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How to Create A Warm Mother’s Day Slideshow?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Apr 24, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
Mother's Day Slideshow Maker - Wondershare Filmora

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Mothers are extremely important to every person in their life. Being the only individual who recognizes and realizes your problems like hers, a mother has a special part of everyone's heart. An individual that only depicts love and ecstasy for her kids, it is our responsibility to be good to our mothers and help them when we come of age.

There are many ways of showing your love to your mother. One example is a Happy Mother’s Day slideshow that can show the great times you have with your mother. To make your mother joyful on this mother's day, you should surely look towards making a Mother’s Day slideshow to make her laugh and remember the beautiful days she has spent in her life.

Part 1: Preparation for a Mother’s Day Slideshow

There are many things that you should look into before preparing a perfect slideshow for your mother. This includes many prominent procedures and mechanisms to be converged perfectly to help you make something extremely good. To prepare a good Mother’s Day slideshow, you need to prepare the following things. It is recommended that you go for the following pointers when setting up the slideshow:

preparation steps for mother’s day slideshow

Find Out the Editor

You need to figure out the editor that would fit the requirements for setting up the slideshow. The editor should contain all necessary elements and features that can be used to make a slideshow for your mother.

Settle All Images

Find out all the images that would bring your mother down a memory lane. These images should be on point and should provide the viewers with an emotional pace in the slideshow. Make sure the images are perfect in quality for effective results.

Use Appropriate Music

The music selected for the slideshow should be relevant to Mother's Day. Your selection should depict a song of love and elegance, which can be used across a slideshow in the best manner.

Add In Effects and Transitions

To make your video look more attractive, you need to add effects and transitions that would enhance the quality of the slideshow and make it look better in all senses. The selection of the editor is highly relevant to the availability of proper effects and transitions.

Part 2: Best Mother’s Day Songs for Slideshow

If you are finding the right song for your Mother’s Day slideshow, we have some explicit and perfect examples of songs to use in your slideshows. Look through these songs to select the best one for this purpose.

Classical Times

Are you searching for proper Mother’s Day songs for slideshow? This genre of music provides you with very unique and ephemeral details to express the memories with your mother. The beauty of the slideshow is enhanced with the help of such songs.

Acoustic Happy Folk

A warm and joyful feeling can be sensed with the help of this music. You can consider using this for your slideshow if the video is about something important in the world. The name completely expresses the idea of what it can be used to present to the viewers.

Blue Brothers Jazz

This song is a unique representation of jazz with saxophone and trumpet. You can utilize it across your Mother’s Day slideshow for a better representation of sounds in a modern style. This can be quite significant in portions where the user needs to display proper scenes.

Happy Banjo

This Mother's Day song for slideshow is a different approach to music and songs in slideshows. Users consider such a song for their video in the light of making it displayable for the viewers. If you wish to really show the basic idea of your slideshow, this is the perfect song for you.

Jazz cafe Guitar

As it goes by the name, this form of music is considered to be one of the best sounds that can be used in any video. If you are making a new video with some basic edits, you can consider this song for proper results considering you are presenting the journey of a mother.

Guitar Republica

If your idea is to make your viewers emotional, your music should have a similar essence. This version of the music is a keen representation of the idea, which makes it perfect for making a Mother’s Day slideshow.

Chilling Day

Ambience is the key to the success of any slideshow. Since your idea is based on applauding your mother for her hard work, such a song is a clear explanation of what she has achieved. It helps make the perfect environment for the users.

Life Needs More Happiness

This music is a depiction of a good mood. If you are finding Mother’s Day songs for slideshow, this music is surely the perfect option if you wish to make the best mood out of your audience.

Part 3: Best Mother’s Day Images for Slideshow

There are several images that can be used across the slideshow for showing the right message to the viewers about the video. To make the slideshows more engaging, you may consider using the following images for your help.

A Vase of Flowers On A Table

This image has vast usability in terms of the idea it represents. Since flowers are a delicate and beautiful object of nature, they are surely a great way to depict the beauty of your mother. Thus, it can serve as a good image for your Happy Mother’s Day slideshow.

vase of flowers on table

Baby Holding Her Mother

Mothers are known for their hardships in their early childhood. They have taken great care of you, and to show the connection a toddler has with her mother, this image surely gives the narrative that a mother keeps for her children. A great way to appreciate your mothers.

baby holding her mother

A Close Up Of A Rose

Mothers are like roses, the most beautiful flowers that can exist on the planets. Such images can serve a great purpose across Mother’s Day slideshow. To make your slideshows more inclusive, you can consider using such images as per your desire.

close up of a rose

Emotional Mother With Her Child

This image shows how emotional a mother's character is for her children. A mother can go beyond giving her life to her children. While making a slideshow to show your mother's hardships, you can use such curating images to smoothen out the emotions in the viewers.

emotional mother with her child

Mother Hugging Her Crying Son

When you cry, your mother cries for your pain. This image is what shows what a mother goes through when you are in pain. Using such an image gives an example and helps you set a precedent of what a mother does for you. You should surely use it in your Happy Mother’s Day slideshow.

mother hugging her crying son

Mother In Dress With Daughter

The use of such an image is a clear standardization of cuteness in a mother and daughter relationship. When you consider using such an image in a slideshow, it clearly shows that a mother is always there for you in all kinds of events and situations.

mother in dress with daughter

Woman Holding Her Newborn

The person that is the happiest at bearing a child is the mother that takes care of you even before you are born. This image shows the connection a mother has with her newborn and the ecstasy she has in her mind about having her child. This sense is one of the greatest, which should be shown in a Mother’s Day slideshow.

woman holding her newborn

A Bouquet of Flowers In A Vase On A Table

The use of such images in a slideshow is a continuation of the content that you are developing across it. Flowers are a clear association with innocence and greatness, which directly connects with a mother's character and role. You should use such images in your slideshow to make them look more attractive.

bouquet of flowers

Part 4: How to Make a Heartful Mother’s Day Slideshow in Minutes?

Are you looking forward to making a Mother’s Day slideshow for your mother? This part will help you use Wondershare Filmora for making perfect slideshows for your mothers. If you wish to be flawless in your design, you should consider using this platform for the sake of perfection.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Filmora

Before starting, make sure that you have the latest version of Wondershare Filmora 11 installed on your device. Once installed successfully, launch it.

download filmora 11 editor

Step 2: Start from Instant Mode

On the screen that opens on the front, you need to click on the "Instant Mode" to start making your slideshow for Mother's Day. Rather than opening a new project, you are directed to the templates to start.

access instant mode filmora

Step 3: Set Up Slideshow

As you see the screen of different templates, proceed to the “Slideshow” section and click “See All.” A new screen opens on the front. Proceed to select “Slideshow” from the “Styles” section and click on “Photo Memory Slides” to play the template to see how you can use it for your Mother’s Day slideshow.

select filmora slideshow template

Step 4: Import Content

Now, click on the "Use This Template" button to load it into the editor. On the next screen, click on the "Import your Media" option in the center and add at least five images for your slideshow.

tap on use this template

Step 5: Use Auto Create Feature

Once you have added all the necessary images for your slideshow, click on “Auto Create” to create a slideshow automatically according to the selected template. The creation takes some time to execute.

click on auto create button

Step 6: Edit the Generated Slideshow

After the automatic creation of the slideshow is completed, you can then proceed to make some edits across it. You can add and edit the text of your choice across the created slideshow. Along with that, Filmora also allows you to change the music or the slideshow type that fits better with your content.

edit your slideshow template

Step 7: Export Mother’s Day Slideshow

As soon as the edits are complete, you need to proceed to the “Export” button on the bottom right section of the screen for saving the edited slideshow.

export the customized slideshow

Part 5: Best Examples for Mother’s Day Slideshow

If you are looking for some inspiration to create your Happy Mother’s Day slideshow, you can consider opting for the following examples for a better understanding of creating slideshows.

This is a very cute representation of the women who have helped their children in becoming great in their professions. The slideshow displays that we should never forget the people who have been the sole pillar of our success throughout our life. We should encourage and thank our mothers for helping us build ourselves into people of good stature.

mother’s day slideshow 2019

A great depiction of our complete journey from childhood to being a parent, this slideshow shows us the person who has always been a part of our successes and failures. Our mother always stays by our side, thick and thin. The development of such slideshows is a good way to thank your mother for always being with you.

mother’s day slideshow youtube video

It is a unique way of showing your love to your mother. The person who has always backed you in your life and has stood by you in the happiest and saddest moments, your mother, requires the appreciation she deserves. Though you can never pay her back for what she has done for you, such slideshows are a really cute way.

happy mother’s day slideshow


This article has been vocal in presenting a perfect Mother’s Day slideshow for your mother. The ideas that can be used along with the necessary editors make it a very elegant option for the users while make a slideshow for their mother. If you are looking forward to developing your own slideshow, you can consider opting for these options for exemplary results in the slideshow.

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