filled with love, peace, and pleasure!

● Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May you be blessed with an abundance of benefits in the future year.

● May you and your family have a season filled with light and joy this Christmas season.

● It is individuals like you that contribute to the sacredness and significance of Christmas. Merry Christmas! says, everyone.

● 'Gifts come and go, but what is truly important are the individuals who provide joy to our lives throughout the year. Thank you very much!

3. Christmas Greetings for Friends Who Live a Long Distance Away

● The North Pole's Santa Claus has a good idea. Once a year, I go around to see folks. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

● Although we maintain our social distance, I'd want to come within six feet of your grin if at all possible. Merry Christmas! says, everyone.

● I'm going to miss bringing elfies with me to see you for Christmas this year. Perhaps we can say cheese from a distance!

● They believe that time apart makes the heart grow fonder, says the author. I suppose this signifies that my heart is overflowing with happiness. I adore you, but I love you more. Merry Christmas! says, everyone.

● Although I miss celebrating Christmas with you, I know that our wonderful memories will keep me warm throughout the holiday season.

● We're physically separated, but we're united in our hearts, she says.

● It would be wonderful if Santa could bring you here on his sleigh, but I suppose I'll have to make do with a video or phone call.

4. Messages to Include in Your Christmas Cards to Show Your Support

● During this Christmas season, I'm sending you love, strength, and steadfast support.

● I understand that this has been a very difficult year. I wish you and your family nothing but the best in the future. Merry Christmas! says, everyone.

● The last year has been everything but cheery and sunny writes the author. Thank you for your time and consideration. I wish you love, light, and a great year ahead.

● Even though things haven't been easy for you over the last year and a half, I want you to know that my genuine best wishes are with you during this Christmas season.

● I wish you a calm and stress-free Christmas so that you can rejuvenate for the new year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

● May the love of your support system keep you elevated this Christmas season, especially during this cold and often lonely season.

5. Romantic

● Your love is the nicest Christmas present I could possibly get. Thank you for everything. Merry Christmas to you, my darling!

● You're the partridge on my pear tree, says the author.

● Because you're in my life, Christmas has become even more amazing!

● Christmas wishes to someone who is sweeter than a candy cane, who warms me more than a cup of hot chocolate, and who fills my heart with delight more than the most expensive gift under the tree!

● The only thing I like more than Christmas is spending time with you.

● It's not what's beneath the tree that matters; it's who's surrounding the tree that counts. Every year, I am really delighted to have you as a guest.

● You've put a smile on my face this Christmas.

● Even though we are apart, you are in my thoughts and prayers this Christmas.

● Forget about the mistletoe; you may kiss me whenever you want to.

● All I want for Christmas is for you to be with me.

● I consider myself very fortunate to be sharing another Christmas with you!

● Merry Christmas to you! You're the most thoughtful present someone could give me.

● Holidays like Christmas make me realize how fortunate I am to be able to share my life with you.

● The fact that we are all together making Christmas special.

Part 2:How to Make a Christmas Greeting Video with Filmora

Making a Merry Christmas greeting video clip and watching it while enjoying a cozy dinner with your loved ones seems like a great idea. This week, you will learn a quick and easy method to create a Christmas greeting video in 2021 using the latest Filmora release.

Whether you're creating a new Christmas greeting video from a collection of short clips or editing an old one, Filmora can assist you in completing the process swiftly. With a simple drag and drop, you can create visually appealing films by adding Christmas effects, music, text, photographs, and any other components you like.

Step1 import the video files.

To begin, open the software and choose the IMPORT option. Then choose and add the files for editing or merging. Drag and drop video files from the media library into the timeline provided below to access basic editing tools. You may further split the video into segments with the scissor or by selecting the segment of the video to show.

import files into Filmora
Step2 Adding music.

It's quite simple to add music to imported videos. Simply click on the Audio button at the top to see all of the music files in the media library. You may pick any audio file, whether it is a music file or another kind of audio sound. After selecting the file, drag and drop it into the timeline for additional editing.

add music to video
Step3 Adding text.

Additionally, Filmora allows you to include animated text into your film. The procedure is the same for it as well. Select the Titles tab and type the text you want to include. Drag and drag it into the timeline, and you may control the duration of the text display in the movie. After you've finished composing the new text, you may choose the video time for which the content should be shown.

 add text to your video in Filmora
Step4 Adding Effects, Filters, and Overlays.

You may access the available effects by clicking on the Effects tab. Drag and drop any file into the timeline. Filters may be used to alter the effects or length of an occurrence, while overlays can alter the backdrop effects, such as magnifying the video in the background.

adding effects
Step5 Adding emotion elements and transition effects.

By clicking on the components, you will be presented with a list of emotional factors. Choose one of these items and specify the period for which it should be shown. The Transition option allows users to add up to a hundred transition effects that will alternate between them based on the time limit specified.

add emotional effects
Step6 Split screen.

The Split Screen option divides the screen into two halves that may be used to show separate movies or segments of the same video. It is entirely up to you how you use this function and increase the visual appeal of your film.

split screen effect
Step7 Exporting the video:

Once you're through editing the video, you have a variety of options for sharing and saving it. You may choose the format in which you wish to save your work from the available alternatives. Additionally, you may pick the device type for which you want to store the movie; it will automatically select the appropriate format.

export your xmas greeting video

Interesting, but yet straightforward, isn't it? Consider the following new Christmas greeting overlays, Text Effects, and motion components available in Filmora.


As you can see, there are a variety of excellent options for creating great Xmas greeting videos this year. If you want to make your own Christmas greeting video, you may either download Filmora stand-alone software to do so or utilize its online tool. All of the features listed above are available for free, and you can get a free trial version to try out first before committing to a paid subscription. However, you choose to spend your time, Xmas greetings video templates are now available for you to build and alter in almost any manner that you choose, so why not get started right now and make personalized greeting movies for your friends and family. You will not be disappointed, and hundreds of individuals have previously tried and succeeded in doing so! It's even possible to pre-record a message for your video if you so choose!

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