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7 Techniques to Touch A Hard-Working Father With A Loving Video

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Apr 24, 22, updated Jul 22, 24
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On Father’s day, we always try to surprise our dads with a gift. Wouldn’t you want to do something special this time? If so, then here are 7 interesting techniques to create a heart-warming video for your father. This thoughtful gift will make your dad feel special.

You may be thinking, but I don’t know how to make a video. Isn’t it?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have shared important tips and tricks throughout this article.

Tip 1. Pay Attention to Father's Likes And Dislikes

When you are starting to make a video, stop right there and take a step back. First, you should observe what your dad likes and dislikes. Is he a guy who likes loud music or slow sounds? Does he like taking pictures? Or is he consistently changing his display picture on Facebook?

Noticing these things will help you know what type of videos he may or may not like. Create a list of things that you should absolutely include in the video and then move to the second step.

Tip 2. Take Some Important Videos or Photos of Your Father in Daily Life

Since this video is about your father, you should take some pictures of him in his daily life with the friends he meets, him walking his dog, or taking his grandkids to the park. All these are memories he creates on a daily basis. Using these pictures in the Father’s day video will make your dad remember all the small but good moments in his life. He will definitely feel extremely special and cared for.

You can also create short video snippets and later use a tool to merge these small videos into one big Father’s day video.

Tip 3. Use Filmora Instant Mode

Wondershare Filmora Instant Mode is a valuable, robust, and agile application that helps you create a video instantly. You only need to upload your media to the tool and allow Filmora to make a nice Father’s day video for your dad.


Here are some features of Filmora Instant Mode:

  • There are more than a hundred templates in Filmora Instant Mode, which include a slideshow, intro, business, vlog, and travel videos. You can find a video for Father’s day without hassle.
  • Filmora is intelligent software that helps you create a video without guidance. The tool automatically understands highlights, which means you don’t need to spend an entire day creating videos. You can do it in much less time.
  • When you are not sure how you want your video, Filmora Instant Mode is here to help you with creativity. The tool creates video options, you can explore and choose one.

Tip 4. Enriched Resources from Filmstock

If you are wondering where you can get nice stock images for your Father’s day video, then Wondershare Filmstock is here to help you. It is a huge resource consisting of many videos, effects, audio files, and images.

Visit the resource Filmstock, find out the data or media your need, download it and use it on Filmore Instant Mode. You will find beautiful effects, 3D images and media, and other data on Filmstock. You don’t need anything else when you have this.

If you are confused about the situation, you can simply try the free version of the tool. Just sign up and enroll for the free trial. See how it works and know if you can make a nice Father’s day video with it. If you can, take the paid version and make a loving and memory-filled video for your dad this Father’s day.

Tip 5. Get Stock Images and GIFs from GIPHY, Pixabay, and Unsplash

If you need more stock images for the Father’s day video, you should check these websites, like GIPHY, Unsplash, Pixabay, etc.


These websites have some beautiful pictures clicked by photographers, especially Unsplash. You can visit the website and download a number of images without paying. However, we believe all these websites have a limit on free photos or GIFs you can download in a day. Please check that before you start downloading images. Make a wise decision.


Also, it is best to add personal images from the daily life of your dad, as we have already discussed. This will help you build a personal connection through the video. You can, of course, use a few stock images, but don’t clog the video with them.


Tip 6. Get Plenty of Brilliant Effects from Boris FX and NewBlue FX

Boris FX and NewBlue FX are two valuable tools for effects in your video. Since you have worked so much on the video, collected images and customized the audio, it seems logical to add effects. On these two websites, you can find several effects to enhance the complete outlook of your video.

On the Boris FX website, you will find multiple tools under the website that offer different functions.


Similarly, on NewBlue FX too, there are so many tools. You need to find appropriate tools for editing Father’s day videos.


Tip 7. Express Your Heart in The Video

Lastly, the most honest advice that we can offer you is to pour your heart out. Express your feelings through the video and let your father know how much you love him.

The whole point of these techniques is to make him feel special, which simply cannot happen if you don’t make the video with your heart. Say what you want to say to him to make a touching loving video for your dad this Father’s day.


Throughout the article, we have discussed 7 techniques to make a loving video for your dad. The motive was to help you find sources and create a heart-touching video. Therefore, we have talked about tools like Filmore, Pixabay, and Boris FX. Explore these tools, create a theme in mind, and then make a video for your father.

Let him know how much you love and respect him!

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