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How to Search Filters on Instagram

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

If you're a regular Instagram user, you'd know the platform is flooded with various filters. They're everywhere. Although there is nothing ground-breaking or innovative about the Instagram filters, they give your pictures and stories a unique look.

Not only do they provide you provide your stories and picture extreme relevance, but they are also entertaining and engaging too. They are widely shareable and relatable to your close friends and community. That's why everyone is so enthusiastic about them. In this article, we will look into detail about the Instagram filters and see how to search filters on Instagram to add more relevance to your pictures!

Part 1: How to Search New Filters on Instagram in Effects Gallery

In the early Instagram version, there were not many filters to use. But with time, Instagram has significantly evolved, and with the modification of Instagram, its features are also developed. So those days are gone when there were limited filters. There are thousands of filters that you can use to make your posts and stories look beautiful.

Instagram filters allow you to create a different look by saving money and time. Using filters that already exist in your camera might be an easy way out, but exploring and searching for new filters is not more complicated. But if you do not know how to search filters on Instagram, don't worry; we have covered it. You need to launch the Effect Gallery for that and search for that particular Filter. The following steps will guide you on how to find filters on Instagram.

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Step 1: Open Your Story

Find Instagram Filter - Open Story

You need to launch the Instagram app first, and then tap on Your Story at the top left corner of the screen from your feed page of Instagram.

Step 2: Open Browse Effects

Find Instagram Filter - Browser Effects

Now swipe to the right until that camera circle reaches Browse Effects.

Step 3: Search for the Filter

Find Instagram Filter - search filters and effects

Tap on Browse Effects to open the Effects gallery. Now you can select any filter from the suggestion, or you can search by clicking on the search icon at the right corner.

Part 2: How to Search New Filters on Instagram from Creators' Profile

Even though official Instagram allows the creators to make their filters and then upload them on Instagram, you can use Instagram's filters and the filters created by others. The method discussed above is quite time-consuming, but searching a filter through the creator's profile can help us achieve the same goal and save time.

This way, you can also get to know about the creators who make good Instagram filters. You can follow the following steps to understand how to find Instagram filters through the creator's profile:

Step 1: Find Creator's Profile

Find Instagram Filter - search creator

Launch the Instagram app on your phone. Then go to the search engine by clicking on the search icon at the bottom of your screen. Now search the creator's profile by typing their username.

Step 2: Open the Filters Section

Find Instagram Filter - search creator

Once you have reached the creator's profile, you will have to tap on a smiling face to open the filters section. You will see all the filters that the creator has made. Now, select the effect you want to use by clicking on it and saving it for later.

Part 3: How to Search New Filters on Instagram from Friends

Instagram filters are one the most valuable features in recent times. People out there are always searching for new Instagram filters. And not many of them are aware that they can use a custom feature that their friends used.

So despite covering the above two parts, there is another valuable and quick way to know how to search for filters on Instagram. You can explore new filters from your friends, which is quite favorable. So no need to text a friend and ask which Instagram filter they are using in their stories. Here are the steps to find new Instagram filters through your friends:

Step 1: Open a Friend's Story

Launch the app and open the friend's story by clicking on their Profile Picture from the top of your newsfeed on Instagram.

Step 2: Click on Filter

You need to click on the Filter at the top of your screen, right below the person's name.

Step 3: Select the Try it option

A panel will appear at the bottom of the screen with Try it, Save Effect, Download, and More options. You can select the Try it option for the Filter right now or select the save option to save the effect for later use.

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Part 4: How to save and download an Instagram filter to your camera

More people join the platform and share their everyday stories through this digital platform because the photo-sharing app provides a flawless customer experience with different filters, effects, and other features.

Instagram allows you to make stories in different filters. Now you can also download these filters. This popular feature will enable users to share photographs or videos of their daily lives. Now Instagram allows you to use these filters not just online but offline, through your regular camera. Follow these simple steps to download the filters and use them anywhere anytime without having internet access.

Step 1: Open the Effects Gallery to preview the Filter

Once you've launched Instagram, slide left to open the story option, tap on the Effects option, while in the Effects Gallery, select on any filter that you would like to try, and wait for the preview screen to appear.

Step 2: Download the Filter

Once you are satisfied with the Filter, look for the download icon featured at the bottom end of the screen and tap on it to save the Filter to your phone's camera gallery. The downwards arrow will turn into a check once you're Filter is downloaded.

Step 3: Select the Filter and try it

Now return to the effects Gallery by tapping on the "X" above the filter option. You will now be able to see the saved Instagram filter in your camera menu.

Part 5: How to Find Saved Filters on Instagram

Instagram is an application that allows people to alter their photographs with filters specific to their themes and aesthetics. This allows for a diverse range of options. Instagram now allows you to save filters that you like into the effects gallery; if your friends send you a filter you want, you can keep that.

The option to save filters on Instagram allows for easy access to the filters needed for each user to maintain consistency for their pictures if they wish to do so. If you want to know how to find Instagram filters and save them follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the effects gallery

Swipe left to open up the story page on the Instagram application. You can now access the saved filters for the effects gallery and choose from them. You will see that you are currently being prompted to take a picture.

Step 2: Choose the Saved Filters Option

Open the saved filters options and choose from the filters shown in the protected gallery; the gallery gives you access to all of your previously used and saved filters.

Step 3: Select a Filter and take a snap!

Choose the Filter of your choice by entering the chosen Filter on the shutter button and take your desired picture.

Bonus: How to use filters on Instagram

When it comes to posting stories, Instagram is the most popular choice of app, where users submit photographs or short films of random things from their daily life that disappear after 24 hours. Many filters and effects, which you may have seen in various profiles, can be used to make these stories more exciting and fun.

Instagram filters provide extra touches to your Instagram stories and photos using artificial intelligence. The software comes with a few filters, but there are many more to choose from. How to search for filters on Instagram filters is as follows:

Step 1: Browse for filters

Swipe left on the main page of the Instagram app to open the Instagram stories, then tap the magnifying glass on the bottom of the page to browse different filter effects.

Step 2: Preview a filter of your choice

Scroll through the filters and choose the Filter you wish to preview. You can also use the glass icon to search for more filters by entering a name or keyword. When you tap, a preview screen appears. You can also download the Filter by tapping on the down arrow button. 

Step 3: Take the snap

Once you've narrowed down the Filter of your choice, snap a photo or record a video with the Filter, then share it with your friends or save it to post it wherever you like.


Choosing filters on Instagram is easy, and if you save them and reuse them, it will save you a lot of time. It's as simple as selecting from your preloaded camera settings to use current filters, but finding new ones and keeping them to your camera isn't much more difficult.

The article mainly introduces different ways on how to search filters on Instagram. You can look through all kinds of filters, and you can try different styles. It also teaches you how to save filters on Instagram and download them—making it easier for people to browse through filters and reuse the filters of their choice. Now you can keep the filters that your friends have sent you along with browsing new ones.

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