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How to use Omegle on Android/iOS Phone

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 22, 22, updated May 20, 24
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Millions of people use Omegle every month to connect with like-minded individuals. The platform comes with impressive features that make interacting with strangers a walk in the park. You can use Omegle on your mobile phone, whether you are using an Android or iOS phone. If you do not know how to use Omegle on your Android phone or iOS device, you are in the right place. We will give you the ins and outs of using this video chat platform on your phone so that you can connect with people on the go.

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a popular video-chatting platform designed for people who like chatting with random people over the internet. The chatting platform allows you to chat with strangers without revealing your details or real identity. This makes it a great way to make friends or people with similar interests.

With millions of people using Omegle every day, finding like-minded people is a walk in the park. The platform is easy to use, meaning you don't have to be tech-savvy to know how to use this video chat site. Omegle popularity has increased over the years, with more than 65 million people using it monthly.

Many public figures and popular bloggers started using Omegle during the pandemic. In turn, they lured their audience into the video chat platform. Some started posting funny moments and chatting with random users or fans. Here are more reasons why Omegle has become more popular over the years.

1. A fun way to meet random people from around the world

Omegle is easy to uses, and it offers a fun way to chat with random people worldwide and instantly make new friends. It provides a platform where you can interact with people with similar preferences, hobbies, and interests.

2. Free video and text chat

One of the best features of this video chat platform is that you can easily communicate with random people via an audio, text, or video medium. You can use these features to initiate conversations and get to know someone you have met on the platform.

3. Privacy and safety

Omegle provides a safe and secure environment where you can connect with people anonymously without revealing your sensitive information, such as email ID, phone number, or real name. The platform also uses advanced SSL encryption to safeguard users' data.

4. Easy to share files and images with random people

Omegle also allows you to share files and images with other users on the platform. You can also save chat history, screenshots, and media files that you have shared or received from other users.

5. Chat anywhere anytime

Omegle is a cross-platform app that can be used on any device to chat with random people from around the world. Once you know how to use Omegle on your phone, you can connect with strangers at any time and from anywhere. You also do not need an email address for registration or verification, which is why Omegle is popular worldwide. Because you can interact with people on the go, this makes this video chat platform convenient.

How to use Omegle on your mobile device?

Omegle does not have an official app on Google Play and Apple App Store. Visiting Omegle's site directly using UC browser, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or other normal mobile web browsers won't allow the device camera of the browser. However, there is an alternative way that you can use to video chat on your mobile phone through Omegle. With that in mind, let's look at the best way you can use this video chat app on your Android or iOS phone.

How to use Omegle on an Android phone

If you are wondering: Why can't I video chat with other users on the Omegle android site? It's not related to the website but the web browser you are using. Most people with Android phones use the Google Chrome browser. Because Google is secure, they do not allow video chatting on Chrome. As such, you can't do video chat on your Android phone through Omegle when you are using the Google Chrome browser.

Luckily, there is a third-party web browser that you can use to video chat on Omegle: Use the Puffin browser, a subscription-based browser developed by CloudMosa. Initially released in 2010, this web browser allows you to use your Android phone camera when you're browsing. Let's look at some of the features of this web browser:

  • Can use keyboard and mouse
  • Allows webcam mode on android devices
  • You can enable theater mode
  • You can enable desktop view
  • Comes with cloud protection

If you would like to know how to use Omegle on an Android phone using the Puffin Browser, follow the steps below.

  1. Head to Google Play Store and search for the Puffin Browser, then click on the Install button
how to use omegle on phone - puffin web browser
  1. Launch the Puffin Browser on your Android phone.
  2. Visit from this web browser.
  3. Check the top right corner of your screen and tap on the ‘3 vertical dots.’
  4. Next, tap Request desktop site.
puffin web browser - request desktop version
  1. The site will reload; it will look like Omegle's official desktop version.
  2. You'll be able to see the Video chat option.
  3. Now, tap on the Video option.
  4. • A pop window will appear on your screen asking you to allow your microphone and phone camera; select allow.
use omegle on your Android device
  1. You'll then have to bypass the captcha to prove that you are not a robot.
  2. After solving the captcha, you can now video chat on Omegle.

How to use Omegle on an iOS phone

There is no official Omegle app for iPhone on App Store. However, you can still use Omegle on your iOS device by following the steps below.

  1. Launch Safari browser, and type on the search bar.
  2. Tap the AA icon.
use omelge on your ios device
  1. Click on the request desktop site option and turn it on.
  2. Allow the phone camera and microphone and then refresh Omegle's site.
how to use omelge on your ios device
  1. You can see the Video button.
  2. You can now video chat through Omegle on your iOS phone.

Extra Tips for Using Omegle

Below are some tips to stay safe and have fun while using Omegle.

1. Omegle is for adult

Teenagers mainly use Omegle, so if you are looking to meet mature people with serious intentions, this might not be the right platform. There are various restrictions on age on Omegle, which vary from country to country.

2. Don't give out your personal information

If you are looking to meet new people on Omegle, it is important to keep your personal information safe. You should not share any private details like full name, home address, email Id, or phone number. You do not know the person on the other end, and they can be pretending to be someone else. So no matter how trustworthy you think someone is, be cautious.

3. Trust your instincts

Suppose something feels wrong while using Omegle, or if someone makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, you should immediately stop talking to them. No one can force you against your will on the internet, so always trust your instincts and make sure that you are safe at all times. If you feel uncomfortable with what someone is doing on their webcam or saying, end the chat immediately or close the browser window for a swift exit.

4. Don't Share Social Media Profiles

Never share your social media accounts with anyone you meet on Omegle. Your social media profile contains details about your friends, places you have visited, and other identifiable details. While you can choose to make your social media platforms private, if you grant a stranger access, they can extract information and use it. For this reason, you should keep things on Omegle; once you disconnect, you will never talk to that person again.

5. Don't Agree to Meet Anyone Offline

This platform isn't designed to encourage strangers to meet in person, as you will have to share your sensitive details. There is also no accountability because you cannot link up with that person again. Also, you cannot refer back to previous conversations, as the platform will delete them as soon as your leave.


Technology has undoubtedly reached the next level, and online video chatting is a part of it. Omegle comes with exciting features that make chatting with strangers fun. This platform adds spice to your boring life and makes it more interesting, as you can interact with people via audio or video chatting.

University students can also set up communication with other students by selecting the "College student chat" item, then entering your educational institution's email address.

The best part is: You can use Omegle on your iOS or Android devices, making it convenient because you can chat on the go.