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6 Popular Animated Emoji Video Effects in 2024

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

The daily grind of hard work, starting from dawn to dusk, has become overwhelming and mind-crushing. An average mind requires entertainment and recreation to work better and function properly. This brings us to the need for funny videos that make use of animated emoji to make our life more bearable.

Emojis like laughing emojis and thumbs-up emojis have a quirky way of increasing the serotonin levels in our body. Therefore, this article shall walk you through the top 6 animated emoji video effects presented by Wondershare Filmstock. In addition to this, there will be 8 peculiar ideas to make the video funny.

If you want to know the steps to edit video with animated emojis in Filmora, we have got you! So, without delaying it any longer, let us dig in!

Part 1: Top 6 Animated Emoji Video Effects for Filmora Video Editor

The section shall revolve around the top 6animated emoji video effects that are presented by an online effects store known as Wondershare Filmstock. This website allows the user to have access to an unlimited range of effects, transitions, titles, graphics, elements, images, audio, and visual effects. One can unleash their creative ideas and download effects for every relevant situation.

Along with this, it is constantly growing and unique media with no fear of attribution. If this is not the ideal case scenario, then we don't know what it will be! The following set of effects are the top 6 animated emoji video effects to incorporate in your YouTube introductory videos, TikTok clips, and Instagram stories or reels.

1. Animated Emoji Pack

Animated kiss emoji, animated dancing emoji, and laughing emoji, this emoji pack has covered your basics. With 24 elements, Animated Emoji Pack provides an easy way to express yourself and say it out loud using the language of emojis.

2. Emoji Stickers Pack

If you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and require a stickers pack with 32 elements that include a crying emoji, this pack has to be your answer. In addition to this, this effect is 100% compatible with Wondershare Filmora 9.6 and above.

3. Message Bubbles Pack

With message and chat bubbles that make communication a lot faster and quick, allow me to introduce you to Message Bubbles Pack. It constitutes animated cute emoji faces and texting graphics to make your social media fun and interesting.

4. 3D Social Media Icons Pack

Incorporated with 12 titles, 60 elements, 4 overlays, and 6 transitions, 3D Social Media Icons Pack is sure to fill your shoes. One can have access to unlimited emoji animated in 3D animation and showcase themselves as the cool and classy one of the lot.

5. Cute Cartoon Emoji Pack

The Cartoon Emoji Pack is an amalgamation of a wide range of cartoon emojis to express yourself as best as you can. With the right choice of emoji, one can communicate themselves whilst using a total of 25 elements.

6. Reactions Stickers Pack

With a speech and thought bubble, Reaction Sticker Pack presents all sorts of reaction emojis and smileys. In addition to this, the template offers 11 titles, 4 overlays, 40 elements, and 2 transitions. Get ready to express your reactions in the funniest way.

Part 2: 8 Ideas for Making Funny Videos with Animated Emoji

The use of free animated emoji to make videos funny has become a thing now. Furthermore, it lets the user express themselves as a coping mechanism. Win-win situation, right? The article provides 8 fruitful ideas for making videos funny with these animated emojis. Let us have a look at them!

animated emoticons

1. Face Swap with Animated Emoji

The first idea is sure to make the audience burst into laughter. For starters, one can swap their faces with animated emojis like an animated dancing emoji or a crying emoji. You can tell your audience what you are feeling right at the moment as you use those emojis and then show your real face.

2. Sharing a Story

One can share a funny story with their audience by using the power of animated emojis. They can explain what happened with a series of steps and incorporate emojis in the background that sync with the emotional reaction of the user as well as the audience.

3. Dream Wedding Video

The next idea is related to a wedding video. To make it funnier, the user can first create a video of the dream wedding planned for them. Combine it with the actual wedding video and then use 3D animated emojis to express how everything was messed up and, in the end, and didn't go as planned.

4. Thoughts on Books and Netflix Series

The next idea is a workable and effective tool to make your video funnier. The content creator can make a video of a book he read or the Netflix series he watched and provide the audience with his thoughts. They can communicate the flaws of the movie or a book using animated sticker packs and gifs to make it funny and interesting.

5. Coworkers and Superiors Video

In this idea, the user can make a video showing his workplace and include all his superiors and coworkers. Afterward, he can edit the video by expressing himself what he actually feels about them and using different emojis to display the reaction of his coworkers in the video.

6. Video Techniques

The different video techniques can be used to make people laugh and be attracted to the video. For once, the user can quickly zoom in to the character when he is speaking to create a dramatic pull. In addition to this, one can also keep the camera on even after their dialogue delivery is concluded. This will capture an off-the-record reaction.

7. Capturing the Pets

The best idea yet is capturing the pets in the video. The user can record their pets doing insane and crazy things and insert emojis to bring a funny addition to the video. Along with this, one can use the thinking emoji to assume what their pet has been thinking at the moment.

8. A Random Day of your Life

One can add the element of surprise and laughter by making a video on their random day and how they want it to go. Record the video of your whole day and then combine it with a wide range of emojis such as crying emoji, laughing emoji, and kiss emoji.

Part 3: How to Edit Video with Animated Emoji in Filmora?

The last part of this article covers a brief introduction to a renowned video editing software and provides a step-by-step guideline to edit videos using animated emojis. Wondershare Filmora makes sure that the user has the right tools and mechanism to make their editing journey fun and reliable. It offers an effortless and user-friendly interface, a wide range of effects and transitions, and a motion tracking feature.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

In addition to this, one can count on this software to change the backgrounds, insert split screens, discover filters and overlays, control speed, and personalize the creation. If you are all set to use this amazing video editing software, follow the procedure keenly to avoid any future inconvenience.

Step 1: Initiating the Project

Install Wondershare Filmora in your system and launch it as soon as the process concludes. Tap on the "New Project" tab on the welcome window of the software. Set the aspect ratio for your video. The resolution can be changed by clicking on the "File" option and then "Project Settings."

create a new project

Step 2: Importing the Video

Now, tap on the "Import Media Files Here" menu option, which is located on the left side of the interface of Filmora. Tap on the targeted video to import it. Moving on, drag and drop the media file to the timeline.

import media video files

Step 3: Processing the Video

Import the media files to the video track so that they can be manipulated. Now, process the video as you wish to. You can edit, trim, split, rotate, resize, crop, and combine videos.

edit your video

Step 4: Adding the Emoji

On the top left section of the window, navigate to the "Elements" tab. From there, pick out the "Emoji" category and browse a wide range of emojis. Drag and drop the emojis to your video. You can relocate and resize the emoji based on the video dimensions.

adding the emoji in the video

Step 5: Exporting the Video

Click on "Export," located on the top right corner of the window. Pick out the output video format and hit "Export" to finalize the editing process.

exporting the video

Wrapping Up

The article put forward a detailed description of 8 viable ideas that are sure to make the video funnier. Furthermore, Wondershare Filmstock was introduced as an online effects store, and Wondershare Filmora was presented as an amazing video editing software. One can have a look at the effects offered by Filmora in section 1 to make their videos interesting, funny, and watchable.

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