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Unveiling the Secrets of the Instagram Story Viewer

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

To cater to its users Instagram introduced the story feature just a few years ago. Today Instagram stories have become more popular than the OG Snapchat. Instagram stories are a great feature to share your journey with your followers. However, the stories are temporary and only last for 24 hours. You can view the stories of your followers in your feed but you can also check the stories of people you are not following on the discover feed. The person who posted the story can see who has seen the story through Instagram story viewer.

To find out more about IG story viewer and how it works, continue reading this article.

1. How Does Instagram Organize the Story Views?

Over just a decade ago, Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms with over 1 billion active users worldwide. Instagram is constantly evolving and introducing intriguing updates, intuitive design, and crazy monetization features. What started as a picture editing and sharing app, has now become a crazy online business tool. Celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs and multi-billion corporations are all using Instagram to directly engage with their target audience and get new customers.

With millions of people using the app every day, Instagram has to constantly upgrade its algorithm to maintain transparency – so, cheats, no shortcuts, and no hacks! Instagram algorithms are based on engagement, hashtags, shout-outs, and other factors. However, engagement elements like comments, likes, saves, and views determine most content that will appear on the feed.

Instagram uses the same algorithm to organize the story feeds as well. Thus, how you engage and connect with your followers and audience will determine, how Instagram organizes the placement of your story and your story views.


2. The Instagram Story Viewer List?

Instagram has two feeds, a vertical feed, and a horizontal feed. The vertical feed shows shared posts like an image, boomerang or reel. And, the vertical feed at the top of the page is the story feed. The story feed presents the micro user content. These are 15-second-long videos that appear for instant interaction with the followers. Instagram uses advanced algorithms to organize the feed and views.


Each story that people see generates views. These views are arranged in a story viewer list. Instagram story viewers list is the one that contains all your story views. To access this list:

  • Open your Instagram app and tap on your profile picture at the top of your feed
  • If you have put up story there, look at the lower-left corner of the picture/boomerang/video
  • Here the people who viewed your stories will appear under the tag “Seen by #” (The “Seen by #” label will show how who and how many of among your followers have seen your story)
  • Tap on Seen by # to open the story viewers list

3. What’s The Instagram Story Viewer Order?

Previously Instagram story views were arranged in chronological order. However, in 2021 the story views are organized based on engagement. The new Instagram algorithm shows the accounts you engage with the most at the top of your story views list.

Similarly, the more engagement you have with the follower the more chances are of that follower to be at the top of the views list. These accounts are those that give you the most likes, comments, DMs, profile visits, saves etc. But this algorithm only works for those who get more than 50 views. If your story gets under 50 views then the list is sequential meaning that the one who watches your stories first will show up at the top of the list.

4. How Does Instagram Sorts Instagram Story Viewers?

Instagram sorts story views through an algorithm that is based on total profile visits, comments, likes and other interactive elements. Based on the data from these factors, Instagram ranks the reviewers of a story. As stated earlier the accounts users interact with the most will appear first in their story feed.

So, the key is to make your followers engage and interact with you. A lot of people have tried to crack the algorithm, but Instagram has kept it a secret so no one can manipulate it. This maintains transparency and tough competition among users. A useful tip is to use location sticker on story because viewers also view stories by location so using location hashtag in story can also prove to be effective.


5. Is It Anonymous When Viewing One’s Instagram Story?

In simple words no you cannot view your following’s Instagram stories anonymously from the Instagram app. Whichever account you use to view the story it will appear in in the story viewers list of the person who posted the story. A lot of people do use third-party apps to anonymously access Instagram stories. Other also create fake accounts to conceal their real identity.

6. How Can I Know If Someone Viewed My Instagram Stories?

Instagram allows you to see who viewed your story when. To know if someone has viewed your Instagram story simply tap on your profile picture in the story feed and open the story you shared. Now follow these steps:

  • At the bottom left corner of the screen, you will see “Seen by [number of views/people who have seen the story]”
  • Tap on this “Seen by #” option to open your story viewers
  • This list contains all the people who have seen your story and tells you how many people have viewed your Instagram story

A lot of people also use tools to view Instagram stories anonymously so for that you might need an Instagram story viewer app.

Pay Attention to The Instagram Stories Algorithm Change

When it comes to digital platforms algorithms are the tools that determine who should see which content. These algorithms are constantly upgraded to become more relevant and effective over time. This is why digital marketing strategies are also constantly evolving on social media platforms.


When it comes to Instagram, the old # tactics will no longer be effective as Instagram uses advanced algorithms now. Instagram makes sure that all the new content is reaching its intended audience at the right time. However, this change in the algorithm has stirred up the competition. While more and more people try to crack and hack the Instagram algorithm, it best to focus on the quality of content.

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Instagram prioritizes the best content and the most relevant one. Instead of spamming your followers’ feeds for views, create engaging content to build long-lasting relationship with your followers. Your content should be relevant to your followers and persuade them to comment, like, view, save and share what you post. The more your followers engage with you, the more your stories and posts will be easily accessible on their feed.

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